Items for the Open House

Still busy making, finishing and tagging, then off to the attic with items for the Open House. We now have the date set as November 7th and 8th.
About a month ago, I cleaned out my box that had all the extra pennies in it from the past few years projects. These were from the table runner that I made about four years ago and they are also from prior to learning the freezer paper technique for cutting them out. Some might call them uneven, I am calling them primitive. Yard sale find from Saturday.
Odds and ends that were cluttering up my painting shelves.

One of the more than 100 cabinet doors that are in the basement...hey, I could do a song, 99 cupboard doors in the the basement, 99 cupboard doors, take one out and paint it up, 98 cupboard doors in the basement. Catchy, isn't it?

Today is my first day to keep Kendall for the day. I will be keeping her one day a week this school year and am on call in the event that someone is sick. Aunt Shawnee and Daddy are the main babysitters. My work has been so confusing lately and I have not been keeping up with my work load. My job there, among other things, is to do the graphics for the shirts and signs that we do. Sometimes I just can't concentrate there so I have loaded my graphics program on the laptop and will be working from home during nap times. I really think that I will get more done in a two hour nap time than in an eight + hour work day...I'll report tomorrow on how that works out for me. Off to set up for baby...pack and play, diaper changing area, the floor is not going to work for the old grammie for an entire day of diaper changing!


Suzanne said…
Good luck with the "diaper duty" today. Wish mine lived close enough to spend one day a week with them! Love all your projects -- especially the primitive pillow!
Holly said…
Jenn M and I were just talking about your open house this morning! I can't wait! Plan to do some of my holiday shopping with you! I'm marking the dates!
Lesley said…
Hiya Cath, I bet that attic room looks a lot different than it did in April???? LOL
You are a bundle of energy constantly, you make my head whirl or is that the meds I am on? LOL
Love what you have been doing, good luck with the diapers and working at home.