As promised....

The prize for the most sign-ups I have ever had on a giveaway goes to...

Another winner!!!!

I am adding this giveaway as second prize because I have over 40 sign-ups!


If I make it to 60, I'll add a third prize!

How fun is this?


I added these warm, fuzzy mittens and hat to the initial promised.

There is still time to sign up. I am going to draw the winner on Sunday!

To sign up either go down to the next post...
click on the link on the sidebar.


Hey Cathy, so glad to see such a good turnout for your giveaway. Your work is just beautiful, so glad the word got out and people are finding you.
Have a great day!!
I am so HAPPY tht you got over 40 sign ups, see you can do it. Well I clicked where you said click here to sign up and twice it took me to an verizon page, I have no clue why so I hope I can sign up here..
So could you PLEASE enter my name for the Christmas giveaway!!!
I have a blog if you need to contact me for any reason!!!!
I hope more gals sign up so there will be 3 prizes, WOOO HOOO way to go!
Prim Blessings,
Good morning Cathy...Wow...Congratulations on having so many wonderful people follow and sign up!
I will say you are extremely generous in your give away - and I'm crossing my fingers for one of them!
kmprimitives at yahoo dot com
Wow! This is just super nice of you! The lucky winner is going to be so lucky!
What a great and generous giveaway!
Nothing like networking - huh girls!? Cathy - those warm goodies make the giveaway even better - thanks so much!
I just entered and I am excited! Thank you so much! Happy holidays! ♥
Oh I am loving the goodies you have added..and I can find a home for them all;)
Wow this second place prize! Congrats on so many followers...knew you would get them!!
I love the beautiful stuff you are giving away!

Your grands are darling and can I just say - I LOVE the tree with the multi colored lights - LOVE IT!! We are a "white light" family and haven been for as long as I can remember and for as long as I can remember my kids have asked WHY we don't do mulitcolored lights?!

You know what you've inspired me to do this year? Buy some multicolored lights after Christmas this year!! Cause next year - they are going ON the tree. My kids will be SHOCKED!!

Thanks so sharing your beautiful tree and for your fabulous giveaway!

Donna said…
Hi Colleen... Anyone who knows me.. Knows I have a really BIG MOUTH,,, and I am at a total loss for words. Good thing I ca'nt stutter while I type hon... cause I'm a stuttering right now!!! lol!!! Ok...I think I got something to say... here it comes...All I can say is... WOW..WOW ...WOW!!!! I so hope my name comes up... I love your work!!! And would love a chance at any of your Wonderful Prizes!!!!!I ACTUALLY GOT MY MOUTH AND FINGERS TO WORK AT THE SAME TIME..AFTER ALL!!! So much for a loss for words huh??? LOL!!!!Seriously you are a very talented lady and would love to see more of your work!!Even better to see some in my home!! lol!!!!
Donna said…
LOL... just typed out a whole post..and it Did'nt post... Sooooo we'll try again!!! lol!! I love... love everything.... And would love a chance to have any one of your Awesome goody's in my home!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!! Wow!!!! You are not only are very generous!!!!! Blessings!!! Donna