Thursday, April 29, 2010

Synopsis of a 52nd Birthday

Up at 6:00, and I might add, that is actually a luxurious sleeping in time for me, make the coffee, lay out breakfast stuff.
Shower and off to meet Shelby to get Kendall for the day.
Kendall fed and changed and off to work for me, leaving Kendall alone with Great Gramma for the day.
Wonder why this shirt is not fitting just right?
Yank at that bra a few times.
Work, phone, print and stack shirts, making signs.
Wait! That design goes on the front of the shirt and not the back!
Dad is cleaning my car inside and out! What a great present!
Call Jenn for her rug scrubber, no answer.
Print more shirts, yank at that bra.
Call Jenn again, no answer.
Friend Dave arrives, birthday wishes, tons of birthday wishes on Facebook (a very fun thing about Facebook)
Jenn arrives with flowers, the boys bring me the greatest card! They have plastic bows and arrows for entertainment at work today and arrows start flying EVERYWHERE!
Print more shirts, answer more phones, yank at this stupid bra again.
Run home and check on Kendall and Gramma, grab leftover pizza for lunch.
Nana Marilyn arrives at the shop
Rescue a pool noodle from the shirt dryer.
More arrows flying.
Tyler to kindergarten screening,
Drag Logan to the potty about five times and now he thinks it is funny to make himself entirely limp when I try to pull his pants up.
Indigestion from the pizza, yank at this stupid bra again.
More shirts, go get the mail, UPS, start unpacking 6 huge boxes of shirts,
The sign computer won't work.
Draw a car wash on the floor with sidewalk chalk and give Logan a spray bottle and a rag. The next hour is spent washing all of his little cars over and over (what entertainment)
Take Tums for the indigestion.
Run home to check on Kendall again, have a drink of wine to try to help the indigestion.
Jenn back, take boys and arrows home.
Yank at this bra one more time and head to the bathroom to see what is wrong. Apparently in my haste to start this blessed day, I have the front twisted around twice. Wouldn't you think by 52 years old and about 40 of those years spent wearing a bra, not counting the post high school years when I didn't think that I needed one, I would have figured out how to put one on right by now.
Work, work, work, finally for about 1 hour straight without potty checks, etc and then Shelby calls and it is time to take Kendall halfway to meet her. Shelby gives me this lovely watch for my birthday and cards from her and Ryan and Kendall.

Back to work and at five we leave for the day. I had plans to work late in the quiet, without the confusion and John decided it was time to relax and have dinner.
Home from the restaurant, I found this in my mailbox.
My friend, Molly sent me Gladiolus bulbs! What a nice surprise!

Laundry, about two hours counting change for my "mad" money for my quilter's weekend this weekend coming and a piece of birthday cake that my Mom and Dad brought me. A phone call from the little princess that is in Florida and my day was to bed. Whew, another one in!
Just had to include this picture of Kendall playing the piano. Hard to believe she will be one year old in another month. Where did that year go?
My Mom and her quilting friends have included me in their weekend at Sauder Village in Ohio this coming weekend. I am excited to go, Friday includes a shop hop, Saturday at the Village and Sunday home. I am hopefully going to get to meet Ann from A Hole in the Basket also while I am there. So fun to meet people in person that you only usually see online!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I lOVE this fabric!

and the colors also! And now if I can only convince Dianna that she loves it as much as I do.
Dianna is expecting our fifth grandchild this fall. We are so excited to be getting another new baby in the family. Can't you just see a nursery done in this theme? I can!
Another new baby!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The winner is..

Carrie from Burtt Bunch! Congratulations to Carrie. I actually met Carrie a couple of weeks ago after "talking" to her here and on Facebook.
Friday was the first day that I kept all four of my grandchildren for the day. Luckily, I had help from Faith who is here visiting us for awhile. Don't tell my kids, but I really don't think that I could have done it alone!

Toward the end of the visit, they thought that it would be fun to play in Grandma's t-shirt yarn that she has magically kept a secret in this copper boiler for months. Do you think a new hiding place is in order?

I would have liked to think Kendall would have been too young to join in, but she was right there having fun with them all.

Saturday night, Faith and I created this jewelry carrier for her. She needed something to carry it in when she travels so we designed this for her.

I think I might have to make myself one.

And then it all wraps up neatly.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A whole week!

Where did it go?
It is Little League Season. We have a screenprinting and embroidery business and there are three seasons that we know we are going to be extremely busy. They are Little League season, the two weeks before our local fair, Dayton Fair Season and of course, Christmas. Little League Season is in full force and with John, the ever present voice of reason and customer relations expert, gone two to three days a week now, it has added to my job description at work. So far, so good, I am keeping my head above water.
I am really enjoying whatever painting time that I am getting. I had three of these in the stash, one already painted and finished this one this week. Anyone know what they are? I do, just testing. Found these bunnies in the last issue of Quick and Easy Painting and they are so much fun to paint. They are a Monika Brint pattern and truly are quick and easy.

This is the top of the box and another plaque that I painted. I tried antiquing the plaque at Shawnee's suggestion and I like it. Hopefully, I will get around to doing the box at some point also.

An order for a customer for a baby shower. Wonder when I can get all those other orders done that are sitting around here? I could probably use the $$$ for the quilt weekend I am going on next weekend. Turn the painting into fabric, the circle of life.

And just one more reminder. These are the giveaway items and all you need to do is post a comment on the giveaway post to be entered to win them. I will draw the winner on Sunday.

I am off to do some stretches, eat some protein and take my vitamins. All four of my grandchildren are showing up today for the day. How fun! Now where are those energy bars? Do they still make Vivarin?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paying attention in church?

You see, I had this shirt on. I have had this for years and wear it about once a season, probably because it is the most uncomfortable shirt that I own. Could not move in it without it gapping and showing things that need not be shown. As I was sitting there, the thought came to me, "Hey, I'll bet this would make some neat flowers" So I came home and after a bit of a Sunday afternoon nap, (don't happen often, but I love them!) I started cutting. Lots of them ready to be burnt, but I only finished the two shown here. Oh, and I also put together all the other ones shown here.
And worked on the I Spy quilt some more. At one point, my aunt sent me a photo of the I Spy quilt that she had made as well as her leftover fabric and when I saw hers, I debated tearing mine apart and starting over, but then common sense set in and I kept moving on this one.

Hope that everyone has a great week. Please remember to scoot down a few posts and enter the giveaway.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Steps to a moon & Saturday's projects

Still working on the growth charts, I tackled the moons on them this morning.
Base it in in Gray. Sketch in the details.

Highlight with White.
Shade with darker Gray and add some drybrushed Blue.

Finish details, drybrush with metallic Silver and speckle with Silver.

Tops finished which is great because I had to prop them and work as a contortionist to paint them.

These are for in my Christmas cards for church next year. They are going to be refrigerator magnets. I would like to give credit to the artist, but have no idea who the designer was. I was given the line drawing from a friend, thanks Marie! Now for the next 30 or so of them. Good thing I have started early.

And these apples. I started painting these trees for people some twenty odd years ago and I still get calls for more apples to keep the trees updated.

And some ornaments going into the inventory for the Fall Open House. And actually it did snow here today! Did I cause that?

And more items. The tavern board and the canvas were almost finished sitting in my paint area. Do you recognize the box from the yard sale finds in the last post?

And the bottoms of the growth charts are done. I only have about a one foot section in the middle of each one to finish.

Please, please PLEASE enter my giveaway, two posts down. A giveaway with only six entries? It could cause me to have a complex.
And the funny story of the day. I have been working on the basement on and off for several days now, tidying and cleaning and organizing. I finished the project today, finally! When my dear husband returned from his half marathon today, I asked him if he saw the basement and he said "Yes, it is coming along nice, I can't wait to see it done."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Steps to a snake and the first yard sale!

I finally am getting back to the growth charts that I started so long ago, or at least it seems like a long time ago. The calendar in my painting area had not been changed since February. That is a long time for me to not pick up a paintbrush. This morning I decided to tackle the book worms, which really ended up looking more like the book snake, but that's OK.
Base it in with Yellow Shade with Antique Gold and a bit of Light Cinnamon. Highlight with yellow and Ivory.
Some nice Red stripes, shaded with Maroon and highlighted with a little drybrush of Yellow.
Some Black details, and those are done. Did I mention that I am making two of these at the same time?

And the first yard sale finds of the season, Box $1, Old Hymnal .50 and bundle of ric rac and trims .50. Not a huge haul, but it broke the ice on this season's shopping.

Please remember to sign up for the giveaway below. Make sure that you sign up on the giveaway post.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Patriotic Giveaway..with a twist.

Up for giveaway is a sampler of patriotic items. It has been so long since I have had a giveaway that I thought I would make it a good one. By the way, Uncle Sam's other arm is there, just tucked in behind.
So here is how it is going to work.
1. If you are a follower of my blog and you post a comment, you will be entered three times.
2. If you are a new follower, you get two entries. (I love to get new followers!)
3. If you post a link to the giveaway or mention it on your blog, another entry! Just remember to come back and tell me so that I know to add another entry in for you.
4. If you don't have a blog, please leave me your email address so that I can notify you if you win.
And now for the twist, since I have you sucked in with the giveaway...
Doesn't anyone need any of these items? I need to start to get rid of some things. I hate to part with them, but realistically, when would I use all of these books?
Group 1
Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Group 9

Group 10

Group 11

Group 12

Group 13

Group 14

Group 15

Group 16

So, here is the deal. If you want one group, it will be $3, two to 5 groups, $2 each, 5-10 groups, $1 each and you can take everything for $12, plus shipping of course. There are some really great patterns in these, I enjoy sitting and going through the old ones for the old ads that are in them and have even used some of the ads in scrapbooking.
Good luck on the giveaway..tell your friends to enter!