Sunday Morning Saga

Finally finished this painting yesterday. 
It has been sitting in my paint room with just the background waiting on inspiration.

And now to the
Sunday Morning Saga

This happens more often than I like to admit.
Yesterday was worse than normal though.

Backing up.
About two months ago I started walking in the mornings.
Up early, the 3 - 4  mile walk starts at 5:30.
Great social time with a friend,
but I have been battling a problem with my foot.
Left foot and it hurts.
Not bad when I am walking, but sit still for any longer than forty five minutes and when I stand up,
I look like the "grandfather on the Real McCoy's'
JWS's description, not mine.
I grimace.
I hobble,
I limp,
and then it loosens up and I can move.

All that being said,
Friday at the fair, the bottom of the above mentioned foot SPLIT!

It hurt.

Saturday, it still hurts and I walk, shuffle somewhat on the side of my foot all day.
Walking slower than my normal mach four speed so that I don't noticeably limp.
That's ok, though.

Sunday morning and my foot and ankle is swollen.

All this makes the
Sunday Morning Saga
Way worse.

You see, some Sunday mornings, I just can't find anything to wear to church.

I don't have tons of dress clothes.
I am a screenprinter.
We don't dress up for work.
There is ink,
and junk
involved there.

So, Sunday morning has me digging through the depths of my closet to find clothes.

Yesterday was no exception.
Compounded be the foot issue.
Long skirt and sleeveless shirt.
The shirt looks faded.
A different shirt.
Too frumpy looking.
Wait, is this skirt a little tight.
Throw it on the bed.
Here are those pants that I wore last summer.
Too tight.
They had to shrink.
That stupid dryer
Throw them on the bed.
Another skirt.
Too short for no hose.
Legs too white.
and veiny.
Throw it on the bed.
Brown Khakis.
These will work.
They are long.
Try on these cute high heel sandal.
Throw the pants on the bed.
Pull out the new dress that I just got.
Hose on.
Maybe that will help the foot pain.
those shoes hurt also.
Throw the dress on the bed.
Find the "go to" outfit.
The one that always works.
Black slacks and a shirt.
Black dress shoes.
Those pants are too long.
Another shoe issue.
Throw those on the bed.
JWS walks in for the SECOND time.
The first was at the too tight pants issue.
He backed out of the room that time.
He says the vehicle is outside and running.
Through clenched teeth.
"I know, it is less than 20 feet from the bedroom window"
Finally, I just grab jeans and flip flops.
The flip flops hurt, but are not the excruciating,
clench your teeth with every step pain.

We leave for church and I am quiet.
I am working through this.
I don't like wearing jeans to church.

JWS starts to give me

Timing JWS, all timing,
It is way off!

To his credit,
he does pull up to the door to let me out.

Still not happy to be there in jeans,
I find out that I have toddler nursery.

I could have worn sweatpants!


ohiofarmgirl said…
Your food sounds so had better have your doctor check that out! Blessins, Dianntha
lilraggedyangie said…
O my ...what a saga for sure , been there ...o wait I was there yesterday too! lol I hope that foot heals soon try soaking in some warm water and epsom salt it might help a bit! And men well they mean well, but they just dont get it! Bless their hearts! Enjoy your 4th ! hugs lil raggedy angie
LibbiesHome said…
The Lord works in mysterious ways!? Sorry to hear about the sore foot. Foot pain and tooth aches - two of the hardest to ignore/deal with.
Will pray for fast healing!
Happy 4th of July!
LibbiesHome said…
P.S. Forgot to say that I LOVE the painting!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh you poor thing!! I think each and every one of us can relate to all that went wrong there ('cept maybe the foot issue....) - but especially the male species uncanny sense of horrible timing. And I'm sure coming back home to a bed full of "not-so-right" clothes didn't make you feel any better! Sure hope you have that foot looked at - splitting open just doesn't sound quite...well...right! Love your Blessings painting! It's gorgeous!! Have a wonderful 4th! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Teresa said…
God does work in mysteries ways. Gald to know the jeans worked out, sorry about your foot.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Ouch!!! Better have your foot looked at....cracking open??? Doesn't sound good. Love the painting.

your painting looks amazing. love it. now for the foot pain, I have the same thing.. it only hurts after sitting or sleeping.. when I get up I hobble around until the pain wears off then I am ok. I went to the Dr and it is a plantar fistacia(?spelling) the doc said to stretch it out and if that doesn't work then physical therapy... well who has time for that. I have been told by others that have the same issue, to get a cortazone shot, worked like a charm. I think I am going to have to try that. Hope yours gets healed soon.
Take care