A Bit of History

issued a challenge.

There's a prize
Karen makes the coolest things
so I had to enter.

The challenge?
A post of how you came up with your blog name
when you started blogging.

My name goes back
Back to the 80's
when I opened a shop.
I taught (tole) painting classes
had a gift shop (treasures)
for years!
The sign above,
now stored in the attic of the garage
is all that is left of the shop.
My dad built and carved it.
I painted it.
I could not part with it.

When I started blogging,
soon four years ago
November 3rd
the natural name for it was

Now for the reason to start blogging?
I thought it would be a great way of keeping track of what I made.
Everyone seemed to have these great photos of their things
and I had nothing.

I never thought it would turn into a family diary.
It is now a joke to see
"who makes the blog"

It also has opened doors to some great new friendships
is therapy
for me to get the events recorded and realize
that they happen to other people also.

It has been fun to share craft projects and tutorials
for me at least,
even more fun when they show up on
I mean after all,
I put them out there to be used!

I love that people follow along,
love to get comments
think it is funny when people see me somewhere and start
laughing about something they have

So that's it
soon four years of life recorded.
Wish I would have started sooner!


Laurie said…
Love the sign! I agree with all the reasons you stated for starting your blog Cathy, It's one of the high lights of MY day! Here's to "4 more years"
Wonderful post!!! TFS
Isn't blogging fun!!!
Prim Blessings
Loved reading your post! Thanks for sharing.