Ice Fishing?

Does anyone else other than me
think that this looks unsafe?
Take a good look.
That is water at the shore,
not ice
while this is far away,
those are people and little sheds
Just driving by and looking at that made me shiver.
Not just with cold,
but with fear!
It brought back memories.
Teenage years,
ice skating.
I loved to ice skate.
Find me a frozen anything and those skates
were strapped on and I was gliding.
being young,
we didn't always do the proper checks on the ice.
the time that unsafe practice
reared it's ugly head
only involved
thigh deep water....
but still,
it was really cold! 
Quite the memorable childhood experience. 
But back to the picture.
Saturday night at dinner with friends,
I showed the picture to the resident
ice fishing expert
(well actually, I only know a couple of ice fishing people so that made him an expert in my book)
He assured me that this was all safe.
As for me,
I am not about to try it! 


I shudder at the thought of ice fishing, as my younger son who is 12 and his Dad are avid fishermen.
I cringe every time they go out there, and I give a big long speech to them about safety. Oh my, they just do not listen.
They are out there every chance they get, which is twice a week. Last year, the ice was breaking up at shore by the time they were ready to leave, they couldn't get off the ice. The trucks back wheels fell through the ice. Thank God it was by shore. My yelling and screaming when they got Home did not help. They still go out there. I am with you on this one.
I'm with you Cathy, wouldn't find me out there.

bettyj said…
I cannot imagine doing this. The only ice skating I ever did was at the rink and then I remember how my ankles hurt! Now roller skating was a different thing.
Laurie said…
I'm with you Cathy, and also trying to figure out how they got past the water to get to thick ice.
Susannah said…
Scares me and we used to skate on our pond all the time. Dad always took the chain saw and cut a hole to see how thick the ice was. He would give us the okay if we could skate or not!!!
Ann said…
call me a big old chicken but it doesn't look very safe to me.