Thursday, January 16, 2014

Last pics until the curtains

This is it,
no more pictures until I receive the curtains!
I promise.

A bird for the birdcage
some berry vine.
My sister warned me that
birdcage with a floral arrangement
looks like a tribute to a dead bird.
She likes birds,
I, however, think that a dead bird...
I guess we will just leave my opinion of birds
out of this post.

My thimble collection.
Started when I was a little girl
for many years stored away.
Dad carved the scissors for me.

Not sure about this,
I like both displays,
just don't know if I like them that close together.

And the Hoosier being put to good use.
This was in my Mom's neighbor's house when I was growing up.
I always liked it,
even as a little girl.
When my Mom had to go somewhere,
which wasn't that often
because she didn't have a car for years.
We would go to
Miss Braden's house for lunch.
You see,
until I was in high school,
we walked home everyday for lunch.
Mother's didn't work outside the home
in the olden days!
Miss Braden would fix us lunch
everything came out of this cupboard.
I can still remember sitting at her
kitchen table
eating lunch.
We really thought those days were special!
Miss Braden was an avid seamstress
she made many of my dresses when I was in elementary school.
She taught my Mom to sew and quilt and I still have that
first quilt that my Mom made for me.
I think that the sewing room
is an appropriate place
Miss Braden's cupboard!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Week, Another Project

Last Thursday's auction find.

More on that display when it is done.

The start of a collage,
the final thing for on the wall in my sewing room.

And we will call it done! 

On to the next thing!

For several years,
every time I visit an antique or crafter's mall,
about having a booth someday.

Auctions and yard sale
left sitting behind
my house is over full.

Well, I am taking the leap.
It was time
quit talking 
and start doing!

February first
is the day that I start.
For now,
I am
getting ready!

I can't wait!  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Reflections on Haiti

This link will take you to a
blog post
written by
another member of the team who
was in Haiti
with me
in November.

After returning home so sick,
I kept thinking
I would not go back.
However, all I have to do is read this and look at the pictures
the tug is there.

That tug on your heart
that never leaves you
once you have been there.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This is where I want to be,

The recliner is the place for me.
One of my favorite books to read when my girls were little
Put Me In The Zoo

The critter says
"This is where I want to be,
the circus is the place for me!"
"This is where I want to be,
the recliner
(in front of the fire, with a warm, steaming cup of coffee
and my yarn and crochet hook)
is the place for me!

This, of course!
How cold do these people look?

And doesn't this just scream

Both views from my sewing room window as
I continued to
I have these real bad habits of
1. Buying any sewing basket I find at any sale at almost any price.
2. Stacking those in my sewing room and never going through them.
Today, I will continue to tackle that issue.
The goal of today?
(Other than staying warm, of course)
is to clean out my old sewing room enough that I can get the bed set up in there. 

Another view of the alcove.
The other night as I was quietly sitting crocheting
Watching television would be an option,
but JWS controls the remote and therefore
the television choices are not ...well ...interesting.
I thought of this picture that was hanging in another part of the house.
If you remember this post.
I jumped up, ran to snatch it off the wall,
back to my new sewing room
hung it immediately.
JWS thinks I am crazy.
And lastly, this morning,
I am going to say how thankful I am that
I don't have to go out in this weather.
He takes care of all this stuff for me
and while he is the butt of a lot of my blog posts
for humor.
I truly appreciate all that he does so that I can stay comfortable!!!
Stay warm, everyone!
Twenty six hours and counting until this is over!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014


This is by far the best looking area of the room
I am still going to take that shelf down and paint it.
there is progress.

Friday morning
I started painting
the room is painted
and started to put back together.
Walls, ceiling
closet turned alcove.

And even these received a makeover.

Here is the blue one
turned gray
the closet turned alcove.
Still looking for more of those baskets
on the shelf above.
JWS actually picked those out for me
Didn't he do a great job?

And the rest of the room.
That picture on my sewing machine desk
is going to be redone.
And the curtains?

This material is headed for
sunny Florida
to be made into curtains!
My sister makes wonderful curtains
has agreed to do that for me!

Shawnee drew this for me when she was in high school.
This morning the frame will get a coat of paint
and the colors are perfect!

And of course,
before pics.
It was pretty bad.
and the
It did have doors on it,
but how brave
am I showing it to you?

all of that and more is dumped
into my other two bedrooms
to be

Still deciding on this wall.
My ironing board has to go in there yet
Another sewing machine.
This room is way smaller than the one I had before.
that tames the hoarder in me!
And of course,
a resolution broken.
I was not going to buy any yarn
until I used up the stash.
Then my sister mentioned that she would like an afghan.
So much for that resolution! 

Cozy project for cold nights though.
Cold does not begin to describe what is coming tonight and tomorrow.
Sure makes one thankful for mowing season!
I would rather mow than shovel!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Unexpected Surprises

The other night as I was walking up the driveway,
a car pulled in beside me that I did not recognize.
Quickly I realized who it was,
a very nice person
held out this ornament
that she kept looking at the ornament
and it reminded her of something that she had seen.
it had dawned on her that it was my front yard.
and she gave the ornament to me!
I love outdoor lights, but hate putting them up
and taking them down.
So, with the excuse that
Less is More
this is my outdoor Christmas decoration
every year.
Wreath, Spotlight, Extension Cord, Done!
Ten minutes tops,
less if I convince JWS to do it for me!
A nice surprise
so kind! 
And now...
what I have been up to.
My children and the parents of my grandchildren
thought that I needed a toy room.
I looked,
I pondered,
I literally sat in my upstairs
with a cup of coffee
several mornings
And finally decided.
Hang on, it's a good one.
What was the sewing room will become a toy room/guest room.
What was the smallest guest bedroom will become my sewing room.
What was the regular guest room will stay that
but since a lot of my fabric is stored in there, it also needs cleaned.
What has actually happened is everything in my upstairs is
in a

These are my pictures that I found in New Orleans
for my room.

And here is how far I made it yesterday.
That ceiling took two coats of paint using a 2 inch brush to get in all the cracks.
The brush literally fell apart.
back to the paint store
then the trim
furniture that I am painting.
Sunday afternoon?
sorting and purging the hoard
putting it back
Before and After Pics

Thursday, January 2, 2014

String Quilts Tutorial

Ok, so the disclaimer on this would be:
This is coming from a person (me) that is truly not a quilter!
So, that can go two ways as I see it.
If you are a quilter, look for a better tutorial.
If you are not a quilter, you will see that even a non quilter can do this!
My mom has been making these for awhile.
Most of these directions are hers.
She is a quilter,
an awesome quilter!
The parts that probably are not right, are my shortcuts.
I am all about fast and instant gratification.
I didn't get that from her.
(or my dad, which leads me to believe it was some long lost grandparent that was as impatient as I am)
But enough of those genetics.
These are fantastic stash buster and quite fun and fast.
There's that f word!

I am going to set mine together in squares like this
with a dark color border on every square.
And honestly,
in my crafter ADD personality,
who knows when that will happen.
Let's be honest!

So. let's get started.
You will need:
scraps of fabric
rotary mat
rotary cutter
sewing machine
a magazine or sale flyer
(great recycling)
leftover spools of thread
sewing supplies.
Start by cutting strips of fabric.
I cut 2 1/2 strips down to 1 inch strips
all increments in between.
I stack the fabric to speed up the process.

You should have something that looks like this.

I keep throwing them in a bin.

Next, take a sale catalog or magazine

cut pages into 8 inch squares.
(Mom does 8 1/2 inch squares here, sews them and then trims them
to 8 inches when she is done.)
Did I mention she is also way more precise than I am?
Again, where did those genetics go?

I then lay the ruler diagonally on the paper
1/4 inch to one side of the diagonal center
and mark it with a Sharpie.
(pens don't work will on the catalog pages)

Place one strip right side up
raw edge at the line
and a second strip right side down
on top of it
and pin.

And then pin about 12 more because
instant gratification!

Take them to the sewing machine and sew them.
I run one right on to the other
factory style.

Then press them apart and
you should have something that looks like this.

I don't trim after every strip,
I keep adding strips
every few.
Go back to your machine,
place that tote of strip right beside you
and sew another strip on each side of what you just did,
right sides down (together)

and then
turn it over and trim right against the paper
being careful not to trim the paper.

You should have something that looks like this.

Keep sewing strips

until the paper is covered.

Trim one last time!
Now you have the start of a string quilt. 
Right now I am just making the blocks. 
I am really trying hard not to buy anything until I use up
some of the stuff I have here. 
Plus, I am rushing on to my next project and that is redoing
a bedroom and moving my sewing room to it.
Right now, my sewing room is in the biggest bedroom,
other than ours
in the house.
I will be moving it to the smallest bedroom,
which of course will require some
I am buying the paint.
I am seeing a soft yellow ceiling,
white walls, white trim
black accents
I think that the color scheme is doable.
Not sure.
I will keep you posted!