Sunday, March 29, 2015

Covered Hanger Tutorial

These little dresses.
Found at yard sales and in boxes of aprons
are adorable.
But how to display them. 
On a really cold winter day,
what better place to hole up than this sunny, cheery sewing room.
I really don't spend enough time here.

Decorative hangers.
I have been told that they don't sell without cute hangers.
So, I raid the four year old grandson's closet,
a quick peruse of Pinterest
for ideas
away I go.
This could easily be adapted to adult hangers though.
Find a piece of material to fit the hanger, doubled.
I have this awesome stash of drapery and upholstery sample books!
Cut the fabric about an inch bigger than the hanger.

Might as well make more than one.
Press under the bottom edge and hem.

Add some type of decoration on the fronts.
Speaking of stashes. 
There happens to be an awesome stash of lace, trims and ric rac in my sewing room.

Sew them together around the top edges, wrong sides together.

Turn and press.
Cut a small slit for the hook to fit through and place hanger inside.
I tacked the bottoms together with a little hot glue.
Wrap the hook in seam tape
dig through the ribbon stash
(oh yes, I have one of those also)
and decorate with bows.

And hang your vintage dress.

Actually, this post was started quite awhile ago.
Two of these dresses have already sold in my new shop!

This smocked one went first!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Giddy Up

Another horse!

For this little cutie!
Eleanor won't be riding it for awhile,
before her mom and dad realize it,
she will be
wildly rocking away!

And another one for an order,
finished last minute before we left on vacation.

Along with a hare for my sister!