Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wool Ornaments Free Pattern

You will need:
Felted Wool and Embroidery Floss
Colors of your choice
Assorted buttons or beads
Freezer paper
Cardstock or old greeting cards.
Regular Crafting Supplies

This is the pattern. 
This is on a sheet of 9 x 12 paper and the box is 2 1/2" x 3"
I am going to take this to work with me and scan it and create a .pdf file.
If you want that,
email me and I will send it to you.
Trace these patterns onto cardstock.
I have been using old greeting cards,
colorful patterns and really?..
I was beginning to hoard them,
it was time to put them to use.
Trace the patterns on to freezer paper.
Iron the freezer paper to the wool. 
You don't actually cut the pattern out of freezer paper,
you leave paper around the edge of it.
It is easier to cut out the wool accurately if you are cutting through
the paper and the wool.
Make sense?
I hope so.
Now go to your recliner or couch and cut away and make a big mess.
I did use the rotary cutter to cut out the squares.
Way faster!


Blanket stitch the face first and overcast the top edge of the face.
The hat is blanket stitched next,
then the nose.
( I don't use a pattern for the noses, I just cut them out. 
I think that they have more character if they are all a little different)
The eyes are french knots and the mouth just straight stitches.


Blanket stitch the ginger down.
The eyes are french knots and the mouth is straight stitches.

Sew on the buttons or beads.


Blanket stitch the trunk first.
The Tree is done next.
Embellish as you choose.


Blanket stitch the two rectangles together starting at the top right hand side.
When you get to the top left side,
tack in the jute for the hanger.
Stuff with a small amount of polyfil.
Blanket stitch across the top and
tack in the other end of the hanger.
How easy was that? 

If you do not know how to blanket stitch or french knot.
YouTube is your friend.
You can learn ANYTHING on YouTube!

You are welcome to share this pattern or tutorial on your blog,
just please don't take it as your own.
That would make me a little tense.

If you make some of these,
please let me know.
I would love to see what you do with the pattern!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shock, Relief and Some Projects.

Sunday morning held quite the shock for me.

I had been afraid to get on the scale.
Fair week,
Fair food,
Not much walking.
But really, how bad could it be?
I knew that my jeans were a little more snug,
So I braved it.
I stepped up,
I sucked in.
I held my breath.
Does breath really weigh anything?
I expected TWO!
How did this happen.
All day I reasoned,
I pondered,
I lamented.
I didn't think I ate that much fair food.
I didn't eat much at the church picnic.
I drank lots of water.
I snacked on peppers and tomatoes.
I vowed to
I think I drove JWS a little crazier.
He gave me all the reasoning.
"You still look great, honey."
I was inconsolable,
How could I walk this much since April and gain six pounds?

Then this morning...
I noticed as I took my deep breath to prepare for my daily weigh-ins
in my quest to lose this 6 pounds...
and maybe the five that I initially wanted to lose in April.

You see, they used my scale to weigh the kids at the fair for the kiddie pedal
tractor pull a week ago and I had not checked it since.

Did I really make myself miserable for a whole day over this?

Projects from the weekend

More ornaments.
Penny, if you are reading, I am well on my way to the 100!

And some ginger stuff.

Some bowls waiting to be varnished.

And this new project.
Some wool ornaments.
This could be a new tutorial.
Watch for it.

I did get one other painting done,
a pretty big project.
It is very similar to a project that will be in Create and Decorate next year,
so, I really can't show it.

Off to walk!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Beach,Buzz, Woody, A Unicorn, An Apple Peeler and More

Of course, to start all this nonsense,
I did get something painted.
I am not even sure where this came from,
I think that it is going to Shawnee,
she just redid her entry and I thought it would look nice hanging in there.

On Thursday afternoon,
I got Gracelyn for an overnight.
The boys, of course wanted to play with her for awhile.
Gracelyn wanted to play beach.
Inspired by items she found in my car.
Does this give you any idea what my car would look like?
It could have it's own episode of Hoarders!
The boys obliged,
Although Logan was not obliging for a photo moment,
these two hammed it up!

Then Friday morning...
Tyler gets on the bus at our house.
Their house does not have a safe stopping place for the bus.
Gracelyn decides to ride to work with Aunt Jenn and Logan.
Thus begins a good playing day for Gracelyn and Logan,
and INSEPARABLE day for those two.
I hit a yard sale and found these items.
Not that I need two more rotary cutters,
but for that price,
someone might?
Another hoarder issue!

The kids played
Empty Vinyl Tubes Bowling

And the unicorn was another yard sale find.
They rode stick horse
 (and unicorn as Gracelyn kept telling everyone )
"It is not a horse, it has a HORN!"
All while we are trying to do this.

Lots of shirts to print.

They picked wildflowers.
One at a time,
running and giggling.
It was a little chaotic,
but we were persevering.
JWS made some comment to the effect of,
"Really, you couldn't stand it just having one child here,
one day alone for Logan and you have to get another one here?"
And then, if all the confusion wasn't bad enough...

Nana showed up with her new apple peeler and proceeded to
read directions,
set it up,
peel every apple in the bowl.
Entertainment for the kiddos?
Just until the apples were gone.

And all this fun? 
All before 11 AM?
That is when I had to make a couple of deliveries in the direction of Gracelyn's house.
And she was to go home.
So it was decided that I would take her
JWS would take Logan to get lunch.
And the three year old and four year old
that was not going to work for them.
They were going together.
They would go with either grandparent,
but they were not going to be separated.
Fearing a scene at Gracelyn's house when they finally HAD to be separated,
I decided to take Logan anyway and run the route backwards
so that they had time to visit.
One of the deliveries was a run in
and I could leave them in the car.
I know, I know,
but really it was only ten feet from the car and it WAS just a drop.
Don't '
"Bad Grandma"

The other was at the place that both of their Dad's work
so that was OK also,
I could take them in there.
we load up.

Gracelyn's overnight bag
The balloon bouquet from the clown that she could not live without
The piece of wood that she painted for her Mom.
Buzz Lightyear
A regular stick horse
A unicorn stick horse.
A booster seat
A car seat
Two Preschoolers.

Oh and don't forget the boxes of shirts that have to be delivered.

All I can say is that I am sure glad that I took the beach umbrella and mat out
or there might not have been room for all that.

About halfway into the circle that I had to make..
and that was about twenty five miles into it.
I hear a siren.
I put on the brakes,
slow down and start to pull to the side of the road.
all the time thinking ambulance...
and I hear
"To Galactia and Beyond!"

Apparently Buzz Lightyear has a real authentic sounding siren.

All before NOON!

The rest of the day went well.
There was no huge scene when I left Gracelyn,
I got work done in the afternoon,
JWS and I came home
from work and stacked a huge load of firewood.

The Apple Peeler Queen
aka My MIL
cooked supper for us,

We came home and I was in bed by

Wonder why?

Today is a totally free day.
Not many of those in my life anymore.
I am going to paint, paint, paint.

Our open house is in two months,


Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School

How many pics are there just like this?
I see them everywhere!
I wanted one of him getting on the bus,
in his busy little way....

He grabbed my camera
he wanted to take a picture of his bus pulling up.
He got someone else's truck...
and then the bus!

And this is all I got of him getting on the bus.
See those little feet?
How can they be ready for school?

And Logan had his own school bus.
I seriously underestimated how much those two entertained one another.
Gramma, how do you spell youtube?
Gramma, how do you spell Brunswick Pro?
I can spell Bowling myself!
Gramma, come look at this!
Gramma, read this to me!
Gramma, please play just one game of bowling on the computer with me!
Gramma, when are we going to the candy store?
Gramma, when is my brother going to be home?

And some painting...

and an order.

And some ornaments.

Twelve down and Eighty-Eight to go.
I should have started on this order way sooner!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Wonderful Swap!

over at
sent this wonderful collection for me.
We agreed to swap the centerpiece for some painted items.
And she sent that cute little Halloween arrangement along extra
the pumpkin for me to create something also.
I love everything!
I have her painted items ready to mail.
I am a little behind from fair week.
They are going out today though.
Stop by her blog and link to her selling blog,
she has wonderful items!
Thanks Sheila!
I love it all!

A few days before the fair,
I was frantically painting picnic tables.
A yearly event.
This one appeared for me!
What a surprise!
I painted it,
it sat at the fair all week.

And now it resides on my deck!

All the kids names are on it.
Wonder when I am going to have to sand it and add another?

Someone put a sticker on it.
Not a happy moment!

My whole house smells like dust.
I never thought I would be glad to see so much rain coming,
but I sure will be glad to get rid of the dust smell.

And the Earthquake.
I didn't feel it.
Wish that I would have.

Plenty of people did though,
It's a little scary.

And one last thought.

Today is the day that Tyler goes to school all day.
What a change this is going to be.
He has been at work with us since he was born.
This is going to be tough!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Fair entries and ribbons!

Dad won one also.

And Mom did well. 
This is Garren's baby quilt.
Blue Ribbon Winner!

And her crayon bags,
Blue Ribbon Winner.

This one will be listed on my selling blog today! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

What a whirlwind!

The last seventeen days have flown by! 
Good intentions were made to blog it all.
That is all that they ended up being...
good intentions.
Remnants of a clown. 
Left in a balloon bouquet. 
And shoes by the door.
Toodles stayed with us for the week of the fair.
I must say though, I never passed her in the house after she
"checked in"
on Tuesday.
The week was that hectic.
Check her out
She was a great asset to the fair!
The kids loved her!

More tables painted the week before the fair.  
There was one for me.
Pics of it tomorrow.
It is still loaded in the back of the truck.

Another penny rug finished right before the fair.
The week before the fair,
I had the pleasure of spending the day at Idlewild with
Gracelyn, Garren and Kendall.
Here the girls are ready for the day.
Gracelyn held on to that map all day.
I think it was a Dora thing.

Kendall was ready to pull her older cousin through Storybook Forest.

Driving the train.

A sleepover with Gracelyn and Garren.
Papa and Gracelyn making smores.

And some pics from the fair.  

And a trip to the Clearfield Fair with the boys.
I think that the rest of those pics might be on my phone? 
It has been a very busy two weeks.
I will be glad to settle into the normal chaos of life!

Today starts the weekly Kendall visits,
Shelby is back to work and
Wednesday has Tyler going to first grade.
How is this possible?
Logan and Gracelyn will begin preschool shortly.
How quick they are growing up.

Synopsis of the Fair.
This was John's first year as a Fair Manager.
We both learned so much about the fair and how it runs.
We made new friends, met lots of people
and had many new experiences.
It was a pleasure to work with a group of such hard working people
who were focused on a goal
to make each year the best fair ever!
I loved every minute of it
the week went by way too fast!