Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Lose in Two Easy Steps

I'll bet you look at these lovely pictures
and wonder...
How to lose what?

This is how to lose $2K
in two easy steps.
I am looking at these peaceful pictures
taking in the priceless beauty
"Really?  It's just money, they make more every day."

So here are the two steps.
#1.  Jump on the Facebook hype and buy 100 shares of stock.
Bought at $41,
this morning...
A little over a thousand dollar loss,
but really who is counting?

#2.  Back your husband's non-insured truck into
another vehicle.
Other vehicle
$1000 deductible
JWS' truck...well let's just say
we might be fixing that ourselves.

And now,
I'll just go back to looking at those beautiful

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Flowers

After the pace of the last month,
I thought it was time to
stop and smell
photograph the flowers. 

Soon to be the last we see of the school bus for awhile!

Purple and Yellow,
perfect complementary color contrast.

among my favorite!

Snapdragrons that came up on their own.

Even the flowers on the chives are pretty!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Where did the month go?

That is my pondering of the morning.
Where did the month of May go?
I had to go over my texts on my phone to figure some of it out.

And so,
I have a tally.
Not in any particular order.
Rocking horses painted.
Embroidery Classes
Times I was picked up for moving violations by police.
(Both times granted a pardon)
Preschool Graduation

Gun Raffle to prepare for
which sucked up
FIVE days.

Birthday Parties

A Three Year Old

A One Year Old

A Five Year Old
A Twenty-Nine Year Old
(Really Thirty-Two)
and a
Fifty Year Old.
Weekly Fair Mowings
a ton of yard work around my house.
And the latest.
Vehicle Accident.
Yes, I backed JWS' truck into a car.
Not one of my finer moments,
made me stop and think
about how
distracted am I?

No wonder
there has been no time to blog.

One birthday party turned into quite the water battle.
These four were really into that!
I'd like to think that June is better,
but by the looks of my calendar,
it is not.
Hope we survive!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Day at the Museum

After a visit to the tooth doctor
aka, dentist,
but don't tell the boys
because for some reason they like
the name tooth doctor,
we headed to the
Pittsburgh Children's Museum.
What a fun day!

Logan cutting his stencil
to screenprint.
I think these boys could give them some pointers on screenprinting.
After all, the first 5 and 6 years of their lives
have been spent in a screenprinting shop.

Logan has the motion down pat.

Then they made paper. 
Now Jenn and I think we want to make some paper also.  
Logan climbed the ropes.

Higher and Higher....

He made it!

He loved the BMX track.

And Tyler really liked the marble maze.

Even Mom got in on the action!

And a giant Lite Brite!

It was a great day for everyone to play hooky from work and school!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two confessions.

my porch is CLEAN!
A little embarrassed that it had to be done on a Sunday. 
I have a whole misguided theory of work on Sunday. 
I don't work outside.
This theory has evolved over the years. 

When I didn't have a job
outside the home, 
I didn't even do laundry on Sundays
or run the sweeper,
or heaven forbid...

Then, when my girls went to school,
I started working, 
and all of a sudden,
laundry day.
(well so were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...but most of you get that scenario)
but still, 
heaven forbid,

Over the years, 
I have still held to the 
Nothing Outside 
I would not hang clothes, pull a weed, hose something off, 
or heaven forbid...

But a lot gets done inside,
I even go to work at the shop on Sundays,
just to get a little jump on 
I am not proud of these confessions, 
after church,
I launch into full work mode. 

This past Sunday, 
I really broke my rules. 
Not while cars were going by heading to and from church though...
In the evening
when traffic was lighter. 
Hey, at least I still have some morals!

And last night...
I sat here and rested 
finished my afghan. 
worth the disgrace!

the day that I
just beat me!
 I have this terrible gripe
about RETIRED neighbors
that sit around all week 
and run their mowers

But we won't go there now....

And now the second confession...

Monday was delivery day.
Supposedly JWS' delivery day,
but a water line broke
and we had a clogged drain,
so those events determined my fate of delivering. 
Large boxes of shirts,
and not 
boxes of shirts. 
And the Dyson to be repaired. 
I had a circle,
I had the paperwork
(for the shirts and the Dyson).
First stop,
Rosebud Mining,
Dutch Run Mine.
Turn off the main road
onto a dirt road, 
when that dirt road ends,
go left for a little bit,
then right when you see the rusted bridge, 
follow that until the road splits into three,
make sure that you take the center of the split,
back through the equipment 
to avoid driving into the pit.
Those were my directions
the last time I was there,
I figured I would remember
and I did. 
Here is where the problem came in. 
I pull in, 
open the tailgate,
get out the box...
I forgot the invoice that is laying on the front seat. 
Open the driver's door,
balancing the box on my hip,
reach in with my right hand,
grab the invoice,
without looking,
skillfully fold it in half 
and place it in the box,
proud of myself that I didn't
a. trip
b. drop the box
c. dump the shirts
d. all of the above.
Slightly smug at my new found grace,
I deposit the shirts in the mine office,
back out of the parking area,
(we are not going to talk right now about the close encounter with a large piece of yellow equipment)
make one minor
wrong, but lovely sightseeing tour, turn
and on to the rest of the deliveries,
one being the 200 shirt replacement 
from the wrong year
on the shirts...again,
not part of THIS story. 
THIS story evolves when I arrive at Sears 
with the under warranty 
We will also leave my love/hate relationship 
with Dyson for another day. 
I park,
reach over on the seat for the post-it note
with the case number
to get the Dyson fixed
it is not there!

Anyone care to guess where it is?  
Ding, Ding, Ding!

All this would not be so bad,
if I didn't have to call the shop to get the phone number for the mine. 
thinks I should drive back and get it. 
Miles and time aside,
he does not understand the close encounter 
with the coal loader huge yellow thing
the wrong turn. 

So I call,
the mine foreman almost seems to find it humorous
that he has to give me the number to get my sweeper fixed.
Ha Ha Ha,
HE did not see the grace I exhibited getting everything in there.
He also did not see the close encounter with that big yellow thing!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Costume party?

Saturday was Logan's birthday party. 
Those boys sure love their 
Halloween costumes! 
They use them a lot.
Logan always had to be Mario. 
The costume is tattered and worn. 
He has a brand new one from last years' birthday. 
He won't wear it. 
He dressed his cousin as Woody.

And Gracelyn got to be Nemo.

I think Wyatt was just trying to keep cool. 

Saturday morning had us at the Strip District. 
A restaurant supply house
where JWS 
had to buy this huge cooler. 
I had to remind him that this little Playmate cooler 
used to hold everything he needed. 

Kendall got a day at the farm. 
Assorted Dogs....

And even a snake.
She calmly explained that her Daddy just 
"Booms them"

I thought this one was a little too close for comfort. 
But I assure you,
it got