Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who Told Them?

Weight Watchers
Prevention Magazine
Rodale Books
Biggest Loser
Runner's World
Abs Diet Online
Wellness Resourses
and they even told
Dr. Oz.

I want to know,
did someone send them a secret message?
Did they sign me up secretly?
Did they have an intervention that I missed?
Did they have secret meetings?

Who told all those people that I gained weight?
they all know,
they are sending me messages hourly
telling me how to fix this.
For a minimal $29.95
and up
they will solve all of my weight issues.

It was a mere 10 months ago
(and 15 pounds ago)
that I reached
Lifetime Status
on Weight Watchers. 
How did this happen?

Oh, I tried to act like it wasn't happening,
summer came
and I wore stretchy capris,
fluffy tops
bigger earrings.
You do know that they say big earrings
take the emphasis off your hips.
I flouffed and fluffed my hair,
made sure that my face looked good
dug our those dangling sparkly earrings.

Then the weather cooled...
and I realized that those same jeans.
proudly purchased in the
glow of that
shiny, new
Weight Watchers Lifetime card
right next to the debit card in my wallet,
no longer fit.


So I pulled out the
jeans in my closet
and wore them
hung them to dry
using the
"don't want to let them get short in the dryer"
Fluffed the hair a little more
found those big hoop earrings
threw myself into
denial mode.

Then it happened,
you know
the catalyst
when you can no longer deny it.

The Picture

Christmas Day
I was given a picture
Of JWS and I at a wedding.
The same wedding
that I could not fit into the
that I bought for it
had to wear something stretchy

And I realized
I am not just looking a little "healthy"
I am looking pretty pudgy.

the way I look at it
I have two choices,
1. Do something about it.
2. Find some hubcaps to use as earrings.

I think the picture hanging on the fridge
will be enough incentive!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Couch Potato

That is what I have been.
I started this new afghan for Gracelyn's new room
I am addicted to it.
So relaxing,
such fun colors.

I found the pattern here.

JWS suggested that I clean out the fridge.
This is
Mussel Tuna Shrimp Potato

See why this is not a cooking blog?
It smells good though
and the fridge is empty(ier)
So far is is tasty.
I'll let you know my thoughts on that later.

A Roaring Fire.
The problem with that is,

The afghan is set up in the
Living Room.

Hope all of you are enjoying this
Christmas Season.
I  know that I am getting lots of rest!

That is if you don't count
bringing in firewood
an occasional
sled ride with the boys!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Finally, A Day of Rest

While perusing through my pictures 
this morning, 
I found some things I hadn't shared. 
This was a whim project
after being at 
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse. 
 Most of the letters were found there, 
some I had,
some I made. 

I think that I might make more..
it was fun!  
Shipped off to Gracelyn and Garren's toy room!  

I know that this is hard to see in the picture.
This is an old display case that I have had around for years. 
I had an old fur collar
off an old wool coat
that I laid in there first
and then arranged all my pins,
So many keepsakes in there.
Alligator pins that my dad bought for me in Florida
when I was little,
A pin of my grandmothers,
and one belonging to JWS' grandmother.
My old Brownie and Girl Scout pins.
A great-great aunt's pin,
one made by a friend...

I made these pillows for
Gracelyn and Kendall for Christmas
for their new bedrooms.
Somewhere there is a picture of them completed,
but who knows where?

finally the day of rest.

Before Christmas
I taped the entire
Alex Haley's
I had seen it before,
but it has been years.
I watched the entire thing.

I did not leave my recliner
five hours
for food and bathroom breaks.

I can't even think of the last time that I did that...
it felt great!
A little guilty,
but I think that is a woman thing!

This is what it looked like by my chair...

And I did get these finished.

I guess I wasn't totally non-productive!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Movable Gifts

See these?
They have been moved...
a lot.
They were bought,
moved into the house,
up to my sewing room.
A few of them got wrapped and put under the tree.
The rest sat. 
We have had a few issues this year.
Finally on Friday,
my last day of work
before this blessed Christmas break,
I moved them all to my car and took them to work.
I guess that is one of the benefits of self employment.
Friday night,
I moved them all home
and artfully arranged them under the
Christmas tree.
and then
I remembered that because of my mil being sick
we were having the traditional
Christmas Eve
Feast of the Seven Fishes
at my house.

six kids, ages seven and under and all those gifts?
Anyone could tell you that was not going to work.
I moved them again.
This time
To our bedroom.
This morning, they came back down....

and are once again
artfully arranged under the tree.
Tonight will be our Christmas celebration.
Things have been a little different this year.
On Christmas Eve,
my mother in law was admitted to the hospital
and is still there.
A long standing
Christmas Eve tradition
was changed...
Plans have been changed,
has been stretched,
plans made,
plans changed....
We have flexed.
My stress level has been pushed somewhat...
to the limit?
Not yet.

I keep reminding myself
in the big picture of life
some things are just not worth stressing about.
And how could you stress
looking at these little faces?

Both of them gripping their sippy cups,
they have finally discovered one another! 

And this little one...
always the sensitive one.
Christmas Eve morning had me so exasperated
with his brother
that I broke down and yelled,
"You better settle down because I have a direct line to Santa!"
I was not proud...
it just slipped out.
This little one,
"Grandma, do you have a direct line to Jesus, too?"

It makes one think...

I hope that all of you had a wonderful
Christmas Day!
take time in the coming days to REST!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tissue Pack Cover Free Sewing Tutorial

There are so many variations of these.
This one is pretty simple though,
and easy enough to mass produce
as you will see later.
Start with two rectangles
6 1/2" x 8"
I am using fabric drapery and upholstery sample books for these.

Place them right sides together.

Sew both of the short ends together with a
1/4" seam allowance.

Turn right side out and press.

Fold both the seams in to meet with the lining side out.

Straight stitch and zig zag the edges.
If you are lucky enough to have a serger,
this would be a lot quicker.
Clip the corners on an angle.

Turn right side out and press.

Then get the next 30 or so done!

And you have the perfect little tuck in gifts.
These are on their way to local nursing homes to be tucked
Christmas packages.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


So much has already been written,
so much has already been said.

This is the face that I cannot get out of my mind.

shoots hoops,
plays on the computer,
is discovering the wonder of reading
calls people on the phone.

He golfs
He plays ball,
He goes to Children's Church
and is learning
about Jesus.

He loves anything Mario.

Gracelyn is one of his favorite playmates
they pretend for hours.

He takes all his toys in the bathroom and makes a pool for them in the sink.
He gives the greatest hugs
tells me he is going to miss me when he leaves me
even though we live next door.
He is kind
I call him Logan Spadogan
he giggles.
He loves to take gum to pass out to his friends
on the bus ride home from school.

He loves his brother
his mom
his dad.
He is in Kindergarten.

My heart breaks for those families that have lost
so much.

I pray that they will find comfort.

Monday, December 10, 2012

LInens, Lace and an Amish Accident

Remember this big mess from Friday?
Well, on Saturday,
the bleach was flowing
stains were being scrubbed
the washer and dryer
were in overdrive.

So many more good finds in that box than I even realized.

I love to find this work,
so delicate,
I can't imagine the
time and patience
that it took to do that!

There were tons of lace items,
some handmade,
some not
some damaged
and stained,
but then
there were good spots to be used in other items.
Oh the possibilities,
the ideas...
winter projects!
For some winter anyway
if not this one!
The pillowcases have been hanging around here for awhile.
they were washed and pressed.

And on that note of embroidery
and mostly because
Blogger is giving me fits
about moving these pictures...
have you ever seen or used one of these pens?
If you do any quilting or embroidery
you need one of these!
The lines simply disappear when ironed!
OK, commercial over,
back to the regularly
scheduled nonsense.

I am working on pillows for
Gracelyn and Kendall's room right now.
They both were moved to big girl rooms in the last few months.
These are for Christmas,
but I have more ideas
for them.
More winter projects...
for THIS winter.
This tablecloth was in one of the boxes
that I bought the other night.
Love these old printed tablecloths
Oh, the price sometimes!
This was in a dollar box!

These two pieces were the reason that I bought the one box
I found so much more
buried in that box.
I know that they are hard to see,
but the one on the left is all hand crocheted
the one on the right?
Well the fabric is not in the best shape,
but that crocheted border?
So unique!

I love household auctions,
haven't gone to them regularly in so long.
There is another one
December 18th.
I can't wait!

Everytime I go to an antique/crafters mall, I think that I need to
rent a booth.
Maybe it's time....

While I was typing this,
there was a knock at my door.
about ten minutes ago now.
When I went to the door
there was an Amish man standing there.
He said that his horse had ran into my mailbox
and that he wanted to make sure
that there was no damage
if there was to make it right.
I grabbed a sweatshirt and shoes
and went out to check it with him.
No damage,
but here is the lesson learned.
He said,
"I am going to be honest with you,
I looked down to light my pipe
and wasn't paying attention
and the horse just ran
right into your mailbox"
I laughed and said,
"We text and drive and have accidents,
you light your pipe and drive
and have accidents,
I guess it's all the same!"
We had a good laugh
the mailbox is fine!