Sunday, August 30, 2009

5K Heinz Field

How appropriate I thought these flowers were planted outside of Heinz Field. Black and Gold! The first part of today was spent at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. This was John's 2nd 5k Run. Our son-in-law, Chris decided to run it also.
This was the "before" picture of the runners.

Jenn and Chris

The start of the race. There were over 3000 runners!

Waiting for the return, Jenn and I took in some sights.... The entrance to Heinz Field. just in the event that some of you are not familiar, this is the home of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers!

The city skyline,

Duquesne Incline

Heinz Field Architecture

The Carnegie Science Center

John crossing the finish line! He cut several minutes off of his last 5k finish. I missed a pic of Chris crossing. He had a great finish also considering that he had not been training.

And then he had a "moment". Standing in line for the runner's snacks after the race, he said that it was not that long ago, just last winter he was standing in the same spot eating Quaker Steak and Lube wings at the AFC Championship Game at over 300 pounds. How far he has come and how well he has done. I am proud of him!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A quick redo.

My new blogger friend, Kim was having a yard sale today. She lives about 40 miles north of me and I wanted to go to her sale. John and I took off this morning on a much needed wandering day and found some great yard sales. Kim's was by far the best for "finds" I left with two ladders, several plates and bowls, ice skates, a half moon plaque, a sifter and two train cases. A great haul! We stopped at three Goodwills, and probably close to 10 yard sales....these were my finds.
At one sale I was walking out and I heard the lady say that all the neckties were now marked down to ten cents. I did an about face and bought all 32 of them. I think that I am going to send them to Haiti with my pastor when he goes there next month. All of the pastors there wear white shirts and dress pants and neckties. How men here complain about dressing like that and yet for those men it has to be a symbol of respect for them.

The next to the last stop was at Finders Keepers in Brookville, Pa. That was the first time that I have ever been there and it is really a fun place. The owners are friendly, the prices not too high and they have a great place that they call the "dungeon' and I found this chair in there. Several weeks ago we had made our plans for today to be at an auction that was less than 1/2 mile from our house. They had an old wicker chair there and I have been looking for another one for the front porch for some time now. After checking the auction sheet online again at the beginning of this week, the chair was no longer listed. I have no idea why that happens other than pre-sales. Personally, I think that once it is advertised, it should not be removed...but enough of my griping. I am sure that I probably got a better deal at this place.

And voila! It is done! I had to do it right away! Finally I have a comfortable chair for me on the porch now.

Textures from a 4 year old.

Before the texture part of the post, I wanted to show this little faux penny rug that I painted. These have always sold well in the past for me at craft shows. It is painted on the back of linoleum. You have to buy linoleum that has an allover pattern. Textured block patterns show through on the back. It is so nice to paint on though and will cut in any pattern. I had some of these cut out laying on the shelf since I did shows a few years ago and thought that I would paint them up for the Open House. So, I have been looking at these texture posts the last week or so and thought that I would like to do something like that, not sure when though. Last night we had the boys for a few hours and as usual I was snapping pics of them. Tyler's comment was, "Hey, I want to take a picture to you" As hard as I tried, I could not make him say OF you instead of TO you and finally I just gave up and thought it was cute. Now we won't be showing any of the pic he took TO me, from a 4 year old's stature looking up at grandma is not the most flattering angle for grandma so those were quickly deleted. He did take one of the cutest pics of his brother...forgot to load that one and the greatest "texture" of the back of his Mother when she came to get him, giggling away because he took "a picture of your butt, Mommy" Since I have to work with his mother daily and right now we really need her from now til Christmas to run the embroidery machine at the shop, I opted NOT to show that pic. It was hard Jenn, it was a really good texture!

So here they are....

I think that the little boy will be getting a kid's camera for Christmas, what entertainment that was for him!
I have been saying for quite some time I would like to have an anonymous blog, so much around me provides so much entertainment that I cannot possibly post. You tell me, I have my MIL at work with me everyday...well almost everyday, my children that breeze in and out of the shop constantly, "unusual" customers and "visitors" to the shop constantly. A small town can provide so much material. A friend of mine thinks that we need a reality show. My one step-daughter, Dianna, you may remember her from the Desciption of an Accident post, never fails to entertain us with "blonde" moments. I have wanted so many times to post them, but was afraid to upset her. (or her husband who never heard about the accident UNTIL he read the blog post) She told me that she skims my blog and if it is about crafting, she doesn't read it, but if it is about family she does and that I am free to post ANYTHING about her....I see a family blog coming soon!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Things my daughter makes

We are planning to have an open house at my home in November. My daughter and I are making things and stashing them in my attic for the event. I thought that I would show these before I made the trek to the attic with them. I think that she does a great job on them! Thought that I would show off her talent!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Redo, Undo, Make-do, DO!

First of all, I have to show the pumpkins....I finished them! I really want to make some more of these. I like them and I am sure that I will be giving some away, so I will need some to sell also.

Redo: This card box was in the big haul that I posted over a week ago. There are little dividers in it for all of your cards and although I have way more cards than will actually fit, I knew that this would help in the organization.
I sanded off the painting and repainted it yesterday AM and last night I sat on the floor and sorted cards. They are actually organized right now! It even made me want to clean off my desk. A before and after pic of that would have been too embarrassing to post.

Undo: The chairs from the yard sale, well one of the chairs, the other three are still in my car. This on is torn apart and has matchsticks drying in some of the screw holes. It needed some minor repairs. Now to decide whether to paint them as a set, or individually. They would be more fun and less boring to paint individually and I think that they would sell, opinions, please?

Make-do: Remember these lamps from a few weeks ago? I thought that they would be perfect for the boys' room that I still need to do some work on. Painted these up and then realized that the drawers were not interchangeable so they can't have one of each color in them. I guess I should have checked that first. They don't look too bad this way, I guess. Now to find shades.

Do: This is my frustrating story of the week. Somewhere along the line, I allowed my State Sales Tax license expire. There is no real excuse other than I could use a shot of OCD. I know some people that have it, can you catch it like the swine flu? I could have them breathe on me. Off I go to the Most Confusing Website in the World. Seriously, there was so much writing that I didn't know what to look at...but wait, there is a phone number! I call and sit on hold for over an hour. I give up for that day, next day, back to the website, read, read, read, read, read and finally find the form that I need to fill out, hit print, 28, yes, you read that right TWENTY-EIGHT pages to fill out. I forgot to hit draft mode on the printer and do you know how long that took to print all that little writing? I study these papers and my eyes are going cross-eyed and might I mention that through this I am still working and answering the phone and getting more and more frustrated and confused. Ok, so back to the phone, I find ANOTHER number to call, 1 888-PATAXES. Does anyone besides me realize that as an anagram of that you get SEX in it? I didn't think of that until I heard, (in a sexy voice) "C'mon let's have some fun, push one now" Now I know that our state workers have not been getting paychecks regularly, but surely they haven't switched the tax numbers to phone sex lines although given the fact that they were not getting paid, what better revenge against the state? I dial the number again, and again that woman wants to have some fun, well unless she likes to craft and hit yard sales and flea markets, she is not going to be any fun for me. Once again I dial, very carefully this time and ON HOLD with the tax people. HOLD HOLD, HOLD HOLD!!! Hang up because while I am on hold I find the local number and call that number, a human being actually answers and while she is very nice, she is not offering me fun like the last one. She explains that I need to fill out sections 1 through 5 on pages 1 - 11 and section 18 on page 21...good we are down from the 28 pages to 12! Done and sent! Now before you think that I am cheating the state out of tax money, we actually do not have taxable sales normally so they are not losing money on me.
Now I am off to get ready for a dentist appt at 8:00 one half hour away. Did I really think this through when I scheduled that?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can anyone identify?

What this item is? I think that it is a game of some type, I have seen them with marbles or beans in them. I found this at a yard sale the other day and for $1 could not let it sit there. If it is some type of a game I would like to clean it up and set it up and have the rules for it. I finished my pumpkins last night but the internet or blogger or my computer is running so slow that I could fall asleep waiting for the pics to post. Have tried to catch up on all of your blogs but I can load one, comment and then the next one won't load.

Pics to come...pumpkins and chairs. Sunday was our church picnic at a local community park. After a week at the fair, sometime around 1 or 2, after lunch, I just was ready to crash. Shawnee and I had Gracelyn on the swings and suddenly watching her go back and forth was hypnotizing me into a sleep. We left and I thought that I would fall asleep before we got home, (only about a five minute drive) when I saw the sign....yard sale!!! Now I am not a big Sunday yard sale person. Never plan on them and usually will pass them by. It must go along with that, Don't Work Outside on Sunday rule that has been in my head since I was young. But this one...well this is one of those junk places that always looks like it is having a sale and I have always wanted to dig through their yard, places. I had to have John turn around and stop, I was energized, I was awake! And then the find...sitting in the back of this old garage under a bunch of junk were these four chairs. I was shaking them testing them for sturdiness, touching and looking and I finally asked if they were for sale. The woman said "yes, ten dollars" I am thinking that it is hard to find a sturdy chair for $20 let alone $10 and I am calculating if I have $40 in cash in my pocket left from the fair. Hmmm, I know that there is some cash in my console for just such an event and surely that dear husband of mine is good for a little cash. As I stand there pondering all this, she says, $10 for all 4!!!! $2.50 each, wow! I have to have them! So now they are still in my car, I am not sure what I am going to do with them. I really have no where to put them, but I had to have was the bargain of it all. Pics to come!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Perception vs. Reality

Saturday mornings, and most other mornings I wake up planning my day in my mind. Why I do that I have no idea because the days rarely play out in the regimented, industrious way that I plan them. Early in the day they usually take on something that resembles nothing short of a Category 3 hurricane. Yesterday was no exception. My mind had me heading to Walmart by 7 and back before 9, early enough in my mind to avoid that dumb little vehicle of mine that thinks it needs to turn in to every yard sale it sees. I swear that one of these vehicles that I buy in life is not going to do that. This one is the worst and I blame it on my husband, the enabler, who said that a car did not fit my lifestyle, I needed a SUV, we settled on an all wheel drive crossover with a roof rack. What was he thinking? Now not only can I pull off the road in any wet ditch, I can load large pieces of furniture on the roof! The only thing that has prevented that from happening is that I refuse to put tie down straps in the vehicle. But I digress. I planned on being home from Walmart and baking cookies, then doing all these little chores that were waiting in the seven minute intervals between trays of cookies and then having a little rest and craft time before the boys showed up at 3, when I would take them to the fair for a couple of hours where they would meet up with Aunt Shawnee and cousin Gracelyn, (where the ratio of adults to children would then be 2:3, not the ratio I like of 2:1, but closer) then back home for a nice evening of some calm little movie, snacks and early bedtime. Well, as I had not talked to my husband much this week, I bumped the Walmart time to 9 and sat and visited and caught up with him. He has volunteered his week to the Fair Office this past week. He has ran the main window, fielding complaints, selling passes and making all the announcements. I think he has found in hidden talent. He made people happy and has the BEST announcement voice. At 9:00, I am out the door and heading to Walmart, two hours later than I planned but still plenty of time. The next little wrinkle had me driving through Smicksburg, an Amish community where I notice unusually large buggy traffic that leads to a traffic jam. It is the annual Smicksburg Benefit Auction and I am STUCK in traffic! Where I live traffic is NEVER a fact of life. Skip forward to home from Walmart 10:30 and I start the cookies that I have been wanting to bake. In the seven minute intervals between trays I:
Empty the Walmart bags
Put away the toiletries
Cut up these peppers
Throw my bedsheets in the dryer
Decorate a little area with some vine that I stopped in Smicksburg for on the way home..just a little side trip..shhh, don't tell!
Clean up the counter area,
Wipe down the stove
Make a gift basket for Shelby
Water the baskets on the front porch

Wash all the produce, don't these cherries look yummy?

Spray this canteen and cup that I can't wait to paint.

Try out the tip that I learned this week about gluing pennies down with a glue stick.

Jenn had called and asked if she could bring the boys earlier and perhaps they could nap here, not a problem, she agreed to help me get them down for the naps. She pulled in at 1:00 and almost simultaneously the phone rings. It is John at the Fair Office. The bus carrying Josh Gracin for the entertainment tonight at the fair has just pulled in, the bus driver has been up all night and needs a place to sleep for the afternoon and evening and he offered him a room at our house. He would be there in an hour! Well since the unofficial bed and breakfast here has been running at about 50% capacity for the last few months and since it was fair week, I had not changed the sheets on the quietest guest bedroom farthest from the fair. I raced and ran and sweated but the boys and I were on our way to the fair and the guest was settled in my a little after 2. We were out of the house until 10:30 last night when the driver was taken back the fair rested and grateful. The boys and I and later Shawnee and Gracelyn had a great day/evening a the fair. I actually think that the boys are better behaved when it is just 1 adult to the 2 of them. We rode, we saw all the shows, we walked through the buildings, that was fun for them even because every politician and sales rep has a bowl of candy, they were all on a sugar rush by the time we made it through there. Gracelyn managed to touch almost every pig's nose, the miniature horses were her favorite, I think. We ate junk, well they ate junk! What a great day! The day was not what I saw in my mind when I woke up, but sometimes they work out better that way.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Trouble in Blogland

Seriously Folks, real trouble! While most of the time I call my obsession with blogs, INSPIRATION, I am now calling it trouble. It is 7:30 AM and I have just taken pumpkins out of the oven, with a quick trip through the broiler. Char at Pickled Pepper Patch had these on her blog yesterday and I just had to try them. I ran up to my sewing room, well to be fair it was early and I probably hobbled to my sewing room, the knees don't always work well in the morning, and found this chenille bathrobe that I had found for $1 at a yard sale two weeks ago and started cutting circles, dinner plate circles, knitting loom circles, and the top of a ribbon reel circles. I sewed a couple of them before I had to go to work and then while Little Miss Kendall napped last evening I sewed the rest. This morning I ran (again hobbled) around the house to find a spray bottle and sprayed these and cooked them. Really, was this necessary? I have a 12 hour shift at the Firemen's Stand at the fair today and John is now standing in the kitchen looking at hot pumpkins and I am sure not happy with the smell of hot, wet wool. Oh yeah, I had to make some wool ones also. His comment just was, "Do you just put butter on those?"
Karen at My Colonial Home as well as many others of you are always decorating and I must confess that while I love to decorate, the thought of cleaning BEFORE the decorating really stifles the interior decorator in me, however I had bought these wood boxes about two weeks ago and thought that I would try them on the hearth. I like them there. I dusted with my hand, does that count?

Cath's Pennies Designs always makes me want to get my hands into my wool stash, and as you can see Create and Decorate is right under the basket of wool.

Kim at Threadheads Unite was part of my inspiration to start those quilts for the boys, I'll get back to those after the fair.

And there is a list of ingredients on my list for town for the Scalloped Peppers from Cobblestone Farms. Natalie at Tins and Treasures was actually cleaning! Why did that not inspire me? Her lovely scarves though are part of the reason that I decided to learn to knit last year.
Amber, Holly and Carrie at Making a Home, Life's Adventure, and A Little Piece of Life are great examples of Christian mothers raising children in God's Love. What an example they are setting.
Ann at A Hole in the Basket is always making the neatest baskets, that will be on my retirement list.
Pam at Grammy's Altered Life and Les at Harmony Road Studio make me run for the paper crafts
I love all of Lynn's flowers at Flower Gardening despite the fact that mine were terrible this year!
Couldn't someone make me want to cook and clean more?
I could go on, check out my Blog Roll, there is some great inspiration there!