Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So many projects, so little time.

Crafter's ADD has kicked in again! When I work on a penny rug, it seems as though I always cut too many pennies. I have been putting them in this box in my sewing room for a couple of years and finally decided to get them out and use them up. I think that I am just going to make pillows out of all of these, sometime this winter when I finally finish them. Oh and of course, while I had all the wool out and laying all over my sewing room, I had to cut a new one out also.
This is the start of the boys bedspreads. This will be the middle of them and then I plan to piece around this. This one needs all the machine applique done on it yet. Imagine my surprise when I ran to Walmart last night for stitch witchery and all the yard goods were gone! I asked one lady where the yard goods were and she had no idea what that was. I translated that to fabric and she said, "Oh we got rid of that stuff" I knew that they were planning that in a lot of Walmarts but I would have thought in an area where they sell fabric to all of the Amish, they would have kept it. I could get on a soapbox here about how Walmart came in and put out all the little craft and fabric shops...but I'll save that for another rant!

Wooden spoons from the flea market and some more strawberries that my Dad carved for me. These just need varnished and strings for the spoon ornaments.

Still working on this rug. It hurts my shoulder to work on it, so I have been pacing myself on that one.

More snowmen.

Still not sure what is going in the middle of this, but I like the border so far.

A canvas with paper and paint. I need some ribbon or something for around the edge of it.

More tags for the I have not FINISHED those yet either. I really need to concentrate on FINISHING!

Planned a quick trip to Walmart last night....QUICK would be the key there! Jenn needed me to stop there to see the paint progress on the room and consult a little. Tyler wanted to "come to your house" as he says it. I told him that I was going to town first and not going home that I had to go to the store. I did not even say the buzz word for him...Walmart! He grabbed my hand and said, "I am going to go with you and I am going to be REALLY hungry and we are going to go to McDonald's and I am going to have a cheeseburger, french fries, a orange juice and a chocolate milkshake...cmon!" How could you not take him? So a trip to Walmart for stitch witchery and to pick up some pictures, turned into adding some Little Debbie's after studying the Little Debbie aisle for 10 minutes to decide. Then he directed me to the sporting goods where we perused every aisle there studying everything from bb's to fishing lures and back to the bb's again. Scary, this obsession with bb's! Next, he directed me to the toy aisles, studying the motorcycles and car aisle three times, carefully touching each one and needing it for his birthday! The next stop was "Now we are going to look at the candy" where we had to buy a bag of candy, then off to McDonald's where horror of horrors, the milkshake machine was broke. I am trying not to think of how much that I thought that I NEEDED to get done last night when after we sit down to eat our food he looks at me with all the seriousness of a three year old and says the words that make me just not care if I get anything done ever again..."I love you, and it's just you and me here"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hooter Hiders and The Next Project

Shelby found the pattern online for these nursing bibs. I hope I don't get in any trademark trouble for the name, but that is what they are called. She had seen them ready made and searched for a pattern and found it. If anyone is interested, email me and I will find the link for you. They are simple to make and really seem as though they would be so much more functional than a receiving blanket. There is a set of D-rings to adjust the strap and there was supposed to be boning in between the straps that would hold the material out so that the mother could still look down and see the baby, however I could not find boning at the two fabric stores closest to me and I did not know when I would be getting to the "city" soon. (doesn't that just sound all Little House on the Prairie?)
So, this idea passed through my mind finally. I cut up a Glad container and cut it into a 1/4" strip. It worked perfect! It has the perfect curve to it and stiffness. I must get back to that website and share this brief moment of brilliance with them.

I even have some left if I make any more of them....if I can find it when I am ready to make them...or even remember what I did. I think that I have rapidly detiorating brain cells.

This is the NEXT project. Jenn is redoing a room for the boys to share. We went to get the paint yesterday and ran to the fabric store (commercial on that later) and got this fabric for me to make bedspreads/quilts for the room and for the curtains also. I can see them in my mind, I only hope that I can make them look like that now. The bottom piece of fabric was bought for the balls. I am going to cut them out and machine applique a design on the center of the bedspreads. All this sounds really good in my mind and I was so ready to get started last night, however when I got back to work there was a message that the "picnic tables were ready" I thought for a minute and then I remembered, about a month ago a member of our local fair board was in and asked me about painting these picnic tables for the fair and what I would charge to do it. I quickly gave him a figure and went on with the day and never thought about it again. Yesterday afternoon and stopped at the fairgrounds to look at the tables and right now he has ten of them that needed painted and more to come...the fair is in less than a month!!! That will be a slight derail on some of my other projects!
And now for the commercial.
Claypoole's Fabric in Worthington, PA is a large pole building stuffed with all kinds of fabric. They have quilting fabrics, upholstery fabrics, notions, homespuns, trims, cheater's quilts, you name it. I can't tell you how many years it has been there but the people that own it are so nice and it has the old-fashioned, homey feel to it without "staging" that feeling. It is out in the country and you actually just walk across the lawn to get into it. I love to dig in there and don't get there often enough to suit me. If you live close enough and are reading this, it is worth the trip to go there and look around. They will even push a zucchini or 10 on you when you leave. Email me for directions!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clean Kitchen?

Or the title could be What Was I Thinking? Friday before work I started cleaning my kitchen, Friday after work, I worked on it some more and Saturday AM, I finished cleaning my kitchen, ran the sweeper the 5K miles through my house and dusted. Wow, did it look nice! Probably it looked so nice because it had been so long since I had done it. Well, between grubbying candles and little boys making blueberry muffins, my kitchen needs cleaned again and with little boys eating blueberry muffins all over the house, it needs vacuumed again! Now you might not think this looks sanitary and it doesn't, but really the floor was just cleaned and a little dirt doesn't hurt anyone, right? You might also be wondering about the bisquick muffin recipe?

Tyler wanted to "spill" the milk into the bowl. I said, "Don't you mean "pour" the milk?" He agreed and then proceeded with some three year old combination of spilling and pouring WAY too much milk in the bowl (and on the floor) I grabbed the Bisquick to salvage the Jiffy Blueberry Mix that we started with and actually they turned out not too bad!

Logan thought that he wanted to put some of his Extreme Nacho Goldfish crackers in the mix and we had to dig those out. Tyler's comment as this picture snapped was, "Could you please clean me up?" No picture of the finished product but they were so happy to take one to Great Gramma Nana and tell her that they made them. Hmmmm, suppose she actually ate it? I'll bet she is sorry that she did when she sees these pictures!

I finsihed these boards yesterday for two weddings that I was invited to. They are belated add on gifts to the card that I gave at the time of the wedding. Dad builds these boards for me and I didn't have any in the stash at the time.

They are actually brothers that got married, so obviously same name. Wish that I would have kept track of how many of these I have painted over the last 20+ years. I take orders and do them for wedding and shower gifts and it is always fun to drive by someones house and see one. Last week I was at a yard sale and they had one hanging on their house that was close to 20 years old. I could tell by the design on it. I was happy that it was hanging right in the weather and looked as good as it did.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few weeks ago at the flea market, I bought these clothespins and in my mind I saw them painted and tied with homespun. I had a nice visit this week from a new friend that I had never met face to face before. Kim suggested, when she saw the bags of them to "grubby" them. I had forgotten all about that process, so to the basement I went this morning to dig for my wax from the last time I did this and amazingly enough I walked right to it and picked it up. As I finished cleaning the house, I started the melting process. Just old candles melted together.
And then began the dipping. I had no sticks of cinnamon so ground cinnamon and then some fresh ground coffee and nutmeg, some old allspice from the back of the cupboard and some pumpkin pie spice and it smelled yummy in the kitchen.

All lined up and cooling. This was no quick process.

Found some tags, some little wood pieces and some tealights. Let me tell you, if you have never done this before, you will be digging in the cupboards and stashed to see what else you can grubby.

Twenty four sets finished with tags and packed into an airtight container. Lots more to finish, but the little boys will be arriving any minute for their evening with Gramma Cathy and sleepover. I have a pre-made pizza ready to heat up and lots of snacks, some healthy, some not so (hey gramma is allowed to do that) I even bought Jiffy Pop popcorn. I thought that they would get a kick out of that... I hear them pulling in now!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Angela Marie was the winner of the giveaway. I have tried to contact you via your blog and have not heard anything back yet. Please contact me if you read this and let me know what prize that you want and where you want it shipped. I will hold this until Sunday evening and if I don't hear anything by then I will have a second drawing for the giveaway.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Description of an accident.

Jennifer and Dianna were in a fender bender in the parking lot of the local Sheetz store yesterday. It was completely the other woman's fault and she was nasty and yelled at Jennifer and Jenn in her kind, shy, nice way said it was Ok and let the woman go. The grill from her vehicle was laying in the parking lot! John is mostly the same way. He will let anyone go, a truck hit him on the motorcycle in a convenience store parking lot as he was sitting on the bike drinking coffee and he told him, "That's alright buddy, I should not have been sitting there."

After she got back and we realized the damage on the vehicle we had this interrogation with Dianna.
John: What kind of vehicle was it?
Di: Jeep
John: What color was the vehicle?
Di: Gray or blue, not sure
John: Did you get a license plate number?
Di: No
John: Did you get a picture of the vehicle with your cell phone:
Di: No
John: Did you know anyone in the Sheetz at the time?
Di: No
John: Did you get the guy's name that put the grill back on the vehicle?
Di: No
John: Is there anything else that you can tell me about this?
Di: Well, she had on this green top that was really ugly and this stupid, green belt with little fringie things hanging off it. She had on black capri pants and these black strappy shoes. Her hair was blond and frizzy, she was about 40 years old and her whole outfit was really ugly.

You have to wonder sometimes! We just laughed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the winner of the giveaway is...

Thanks so much for all the ideas. I can't wait to get these started now! All of the ideas were so interesting and they really inspired me! The winner of the giveaway is Angela Marie! Please contact me and let me know what prize that you would like to have sent to you!

Snowmen and Sunshine

Yesterday we planned a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. It was to be Shelby, Ryan, Kendall, Shelby's friend, Tori, Shawnee, Gracelyn and I. Unfortunately, in the summer of drought conditions that we have been having, this was the day the drought was to end. It was pouring! A quick check with Channel 4 said that it was going to continue to RAIN! We cancelled the trip to the zoo and the rest of the group was going to go to Pittsburgh Mills to the mall. I was going to save my day off to go to the zoo. As they proceeded to the mall the skies cleared and they called me at work when they were halfway to Pittsburgh and said there was a re-decision and that they were going to the zoo. So many highs and lows. One of the benefits of self-employment, I told them to order a meal for me at the restaurant they were stopping at and I would meet them there. A time line would have been a good thing...or maybe not. Maybe it is a GOOD thing for me that the state police are not getting paid right now and are not writing speeding tickets...another story, another time, Pennsylvania has no budget and no one is getting paid. But back to the whirlwind...I left work, cashed a check, changed my clothes and headed to the point where they were waiting for me about 50 miles away....All that took about 45 minutes and I sat down to a waiting meal and had lunch with my family! We proceeded to the zoo, without my camera, and had a great time! One little shower to wait out and a really enjoyable day. Gracelyn loved the penguins and the polar bears! She seemed like the aquarium was the best place for her. Tori (15) learned the very important skill of how to change your shirt in public and never show an inch of skin, something I thought every mother taught their daughters! She was a big help and such a nice girl to have along.

I have been painting snowmen and sunshine. These are some of the snowmen projects that I have been working on...not completely finished, but well on their way to the For Sale stash in the attic.
Remember this chair? It was a yard sale find from last Saturday.

Now it is painted for Gracelyn's doll.
How many of you have sat in those great Adirondack chairs outside a Margaritaville restaurant? I love them, all the bright colors and so cheery and beachy looking!

Shawnee has an Adirondack chair for Gracelyn that I am going to paint next. Then she and her doll will have ones to match!

I am going to draw the winner of my giveaway tonight. Last minute entries accepted! Read below!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Rug,Yard Sales, 5K, Bike Ride...finally

What a varied weekend that we had! Friday night we rested...we both needed that. I am working on another t-shirt rug, this one to go in my entryway and I have enough t-shirt yarn cut to do a bathroom rug for our bathroom....which would lead into the 5K story of the post. John has lost close to 70 pound since the first of the year. He has really worked hard at it and has been so diligent with it. He has exercised and eaten right and done it the right way. He has had this thought to run the local 5k in his mind for at least 10 years. He started to train for it this spring ( I trained with him for about 1 mile and realized it was not for me) and after having some knee problems did not keep up the training the last month, however, Friday night as I noticed he was loading up on carbs, I kind of figured that he was going to try it. Saturday AM he was up and circling and ready to go. I think he arrived at the site ahead of the organizers of the event. I had big plans to stay at home all day but felt that I should be there to support sippy cup of coffee in hand, sunglasses, purse, jeans and nice shirt so that no one would mistake me for a runner, I found this nice place leaning up against a flag pole to take in the race incognito. I love sunglasses for being able to study people without appearing to be staring, however I was soon drafted into "helping" with the race...they were short handed and needed someone to tear the tags off the runner entry thingie. WELL, I seriously underestimated the sweat factor as people would come through and push their tag toward me. I know now why everyone ran from this job, the first sweaty man that came through with the tag pinned to the front of his shorts and did some sweaty hip gyration in my direction made me realize that perhaps I should have watched this race from somewhere along the course instead of at the end where I could get "drafted" into a job! Live and learn. But back to my dear husband, because after all this was all about him. He finished in a respectable time considering that 6 months ago he probably could not have walked this course and I am very proud of him. I can't tell you how many times he was congratulated throughout the day and evening. He was the star of the day and deserves it for all his hard work!
I yard saled my way home from the race. When did yard sale become a verb? I found these lamps that I will repaint. I know that someone can use them somewhere. I also found a set of little girl's ice skates to paint for 50 cents. Love when I can find the little skates.
Picked up this little doll chair for Gracelyn's dolls. I am painting it right now somewhat like all the Margaritaville chairs. She loves her baby dolls and it is so fun to look for things like this for her. I also found a set of left handed golf clubs for Logan. My dad just cut off and regripped the last ones that I found for him. I may save these until he gets a little bigger to cut them off. What an inexpensive way to get clubs for the kids!
Yesterday, after church we went on a really nice bike ride. Out to dinner with friends and then a nice circle through the countryside above New Bethlehem, on to Widnoon for ice cream and then through Templeton and along the Allegheny River to Kittanning and then back home. That is only the third or fourth time that I have been on my bike this summer and it was really nice to ride. Hope that the rest of the summer allows for more of those, time-wise and weather wise.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eleven Entries in a Giveaway?

C'mon, this could make person have a complex! Every giveaway that I enter has at least 40 thousand people enter it and of course I NEVER win! This giveaway that I am offering has 11 entries...count them ELEVEN!!!!! So I am going to try one more time....These are the items that you can pick from if you win. There are five items....1. The silver pitcher, 2. Teapot, 3. Lunchbox, 4. Train case, 5. Suitcase.

You pick if you are the winner and I will ship it off to you pronto!
Now maybe this was the catching have to WORK for this giveaway, you have to tax your brain and think for just a little bit. Hey, it's not that hard.
I am making growth charts for my grandchildren and need thoughts on what to paint on them for each the previous post, so all you have to do is post one item for each age group....try not to duplicate, but if you do, you will still be entered.
Just post with three items.
1. 1-5 years
2. 6-10 years and
3. 11 and up.
There have to be more than ELEVEN of you out there with ideas.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Giveaway!!!!

Now you might be scrambling to sign up for this one, ready to make your comment BUT...this one has conditions and you have to work for it!

First of all the item to be given away will be one of the items that I have finished in the last week or so...or something that I might be finishing in the next few days or get to pick what you want if you should happen to be the lucky winner! The little train case, the silver pitcher, the snowman teapot, there is even a nice suitcase that I should be finishing in the next day or get to pick! Now for the work part of it, after all it should be somewhat challenging! I am making these cupboard doors into growth charts for my grandchildren. I have to find something else to paint on also because Jenn would like one for the boys, here is where you come in. In the center of these, I would like to start at the bottom and paint a collage type thing of items that would pertain to the kids at the age they are that height...or close but I am drawing a blank for ideas order to be in the drawing for the giveaway, you have to come up with three ideas for me. Now here's the tough have to read the posts and not duplicate any of the ideas! Don't worry not THAT many people ever sign up for my giveaways anyway, it shouldn't be that hard.

And now there are even more guidelines...are you still with me? I promise that it will be a good giveway and worth it!

1. Item from 1 - 5 years old
2. Item from 6-10 years old
3. Item from 11- ? years old. I am sure by this time they will be rolling their eyes and not wanting measured anyway.

I would appreciate any help that you can give me and any promotion that you can give me for ideas.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old painting, New painting, Next painting

Finished this yesterday. It had been sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for inspiration for over two weeks. I think that John was getting tired of cleaning around it (yes, he does clean the kitchen AFTER he cooks, how spoiled am I?) I was going to get silver polish and clean it and then on second thought if I did that it would have to stay cleaned so I painted it as is and sprayed it and it should stay this way. It is going in the For Sale pile because it really does not match in my house. This was the bug box that I painted last year for the boys to catch and capture fireflies. I "found" it again this year and we have not had a chance to use it. Hopefully soon although there do not seem to be as many fireflies this year.

These are the "next" project waiting for inspiration. The two on the left are hopefully going to be growth charts for the little girls, Gracelyn and Kendall and the one on the right is still waiting on some type of thought of what to do with it. It may get a small cupboard built behind it and used for storage in my sewing room unless John is too busy cooking to play carpenter. These needed sanded and I was trying to find the sawhorses until I realized that they were holding up some tool and not available. That is when the picnic table became the sawhorse.

Still trying to figure out how to get the measurements on the doors. I am thinking of gluing a tape measure up the sides of them...suggestions welcome.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Flying paintbrushes

As you might have read in a previous post, my dear husband was a little "grouchy" the other morning and that is being polite. Well, it turns out that he actually did have some kind of bug or flu or something. He spent all day yesterday on the couch and in the recliner with a fever, alternating sweating and freezing and not a very happy camper. We were supposed to have all the kids to our house for a cook-out that I cancelled early in the morning. Trying very hard to keep my distance and not bother him, after church I holed up in my painting room and the paintbrushes were flying. These two ginger items just need some homespun tied on the handles and they will be finished.
The book was an experiment...not sure if I like it.
This is the train case that I bought at Hazen last week. I still have to make a tag for it and tie homespun on the handle and find a little key to hang on it. I love finding these little train cases, they are always so much fun to paint.

I had a close up loaded also, wonder where that went?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Quick and Easy Re-Do

I bought this picture last week at the flea market. Something about the colors that I just could not resist. It was $8.00 and more than I normally pay for something at a flea market because I am normally cheap and would expect to get this for about..let's say one dollar. This was a big purchase for me. It sat right there for a week until this morning when I had to get it done and hung up.
A little paint should do it. As you can see the frame was all chipping and cracked. Not one for the LONG and tedious right way to fix it, I painted it first with Burnt Umber craft acrylic paint.

Then I drybrushed it with first Jo Sonja's Copper and then Rich Gold. These are the best metallic paints I have ever used and I don't think that you can buy them retail any longer, not sure about on-line.

They just make things look so rich and have so much pigment in them.

Here it is, done and hanging in my house.

I think that the colors are perfect! Glad that I didn't pass this one up!