Another Rug,Yard Sales, 5K, Bike Ride...finally

What a varied weekend that we had! Friday night we rested...we both needed that. I am working on another t-shirt rug, this one to go in my entryway and I have enough t-shirt yarn cut to do a bathroom rug for our bathroom....which would lead into the 5K story of the post. John has lost close to 70 pound since the first of the year. He has really worked hard at it and has been so diligent with it. He has exercised and eaten right and done it the right way. He has had this thought to run the local 5k in his mind for at least 10 years. He started to train for it this spring ( I trained with him for about 1 mile and realized it was not for me) and after having some knee problems did not keep up the training the last month, however, Friday night as I noticed he was loading up on carbs, I kind of figured that he was going to try it. Saturday AM he was up and circling and ready to go. I think he arrived at the site ahead of the organizers of the event. I had big plans to stay at home all day but felt that I should be there to support sippy cup of coffee in hand, sunglasses, purse, jeans and nice shirt so that no one would mistake me for a runner, I found this nice place leaning up against a flag pole to take in the race incognito. I love sunglasses for being able to study people without appearing to be staring, however I was soon drafted into "helping" with the race...they were short handed and needed someone to tear the tags off the runner entry thingie. WELL, I seriously underestimated the sweat factor as people would come through and push their tag toward me. I know now why everyone ran from this job, the first sweaty man that came through with the tag pinned to the front of his shorts and did some sweaty hip gyration in my direction made me realize that perhaps I should have watched this race from somewhere along the course instead of at the end where I could get "drafted" into a job! Live and learn. But back to my dear husband, because after all this was all about him. He finished in a respectable time considering that 6 months ago he probably could not have walked this course and I am very proud of him. I can't tell you how many times he was congratulated throughout the day and evening. He was the star of the day and deserves it for all his hard work!
I yard saled my way home from the race. When did yard sale become a verb? I found these lamps that I will repaint. I know that someone can use them somewhere. I also found a set of little girl's ice skates to paint for 50 cents. Love when I can find the little skates.
Picked up this little doll chair for Gracelyn's dolls. I am painting it right now somewhat like all the Margaritaville chairs. She loves her baby dolls and it is so fun to look for things like this for her. I also found a set of left handed golf clubs for Logan. My dad just cut off and regripped the last ones that I found for him. I may save these until he gets a little bigger to cut them off. What an inexpensive way to get clubs for the kids!
Yesterday, after church we went on a really nice bike ride. Out to dinner with friends and then a nice circle through the countryside above New Bethlehem, on to Widnoon for ice cream and then through Templeton and along the Allegheny River to Kittanning and then back home. That is only the third or fourth time that I have been on my bike this summer and it was really nice to ride. Hope that the rest of the summer allows for more of those, time-wise and weather wise.


Holly said…
mmmm.... Widnoon ice cream!

I have to diet! I'm starting today!
Patti said…
I read your post to Mike and he said to say congrats to John on his 5K and the 70 pounds.
Ann said…
Cathy, Congratulations to your DH for his committment to his health and his finish in the 5K. Our DD is a Cross Country runner and I just don't know how people do it, ofcourse she is many years younger! I was laughing reading your description of the hip gyration! I can just picture you in your shades. Can't wait to see the redo's on everything. ~Ann
Wow...good for your hubby...still trying to loose all the baby weight from 3 little ones- ugh... I want to be my skinny self soon!! Thats great for him, I bet he feels sooo much better!
cwa said…
Congratulations to your hubby. Losing that much weight and completing a 5K is pretty impressive. Most of us say we want to lose weight and get in better shape, but never really get around to it.

Please post photos of the lamps after their makeover. I have one just like them, except in red, and am anxious to see what you do with them.
pammyjo said…
Your husband must be thrilled with himself. Way to go. The lil' dolly chair is so cute. Again ... you got me giggling with the race story. :) Have a great week.
Carol K said…
Tell John congratulations from me! Quite an accomplishment....he should be very proud of himself!
lisa said…
WOW 70 pounds is great...Tell him congrats for me..I LOVE the colors of your rug you are making..and I would have never thought of making one out of T-shirts!! Yard sales here I come and your painting is just gorgeous.. Lisa
Kath K said…
tell John congrats!! the 70 lbs and going out for that race.. it's fantastic...he should be so proud of himself for doing this..