Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shouldn't this be getting easier?

These are in the order they happened. 
Garren does not like Kamden, 
hence the gap on the right. 
It's Ok, Kamden doesn't know he is not liked. 
This was also the best picture. 

The photo shoot deteriorated from that point. 
Garren is now glaring at Kamden. 
Kamden is quizzical, 
Wyatt, impatient,
Kendall and Gracelyn, fine. 
Tyler and Logan see the fun in the confrontation. 

Everyone is still kind of OK here,
Wyatt has had enough and Garren is shrinking into Wyatt. 

Everyone on the left is squished. 
Kamden still has lots of room. 

Wyatt is gone,
he has had enough,
the troops are restless. 
Kamden is still happy with life. 

The gap is growing and Tyler is almost over it. 
Kendall is bored. 
Gracelyn, ever the cheerleader
is still good with everything! 

Logan is in pain
Kamden is chillin'.

Kamden decides to join the fun...

Chaos Erupts. 

Time for the Easter Egg Hunt! 

We had our Easter celebration today, what a fun
relaxing day with our family 
the weather co-operated! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thursday Finds.

I saw this tapestry and knew that I had just the right place for it. 

A bit of auction fever bidding and I own it.   

Not my normal style, but it looks nice in that bedroom.

These planters were picked up at Goodwill
senior citizen discount. 

Hey, I am embracing the age! 

Candlesticks that will go to the booth. 
The candles may head to the dumpster
but I have to do that when JWS is not looking. 
For some reason he likes them. 

A couple of small crocks for Shawnee.

And a couple of finished orders to pay for it all! 

The Best Potholder Pattern, EVER!

so in my search for another dishcloth pattern
this morning,
I ran across this potholder pattern.

And, I am really tired of making dishcloths.
And truthfully, 
I don't even like them or use them. 
But some of my family does...
so I persevere. 

If you go to read the pattern and want to jump right 
into making one,
here are the changes that I made to the directions. 
I did not go into the back of each stitch, 
but went into the whole stitch. 
I think that they are heavier that way,
but you do lose that ridged look. 

Also, I used an H crochet hook
Sugar and Cream cotton yarn
Lustre Sheen

And honestly,
I made this in the time that it took
Grape Nuts 
soften in my yogurt! my sister, 
if you are reading this, 
you are not forgotten, 
there is another motif for your bedspread in the pile! 

Now I am off to try to finish the list that I have made for 
myself for today. 

Porches cleaned, 
painting stuff primed, 
desserts made for our family's Easter celebration
maybe a quick shopping trip. 

Hope that everyone enjoys their Saturday! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Three Prayers

Three Prayers
Three very young patients today. 

will be at Children's Hospital today for blood testing 
for jaundice. 
Safe travels

in the words of his brother. 

Well tomorrow morning at around 10:00 my 6 year old brother Laken will be having surgery to remove a lesion from his brain. The surgery should take about six hours to complete. We would greatly appreciate your prayers during this time and ...over the next few days. God is the only one that can truly heal someone, and we are asking him to do just that. Psalms 30:2 says, "O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me." James 5:15 says, "And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the LORD will raise him up." These are two promises from God that I am claiming for Laken over the next few days. Again, we covet your prayers, and we thank everyone that has supported us this far


Zeb is a strong, loved son, boyfriend and friend of many who suffered sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 19 due to wpw syndrome

Continued prayers for all three families! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Carried Away

Ok, sometimes I just get carried away. 
The beadboard was bought last September.
A Thanksgiving project in mind. 
It was set in front of my car in the garage. 
I looked at it every day.
All winter. 
It was time.
A different project. 

In my healthy fear of saws, 
I finally managed to get 
JWS to cut it for me.
I might have just got a little carried away. 
I mean after all, 
I just wanted one set! 
Of Five

Forty four or so signs later, 
I was done. 

The really funny part? 

I am not really fond of birds! 

And this...

Is the one I used to have.   
Firewood now! 

I mean after all, it is fifteen years old! 

I sure hope it doesn't take JWS
another six months to make the stakes! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mini Silky

Silky has been around since birth.
She (I have given her a gender)
goes everywhere with Kendall
she was a mess. 
Everyone has repaired her.
She was looking so bad. 
Kendall agreed to give her up for a night. 
I made her a Mini Silky. 

I was nervous. 
Would she like it?

This is Silky before! 

Now she is a 
Mini Silky
Kendall is Happy!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

You know it is Spring...

...when the golfers come back!

And back they are. 

Look at the form!

Look at that swing...

Cover your head! 
Check your homeowner's policy 
for glass breakage!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Rest of the Day

After the Suwannee Quilt Shop, 
we were directed to 
Newberry, Florida,
where the nice people
directed us to High Springs, Florida,
then on the way home,
all on our own, 
with the help of a little signage
we found....
drum roll, please...
Micanopy, Florida!

I have decided that I have spent way too much time
in my 55 years
visiting the 
EDGES of the state of Florida! 

What a fun day exploring the inside of Florida! 

All the towns were very nice, 
with great shops
friendly people. 
Micanopy, by far had the most shops
looked so historical. 
We ended up there late in the day
and it was Monday
and some of the shops were closed. 

I would love to go back 
and spend the day there

just exploring. 

This was a display of pottery in an artists co-op 
in either Newberry 
High Springs
I am not sure which now. 

Another shot from the center of Micanopy. 

And then,
on the way home
we passed this place! 

Well, I made a U-turn
on a four lane highway
to go and check it out.

What a hoard! 
This was one person's 


The horses of Ocala were pretty cool,
I would have liked to explore them a little more. 
This one was in their awesome library
where I went to print out boarding passes! 

I could really covet a library like that! 
I think it is truly the one thing that I miss the most about
living in a rural community. 

Then, after flight delays for weather
the third worst flight I have ever been on, 

An obnoxious, loud, overbearing, mother
behind us
possibly the smelliest feet EVER,
two small children
who were totally out of the control
of her 
constant loud threats
Feet constantly kicking the back of 
Mom and I's seats 
for 2 hours of 
some of the worst turbulence
I have ever experienced.

I was actually sick at the end of the flight.
(and it takes a lot to make me motion sick) 

Poor Mom, 
she was green. 

Great to be home, 
ready to get back to normal! 

The fun surprise?
I mentioned to JWS
that my sister had a chiming clock and it would be nice 
to get the two that we have 
back and working again. 
Shortly after I got home, 
I heard it! 
Chiming and tick-tocking!  
I love it!  

Suwannee Quilt Shop

Let me start by saying, 
I have been in my share of quilt shops.  
I am sure, not as many as real quilters,
but I would venture to say that 
I have seen more quilt shops
than your average 

This shop was by far

A Soda Shop

A ton of fabric!!

Everything was so artfully arranged! 

Mom loved it also! 

A whole room of Christmas!

A room for fall.

And then, 
Everything else
beautifully arranged! 
Kid's rooms, 
Civil War Prints, 
Food Prints, 
A room to browse books and patterns....
If you are anywhere close...
make sure you visit,
or make the day trip to see it. 

The food was excellent
and there is a lovely tea room 
antique shop next door. 

Trenton, Florida,
a tiny little town, 
not to miss!