Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can anyone relate?...and sit a spell on my porch!

First of all, I hope that someone can relate to this story and I am not the only one that something like this has happened to. Today was my 51st birthday and when I made the gynecologist appointment I thought that it was not a good idea to have to go to the doctor on a birthday. This was my one month check-up from the surgery. I did not expect an internal exam so I was surprised when the nurse told me to undress. Well I had ran home from work and changed and slid into a pair of shoes with no socks...sort of clog like things that I had not had on since last fall. When I took them off in that teeny tiny exam room I suddenly realized that my feet stink....now I have this sheet all neatly and demurely wrapped around my body, perched on the table waiting, thinking that I HAVE to do SOMETHING about my feet because when they hit those stirrups, they are going to render the doctor unconscious. So I leap off the table as fast as I can and wrap that sheet around and tuck it in to make a lovely sarong of it and grab paper towels, wet them and pump them full of hand sanitizer and proceed to wipe my feet off hopping on one foot and then the other while the sarong which is a little too tightly wrapped is causing me to trip...what a sight I must have been but luckily I managed to get my feet unsmelly before the doctor came in....this was right up there with the time that I realized that I had two different socks on at the gynecologist...that was the toddler years, sleep deprived, anything was possible. These are pics of my front porch, that chair in the corner is the most comfortable chair EVER!
One of my junk collections

and my favorite place to nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whirlwind of Activity and Yard Sale Finds

First let me start by saying that I have been blessed with two of the hardest working 70 something year olds for parents that anyone could ever have. It always still amazes me the energy that they have. Sadie the Cleaning Lady aka Cinderella (as Shawnee called her when she was little because she was always on her hands and knees scrubbing a floor of mine) aka Mom has always shown up just when I need her most and launched into one of her cleaning sprees and this time was no exception. They arrived on Thursday night and "helped" me watch the Princess since I am still not allowed to lift her. Shawnee and Brian had a death in the family so we had the Princess to spoil several times over the weekend. Friday morning bright and early we began to clean and Dad started through a task list that ran every tool from a hacksaw to a bandsaw to a scrub brush. Mom and I cleaned. I still cannot lift so I dusted and organized and she ran the steps washing all the bedding and vacuuming. Dad cleaned all my outdoor spaces, John cleaned flower beds and mowed and what a difference a weekend makes. I am forever grateful to them.
This is the shelf that I found at the yard sale a week ago. It has been sitting in my basement and there is no way I was taking a pic of it sitting there with the background of my basement for all the world to see. The entertainment center that was sitting there is now sitting at my curb with a free sign. No takers yet....anyone interested?
And the attic room is finished...well I have a few more things I would like to add but I am calling it finished for now. The bed frame was another yard sale find and I painted it white for in this room, Dad cut down the spindles for me and we just put the finials on top of the posts. Not bad for $10

Thursday starts a weekend that I have been waiting for since the first of the year. I belong to a Yahoo group of painting friends, have for 4 years. It is a small group and in September of 2007, most of us met for the first time face to face in Ottawa. We had the best time, it was as if we had known each other all of our lives. We have been planning another "reunion" since then and Thursday they (all but one) will arrive at my house for the weekend. I cannot wait to see them all again. I know that the weekend is going to fly by in a flash, I want everything to be perfect for them.

Lesley will be staying in the attic room, it has been fun to fix up with her in mind. I hope that it is comfortable for her.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A work in progress

This is for my great neice in Georgia that I have not met yet. I have seen lots of pictures and she looks just like my sister. My Mom and Dad are going to meet her for the first time next month and this will be going along with them. Dad built this rocking horse for her and I have been working on it for the last few mornings before I go to work trying to get it finished. Please pretend that you don't see the mess in the background. I have been trying not to move it any more than I have to at this point. It is not terribly heavy but I am sure that it weighs more than the milk carton that is all that I am supposed to lift.
I have high hopes of finishing it this morning. I have to finish this other side yet and the insides of the legs and rocker...which will require lifting it and moving it.....My Mom and Dad are coming here today and tomorrow to help me get this house cleaned and I need to have it finished so that they can take it home with them. I won't be seeing them again before they leave.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Flowers, The Daily Grind, and Neighbors

Well now that I have been officially sent back to work, kicking and screaming all the way, I find first of all that I did not get near the projects done that I thought that I would during my extremely shortened recovery and second, my job exhausts me! It is the time of the year, I am sure, this is when we start to get really busy and that is good after the winter but there is so much to do that it is just push, push PUSH to get everything done and deadlines. I keep telling myself that we are just making t-shirts here people, this is not NASA but some days it seems like t-shirts are just as important! The Princess is "riding" the World's Smallest Two Wheeler. I found this at the yard sale last week. It is still too big for her, but she liked Mommy pushing her around on it. I think Grammie might milk the recovery a little longer, that looked like a backbreaker pushing that little thing.
Spring flowers popping up everywhere. I love them!

And the continuing saga of the neighbors....just a little background, we have two neighbors to the one side of our house that fight with each other constantly to the point that they take each other to court and are constantly calling the police on one another. One is a single 60ish woman and the other a late 60ish recent widow. Both need a hand every now and then and my dear husband has sort of "helped" them here and there. If he helps Neighbor #1 though, Neighbor #2 HAS to see it and find something for him to do for her also. About a week before my surgery the second one became a widow and she wanted us to find a "home" for her husband's wheelchair and power chair. Of course the irony of this was that he always used our driveway which makes a circle to "exercise" in, making round after round around our driveway in the power chair sometimes aggravating the heck out of me because I was so afraid that we were going to hit him pulling in, AND I would be out working peacefully in my flowers and he would pull up behind me and say something and startle me. Most of the time it was to complain about the other neighbor and I just did not want to get in the middle of it....telling me that she was stealing my tomatoes, then she would say they were harassing her and then he would say this and on and on. I try (have tried) not to be short tempered with the whole thing but it is really a test for me. Not John though, patience of a saint, he LISTENS to them both and helps them and for this I am sure there will be a special jewel in his crown, I give up, just give me a rock. I can't do it.
Enough of the background, the other day Neighbor #1 needs her plastic recycling taken to the trailer for that purpose at the fire hall and she wants John to do it for her. He tells her to bring it to the shop on Mon at 10 and he will go with her and unload it, then he has to leave the shop for something and remembers that and does not want me to have to deal with it so he goes to her house to collect it. She has her house surrounded by a chain link fence and has a security camera scanning the "compound" and he has to wait outside until the camera sees him and then she comes out and opens the gate. This process takes just enough time for Neighbor #2 to see him and dream up some chore for him while he is there so while Neighbor #1 is throwing out five garbage bags of recyclables, Neighbor #2 is screaming (did I mention the sanity issue?) for him to come over there. He collects the bags of plastic loads them in the truck and then has to go to Neighbor #2's house and collect the manual for the power chair that is STILL sitting in my garage waiting for pick-up by some charitable organization. Neighbor #2's house smells so bad that he has to leave there and search for something in his truck that smells good to stuff up his nose to get the smell out of his nose from her house. Of course John makes a big joke of it all and says that it is a good thing that he has been losing weight lately because if anything ever happens to Neighbor #1 inside the fence, he is going to have to pole vault over the fence with the clothesline pole to get to her. I gently remind him that we don't have clothesline poles but we do have a ladder which might be more effective, but the visual of him polevaulting does bring humor!
Anyone else with neighbor stories?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And the winner is..

No fancy dishes..just a plastic container and Laurie at Buttons and Lace is the winner!
Congratulations!!! Please email your address to me and I'll get your package in the mail to you...
Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway. Hope to have another one soon!

Productive Saturday

Finally I had a day that actually felt productive! I started the morning slowly by finishing the second Philip Gulley book, Just Shy of Harmony, loved it also. I can't wait to get back to the library to get more of them. That will be on this week's list since as of Monday I can officially DRIVE! I have been driving around town, but will feel as though I have wings when I can actually leave town! I worked on some surprise projects that I can't post here and then finished this necklace that I had started awhile ago and had lost interest in it. (in the photography process, I realized that my pillows all need washed...on the list for today!)
Finished quilting, grunged it up and framed this piece of quilt for the princess' toy room.

And then when I finally sat down to rest last night I worked on this hat and scarf. I did some tidying in my sewing room and blocked and finished hats and scarves and packed them away. I will be starting my third plastic bin of hats and scarves, the two that I have barely close. I have a couple of schools that said that they need them in the fall and hope to find another local charity that can use them. I have my Dad making the hats also now, who would have thought that I would have this many!
I'll be drawing for the giveaway sometime this afternoon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pic of the giveaway and Framed!

Finally I have a pic of the 10oth post giveaway. I will be drawing for this on Sunday so if you have not signed up yet, make sure that you zip on back to my 100th post and sign up for it! Finally also...I have this framed and ready to hang on my next trip to the attic.

What is this? and Comedy of a 3 year old

Does anyone know? It was full of the knitting needles and crochet hooks in the next picture and I bought everything for $2 at a yard sale yesterday. This is the mystery though. It has a little spout under the handle. I managed to make it to a yard sale yesterday and got some great finds BUT had to have John go back to it and load everything since I am still not allowed to lift anything. Everything is still in the back of the pick-up and I did not want to ask him to get it out last night. He came home from work, fixed supper and then went out and cleaned out flower beds that he knew were bugging me, raked and cleaned out around perennials. What a guy!
Not a great picture of the needles and hooks but it it was a good find for the price. Most will be going to the Dominican and a couple I am keeping. There is a pair of small circulars and I want to try socks on them.

Finished this little girls purse up. I made one for the Princess for Easter and have one more to make yet.
Yesterday, on my second unintended full day at work, my step-daughter (who works for us) brought our three year old grandson to work with her. Now Tyler spent his entire first 18 months at work with us every day and his brother has spent many days there and so has the Princess. Tyler, however has been there the most and he is really good there....and quite entertaining also. John still could not hear at lunch time yesterday (that has since been resolved at a dr's appt) Somehow Tyler realized that Papa was saying "What?" a lot and thought it was funny, or maybe it was the way that his mother and I rolled our eyes every time he did it, but anyway at lunch Tyler is sitting across the table from Papa and he looks at him very serious and then says a completely nonsensible phrase with a perfectly straight face. "abadoticamal" John looks at him and says "What?" and Jenn and I crack up. Now with the floor and he LOVES when he can make people laugh, he does it again, same process...and again and again. We all calm down and he looks at John perfectly serious and comes off with another phrase and John cannot figure what is going on. It was not until we sat down last night that I explained what Tyler was doing to him. Where does a three year old get that wicked sense of humor? I think I know....his Papa would do the exact same thing!!!
Hopefully I can post pics of my finds tonight or tomorrow but in the meantime here is a link to a friend that made it to the same yard sale...It was a great one!
They are to get out more today. I may have to go back!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was going to write....

* About my unintended first full day back at work yesterday,

* About the fact that Dear Hubby as wonderful as he has been through all this NOW has decided to work on fixing the problem with his ears that he has been having for several months. This involves a trip to the pharmacy for ear candles when I am left to mind the shop and organize the Little League orders (the most confusing, last minute orders of the entire year) while he lays on the couch in the office with a burning candle in his ear and then I have to put drops in his ear for him, all of which requires more twitching, jerking, wincing than let's just say for example, A hysterectomy?!?!

* About how Dear Hubby, wonderful as he has been through all this, ( I have to keep telling you that because he has been good to me) broke a glass of ice water and ice on the kitchen floor in his haste to change and get to the gym in various stages of nakedness...AND THEN decided to clean it up with my nearly new Dyson sweeper as I screamed (squeaked) NO! and proceeded to clean up the glass on the kitchen floor

* About how it was Tax day....enough said on that.

* About how a whole day at work totally exhausted me

* About how the phone never quit ringing and I had to endure several stories that I wish that I had not had to endure

But no....

Just one more thing

*About how I had to explain to Dear Hubby, who grew up with the theory of never putting anything in your ear smaller than your elbow, how to use a Q-Tip and how they would not pierce your eardrum. Would they? I don't know, but I am not telling him that.

Instead, I am going to show you the stitchery that I finished two days ago, just have to frame it now. Don't know if you can see the little beads that I used to fill in, but they really added to it.

and the book that I finished two days ago and the next one that I am starting. They are really good reads, Funny and yet with some great lessons to be learned from them. I got these at the library and can't wait to read everything that he has written. The author is a Quaker minister and he wrote the book from that point of view in a small midwestern town. Anyone who lives in a small town and goes to a country church will recognize these people in their own church and community.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An afternoon of surprises!

I had just settled into my recliner for my afternoon recuperation time. (I actually went to work for the morning yesterday) when I heard this awful, nightmarish noise. Now for all of you bird lovers....good for you, I am not a big fan of birds, bats, large fluttery moths, or the worst...the dreaded HUMMINGBIRD! Most people think that is weird and I am sure that it has some deep rooted issue in my childhood, but whatever it is, I strongly dislike the above mentioned members of nature! Please don't think less of me...I have had my moments that I have been sympathetic to these creatures and allowed them to coexist in my environment. Last year I had a mourning dove nest on my porch in a ladder that I have there and I "allowed" her to stay, however any fluttery creature who dares to invade my inside space is sure to meet an untimely demise. Sorry, they crossed the line, if they are outside where they belong, I will be a pacifist and let them live. So now that we have that hang-up in mind..the noise....As I settled into my recliner, shaky and tired, I heard the noise and realized that there was a BIRD in the fireplace not 10 feet from my place of rest. I hobbled to the kitchen, grabbed the phone and called my husband home from work in terrified, hushed tones that the worst had happened and that there was a pteradactyl, eagle, or falcon in the fireplace and then shut myself in the downstairs bathroom with my lunch and proceeded to sit on the floor and eat it. Dear Hubby left work, and came to the rescue. Now work is only about a half mile away but a bird in the house would not matter if he was flying the president on Air Force One...he would have had to come home. When he rescued me from the bathroom he sarcastically mentioned that he was glad that this at least did not affect my appetite and when he mentioned that he allowed the bird to live I questioned the mental process of a man that can kill Bambi, minding his or her own business in his or her own environment and when some wild ferocious animal encroaches our living space, you allow it to live? Anyone with me on this? Probably not.

Well anyway on to the second surprise, hubby left, I settled back in to my recliner for an afternoon of rest and proceeded to drift off when this loud banging happens right at my head. Now with all the trauma and the confusion of a nap interrupted, I am thinking that the bird is back.....when I realized that someone was knocking at the front door, not two feet from my head. I groggily opened the door and there was my mail lady wanting a signature. I am sure she was wondering why I was home in the middle of the day, half asleep and confused. I did not explain the bird but did tell her that I had surgery and was recuperating. To someone like me that is always on the go and busy, it has been like a "get out of jail free" card. I asked her to put the boxes in my living room because I could not (should not) be lifting them. She stacked them and after she left I sort of kicked the one off the top and tried to make it land right side up. It is really amazing how much those core muscles that I no longer have quite intact are used. Anyway I got a knife and opened these up and was AMAZED. My friend, Linda shipped all this yarn to me for the Haitian Ladies. How very generous of her, they came from Quebec so they required a signature and an explanation to the mail lady about where they were going and what for.
The boxes are actually still sitting in my living room and waiting for John to carry them upstairs. Before I make the trip next year I hope to bag yarn in ziploc bags with patterns and hooks and needles for the ladies, but for now I am just filling the closet for them.
I really appreciate all the people that have helped in this undertaking! I am sure that God will bless you for your generosity!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hunting Eggs, Procrastination, and Can a Lollipop bring this much JOY?

Sheer JOY! To be this young and to have something as simple as a lollipop bring this much joy! I think it was the highlight of his day! Sunday morning I woke up with the idea that I SHOULD have made each of the girls a necklace for Easter. Although shopping is not yet on my recovery list, I realized that I COULD have made them something and that is when I also realized that it is not too late. Off to the craft room at 5 in the morning and before I went to church I had three of them made, after church one more and wrapped them in dishcloths for each of the girls.

It was fun to bead again and I think that I will make another to add to the Recovery Giveaway that I am having....make sure that you go and sign up for it. I will be drawing the winner next Sunday.....official jolt into reality day that it is time to get back to the real world. So far...the Recovery Giveaway contains a dishcloth, of course, and a penny rug and a couple of painted pieces and hopefully will contain a lovely piece of jewelry by next week. All you have to do is post a comment on my 100th post to be entered!

An Easter pic of all my "girls" From l to r, Dianna, Shelby,(who will be adding another girl in June) Shawnee, Gracelyn, and Jennifer.
And poor little Logan was exhausted from too many Easter parties and was sound asleep when Jenn and Chris got there last evening. Gracelyn has other plans for him though and appears to be asking for help in getting her "baby" as she calls him, awake.

"If I can just use this sippy cup as a stool, I can get the extra heighth I need to get to him."

And finally on tip-toe she manages to give him a kiss.

Maybe Uncle Ryan and Uncle Travis hid those Easter Eggs a little too well.

Not for this sharp little girl, she was finding them.
"Here Logan, you keep carrying and I'll keep finding, what do you think that I woke you up for?"
"Boy, I wish that I could move as fast as him, but I can barely keep my balance!"

"There's another of those little buggers and no one is watching"

And in the end, the little boy who waited all week to go hunt eggs at Aunt Shelby's only wanted to play on the computer and play baseball.

Everyone had a great time.....so nice to have the whole family together! I am truly blessed to have a blended family that get along and enjoy spending time together. I am also counting my blessings that while so many families are scattered around the country and world, I have mine all within 20 miles of me and for that I am truly thankful!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I finished today.

Finished up these penny rugs today, I have had them cut out for quite awhile and had them in various stages of completion. One of these will be in the giveaway listed below. Don't forget to enter! Just post! Also finished this hat for the donation bin...and a couple of dishcloths.
I was able to visit with my little boys for a short while today and that was so nice....they were even gentle! and didn't ask for piggyback rides or to play Dancing with the Stars. Maybe they were warned!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

100th Post Giveaway.

Well I had hoped to have pics...but you'll have to be patient on that. Today was a little hectic with my abrupt jolt out of complete recovery and recuperation back into the real world. This is my 100th post giveaway. There will be a penny rug, a painted item, and many other surprises. I guarantee satifaction!!!! Just can't guarantee a picture right at the moment. We are going to sort of title it the "Recuperation Giveaway" I will be sharing the items that I have been making throughout this recuperation time that is coming rapidly to a close.

So anyway, here are the rules.....just comment on this post...that's it, that is all that you have to do.

How easy was that? Pic tomorrow...I'll try really!

Monday, April 6, 2009

99th post!

I can't believe that I am at my 99th post already. Watch for tomorrow's post and I'll start a giveaway of some type. I have an idea....we'll have to wait and see how that works. I would like to thank everyone for their comments of support, thoughts and prayers for my recovery. It is so nice to hear from each of you and I really appreciate you keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. I am feeling better every day but it is much slower than I expected that it would be. This really has me feeling every bit of my age....and then some. It has been over 24 hours since I took any pain medication though and for that I am thankful. Tomorrow I go back to the doctor to get the staples out. The car ride could be a mixed blessing though. These are some to the items that I have been working on. They all need blocked, but the iron and ironing board are upstairs so that will have to wait.
Shawnee and the princess visited this AM for a little while and she patiently brought all the items out of my sewing room to hopefully appease the ADD in me right now. Not sure if John is going to be so happy with the living room looking as if the sewing room upchucked on it but ....oh well....he has been very patient and helpful so far. I thought that I would make some scarves out of scraps of yarn that somehow matched...so far so good and they seem to move fast enough that I am not losing interest in them.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recuperation...or how many hours

can you actually spend in a recliner? Most of yesterday afternoon and today have been spent in this recliner...can you tell by the mess that I have accumulated around it...it is like a nest for me. Tomorrow I hope to spend some time here...

and here.