I was going to write....

* About my unintended first full day back at work yesterday,

* About the fact that Dear Hubby as wonderful as he has been through all this NOW has decided to work on fixing the problem with his ears that he has been having for several months. This involves a trip to the pharmacy for ear candles when I am left to mind the shop and organize the Little League orders (the most confusing, last minute orders of the entire year) while he lays on the couch in the office with a burning candle in his ear and then I have to put drops in his ear for him, all of which requires more twitching, jerking, wincing than let's just say for example, A hysterectomy?!?!

* About how Dear Hubby, wonderful as he has been through all this, ( I have to keep telling you that because he has been good to me) broke a glass of ice water and ice on the kitchen floor in his haste to change and get to the gym in various stages of nakedness...AND THEN decided to clean it up with my nearly new Dyson sweeper as I screamed (squeaked) NO! and proceeded to clean up the glass on the kitchen floor

* About how it was Tax day....enough said on that.

* About how a whole day at work totally exhausted me

* About how the phone never quit ringing and I had to endure several stories that I wish that I had not had to endure

But no....

Just one more thing

*About how I had to explain to Dear Hubby, who grew up with the theory of never putting anything in your ear smaller than your elbow, how to use a Q-Tip and how they would not pierce your eardrum. Would they? I don't know, but I am not telling him that.

Instead, I am going to show you the stitchery that I finished two days ago, just have to frame it now. Don't know if you can see the little beads that I used to fill in, but they really added to it.

and the book that I finished two days ago and the next one that I am starting. They are really good reads, Funny and yet with some great lessons to be learned from them. I got these at the library and can't wait to read everything that he has written. The author is a Quaker minister and he wrote the book from that point of view in a small midwestern town. Anyone who lives in a small town and goes to a country church will recognize these people in their own church and community.


Tami said…

Cute post....got to love those men of ours!!
Beautiful stitchery!

Hope you have a better day today!!
ohiofarmgirl said…
I have read that series when I worked at the library... you will love them I am sure. Dianntha
Have you read the At Home in Mitford series? I liked them even more. Dianntha
BurttBunch said…
Do you own a screen printing business? Or do you do embroidery? Your post gave me a chuckle! Have a good day!
Ann said…
Cathy, Your stitchery turned out very nicely. What a great idea to put the beads on it too, an added dimension. ~Ann
Laurie said…
Hi Cathy, I really enjoyed your post! Love the embroidery, so pretty! Felt work is one of my favorite, it made me want to break out the stash again!
Glad you're doing better!
pammyjo said…
Hoping you start having better days. The stitchery is beautiful.
I think you should write a book. Really, you always make me chuckle at the least. :) The weekend is just around the corner. Enjoy!
Suzanne said…
Philip Gulley is one of my favorite writers. I've read everything he's written -- so entertaining and "true life." Your stitchery is beautiful!