Sharpie Markers and Alcohol = Really Quick Art

What a fun, creative process! 

Grab all those sharpies that are hidden in your desk drawer.
Find that bottle of rubbing alcohol.
(Vodka or hand sanitize might work, you can always experiment)
Dig out a canvas, 
or go buy some, 
nothing like having some blank canvases hanging around. 

Draw some wild and crazy lines.
Fast and not a lot of planning work best. 

Hit it all with some alcohol. 

Allow it to move and blend. 

I use a brush for the alcohol, 
You could use a spray bottle or eye dropper, 
I just want a little more control on mine. 

And re-outline with a black sharpie!  

That's it! 
Fast Art! 

I will be teaching this next Friday along with two other 
fun projects in Mayville, New York. 

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Ann said…
This is very cool. I wonder where my sharpies are
Laurie said…
Wow! I really like this Cathy, I need to invest in some sharpies! If I could I would attend your class, it looks like so much fun!
I love this! What a great idea - a nice project to do with the grandkids too when they complain there is 'nothing to do'. Thanks for sharing :)