Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weeks Fly By


I am totally struggling with this blog post.
I have written it twice
and it won't publish.

Maybe the third time is the charm.

Spent a day working on this house
that my sister is on her way to now.
I still have the poison ivy to show for it!

I started this post way over a week ago.
Not sure where my weeks are going !

This dresser is finished and in the shop
and has been rearranged twice.

This little girl is back in Colorado
(I hope)
 great cousin memories!

This landscaping is already growing weeds.
I am seriously fighting the week battle this year!
Paintings are already moved to the new booth
in the shop in Saxonburg.
More on that later.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rhubarb + Softball + Graduation = SUMMER!

JWS baked a rhubarb strawberry pie! 
Is is amazing!

Kendall had a softball game last night! 
What form! 
Garren had kindergarten graduation. 
He looks less than impressed! 
But he did his spoken part perfect! 
All signs of summer coming! 

Thanks to my klutzy friend, 
I have some great painting surfaces! 
She keeps breaking mirrors. 
I have a third one in the garage. 
And these two flea market finds! 
Counted cross stitch and framed 

Another crazy week here, 
just trying to find time to do 
some yard work, 
some laundry
clean those porches! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ohio Picking and Delivering

Wednesday was a delivering day.
More on that later. 
It was a great excuse to go picking
in a different territory. 
I found these awesome paint by numbers
Home Again
Check them out!  
I have not had the heart to put a price on them and sell them. 
I know, it's the hoarder in me. 
But I might never find another set as nice as these! 
and the colors...
I can't bear to part with them. 

Found a couple of coffee pots. 
I think I will paint them! 
 And these little beauties. 
I think I will sell those.  
It will justify keeping the other ones.
And this rug....struggling parting with it also!  
All found at 
Four Seasons Flea Market 
And these?   They are just perfect for my camp kitchen. 
$1 each and they have little chips in them
so there is no push to sell them. 

They are already on the wall. 
 This swan..
all from the
Habitat ReStore

But the BEST find of the day was these lamps. 
$20 for the pair
Four Seasons!  
I just can't BEAR to part with them! 

And the delivery? 
Well, we almost forgot it in the excitement of the day!  
These were delivered to my sister's new house 
that just happens to be padlocked at the moment
I am really not sure 
what the neighbors thought when
we rolled in with bolt cutters
started cutting locks 
breaking in
but I guess when we left furniture 
instead of taking things...
we must have been ok. 

Of course, 
no trip to Ohio 
is perfect
until you have 
Elmton Pizza
Pat Catan's.

All in a girls' road trip! 

Monday, May 8, 2017

No More Happy Meals!

Saturday night and the boys and I headed 
Pittsburgh Mills.  

I wanted them to try zip-lining. 
They were hesitant. 
So we settled on bungee jumping.

on the way, 
since we were running a little late, 
we drove through McDonald's.
Tyler, bordering quickly on 12, has apparently
passed by the whole happy meal thing
two double cheeseburgers and a Diet Coke. 
(Gramma refused to kill his brain cells with a Diet Coke)
Logan is struggling. 

"A 20 piece Chicken Nugget,
No wait... there is a Mario Toy
I want a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal 
10 piece Nuggets" 

So I order. 
The girl wants to know what he wants to drink with that Happy Meal. 
I ask him and he replies,
"I think I'll have a French Vanilla Latte!"

I calmly reply that Lattes are not on the Happy Meal menu.

We finally decide on a Sprite 
and as we drive away
I inform him
that perhaps his days of Happy Meals are over.  

Friday, May 5, 2017

Roosters and Flowers

my favorite!
Flowers from Shelby and kiddos
for my birthday.

Found these
glass pieces in the house.
They were from a chandelier
but will make
fun candle holders.
They are glued and waiting for a place.

Some flowers and plants for the windowsill.
JWS informed me
old ladies
have windowsills that look like this.
Painted some roosters.
Kamden was so excited when he found

"this bird sitting on his nest"

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ahhh, Flowers!

Can't you just smell it?
The warm dirt smell?
The first trip in a greenhouse in the spring?
The possibilities
stretched out before you?

Of course,
I am a realist and
know that
I can't go overboard.
By mid July
I will be struggling
with keeping it all alive.
But they are so pretty!
And unique.

How cool is this one?
And plants and flowers I have not seen before!

In the end,
I didn't go crazy,
but let's be realistic.
It's only early May.

There is time.

This greenhouse is located on Mahoning Road.
Owned by Noah and Lydia Byler.
It is one of my favorites!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Working In, Not On

It was time. 
Time to take a break 
and resume normal life.
Whatever that is!  
I needed to get back to painting things for the shop.
And a friend found me all this and more 
at yard sales on Saturday! 
Look what a difference a few decoration make! 
I know,
I know. 

It is time to take a break, 
but I have a couple bedrooms to "do" 
before late summer. 
Ran across this photo on Pinterest.

Can't wait to get started!