Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recuperation Projects.

Well, this has been way harder than I thought it would be. I guess I didn't plan on how difficult it would actually be for me to lose so much independence! Another thing that I did not realize is the energy and athleticism and grace that it would take to do simple tasks like....go to the bathroom, put on a pair of pants or get a drink of water! Muscles hurt that I never even knew I had!
Mentally, I spent a few days actually feeling sorry for myself and well just generally not being a very nice or fun person. At one point, I actually started contemplating inflicting mortal harm on JWS for several reasons, not the least of which included not flushing the commode or carrying the dirty dish towels to the basement.
I think I am coming around. Coming to grips with the fact that I might not be the most pleasant or obedient patient and owning it has helped a lot.
All that being said, the I Spy quilt is in the frame, the VBS houses are ready, and I have several scarves, a ton of yoyo's , quite a few wool projects and some painting done.
We are not going to discuss what isn't done. I need to just chant that last statement!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Owl Painting Step by Step - Free Painting Pattern and Directions


The picture above is not exactly like the one that we
are painting here.
Just another variation of what you could do with these.
First of all...
Feel free to use this pattern in any way you choose.
You can paint these and sell them. 
You can post them on the internet.
You can pin them to pinterest.
The only request that I make is to not take the
directions as your own and publish them
anywhere else.
Hey people,
it's a free painting pattern!
The least that you could do is just link back here
when you use it!
I love to see that people are using the pattern
and directions!

So, here we go.
This is the line drawing.
As you will see,
I forgot the beak on the large owl.  
It is just an upside down teardrop.

Start by basecoating all the areas in.
Don't worry about the feet or the branch right now
Large Owl
Wings - Midnight Blue
Belly - Hauser Light Green
Head - Light Avocado
Crown - Terra Cotta
Beak - Antique Gold
Eyes on Both - Grey Sky
Small Owl
Belly - Terra Cotta
Wings - Turquoise Blue
Crown/Beak - Green Tea
Simple, so far, right?

Shading and Highlighting
Large Owl
Wings and Tail - Highlight Turquoise Blue
Belly - Shade with Hauser Light Green plus Midnight
Highlight with Green Tea
Head- Highlight with Green Tea
Crown - Highlight with Terra Cotta + Antique Gold
Small Owl
Belly - Shade with Terra Cotta + Chocolate
Highlight with Terra Cotta + Antique Gold
Sides and Wings - Shade with Blue Haze
Highlight with Light Turquoise + White
Crown/Beak - Shade with Hauser Light Green
Highlight with White

Base coat again with Grey Sky to even up the edges.
Shade with Grey Sky + Black
Highlight with White.
I use a round brush for these.

(As a sidenote, these pictures got way out of order.
My camera is clear on the other side of the house,
not a problem, normally, but everything is way harder on
these crutches, so bear with me....
I tried to do this on the Blogger App from my phone.
One of us, the App or me, might have some bugs that
need worked out)

One set of eyes is Terra Cotta,
highlighted with Antique Gold.
The other set is Light Avocado
highlighted with Green Tea.
Add the black centers and a couple of little white
highlights and
they have a personality.

The branch is painted next.
I used a round brush for this also.
Paint with Light Cinnamon,
shade with Black
and highlight here and there
Terra Cotta and Antique Gold.
The beaks and feet are painted with
Antique Gold
Antique Gold and White
and shaded with Terra Cotta.

On some of them,
I sideloaded feathers on the belly area
with the highlight color.

Make a thin mixture of Black and Light Cinnamon
and outline/clean up where areas meet.
This does not need to be a complete, cartoony outline,
just here and there.
Add the leaves,
some linework and you are

I hope that you find these helpful.
I always like to see pictures of what you have done!
If you are on Facebook,
you can follow along at

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camping Weekend

I truly forgot how nice it is to relax.
So relaxed that I forgot to take a picture of EllieJ, the camper, on her maiden voyage!
Oh, I took a few on the way,
there was a slight breakdown. 
More on that later, when I figure out this picture thing.

We camped close to home,
thank goodness,
because there were a few issues on the five mile trip!

But it is such a pretty place,
with no social media
or phone service.
Yet, should there be an emergency,
we were easily found! 

And I rested.

What a great feeling! 
Time to slow down
God's creation!
If you are looking for a great escape campground
large campsites.
This is nearby.
Today was my surgery
it went well.
There was not as much damage as the doctor originally thought.
He is considering shortening the
No Weight Bearing
That's a good thing,
because these crutches
my level of gracefulness
Recipe for Disaster! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid Century Decor

I went on a bus trip
with my mom
Amish Country.
Holmes County, Ohio.
The largest Amish settlement in the country,
and so on. 
I heard a lot of Amish facts.
The bus driver was very informative.
I live in Amish country,
not a big place,
not "fancy" Amish
with phones and bicycles
how to put this delicately....
sometimes I just wonder how much to put out there.
Let's just say that not only are these Ohio Amish people
they are also ...
nice smelling! 
There I said it.
They work in stores and restaurants
white athletic shoes.
No barn or horse or
smells among them.
It must be Saturday night every night there!
quilts and fabric and apple butter
baked goods
well, all that aside...
I found camper decor! 
I actually think I might have got voted the ugliest purchases of the day!

Monday, May 13, 2013

So Many Highs and Lows

Let's see,
or at least I think.
JWS made me buy a gun raffle ticket.
As some of you know,
I have gone on rants about gun raffles before.
I don't like them.
Not the "gun" thing,
I am just not a gambler
I don't consider them near the entertainment that
JWS does.
But, I did my civic duty and bought a ticket.
It supports the fair.
I put enough time in there to more than support the fair,
it was worth the $20 to have JWS not pester me anymore.
I don't need a gun,
don't want a gun,
much less an expensive gun.
and don't hang me up on this one.
I would have just liked a cardinal gun....
but we won't go there.
So far the construction paper hung on the outside of the window is working for the cardinal problem,
so he is allowed to live.
I don't know that I want construction paper on my windows all summer,
maybe he will move on.
To the neighbor's house, perhaps.

On another winning note,
won my giveaway!
I hope to have another one soon.
Now for the lows.
My ankle has been hurting,
quite awhile.
Since November.
That's a long time, I guess.
This morning I got the not-so-fun news.
Off it for two weeks,
On crutches for four,
I was really hoping for a prescription
you know...
Take two and call me in the morning...
three or four weeks.
So now the list.
How much do I need to get done
before next Tuesday.
One week and counting.
That might not be enough time
sew my camper awning,
clean the front porch,
clean the side porch,
weed the flower beds,
stain the deck,
stain the new Adirondack chairs,
mulch the flower beds,
clean the garage,
clean out my car...
well who really cares about the car?
I won't be driving anyway.
Shop for birthday presents.
It makes my head swim. 
Guess I will just concentrate on having enough
good books
on hand.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Itching to get to work

On the awning for my camper! 
The material arrived on Thursday,
but it has been one of those weeks
that I really have not had time to start it.
You know the whole
of time that is needed to really get into a project.
So there it sits.
Well actually this morning it made it out of the living room
to my sewing room.
I so wanted to just order a ready made awning
and the price was not terrible,
but JWS wanted it in place before we went camping next weekend,
no "awning" person
was co-operating with HIS time schedule.
I will keep you posted on that project.
There is something a little intimidating about cutting into that roll of fabric though.
Very intimidating.
See this?
Those of you that are my FB friends have already seen it.
This cardinal is driving me crazy!
He just keeps flying into the window.
Lands on the screen and then flies up at the top window.
Over and over and over again.
Lots of FB suggestions. 
The first was paper,
so I taped huge pieces of construction paper to the window.
He is still there. 
I am going to try all the other suggestions.
All Elusive
Maybe tomorrow.

Doesn't this brave little girl look happy?
She has this huge plantar's wart on her foot.
Wednesday night, when I was watching her,
she banged it off of a piece of furniture
A lot of crying.
She is usually not a crier.
Thursday, I took her to the foot doctor
and he lanced it
she didn't cry,
She was so good
that we went for ice cream after.
I don't think I would have looked this happy after the foot doctor.
Well, really I  know I would not.
You see,
two weeks ago I finally broke down and went to the foot doctor.
The pain finally broke me.
I had sprained my ankle late last fall
and with the events of the winter
I had not been going on my morning walk.
About six weeks ago,
I resumed the morning walking
the pain was bad.
Really bad.
Advil every six hours,
with an occasional
"better" painkiller.
It was time.
He poked and prodded.
He x-rayed, then scheduled an MRI.
Then said,
"We really should boot this."
Apparently, my look of
prompted the next comment.
"But then, I don't think you are going to want that."
So, we did the MRI
I find out the results.
But today, we cook.
Today is the fair's gun raffle.
600 or so people
and we feed them all.
Where did I put those Vicodin?
Why didn't I take the boot?
in the interest of all of you that might like birds...
I guess I should not go into the
redneck idea that went through my head.
Gun Raffle
Annoying Cardinal...
well, I guess I shouldn't go there.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

LInens and Lace

These aprons were a yard sale find.
I finally managed to remember to buy some spray starch
press them all neatly.
Well, as neatly as I press anyway. 
Niagara Spray Starch,
wow, the memories that smell brings back!
My Mom should have bought stock in that company!

they are finally all listed in my Etsy shop
if anyone is interested!
Thanks everyone for stopping by there!

And some lace.
I happen to have a lot of this.
Auctions, flea markets and yard sales. 
I cannot let a box of handwork go by.
I think of how much work has gone into that and it is being sold
Needless to say, I have drawers full of the stuff.
These, I pulled out for my camper.
speaking of that....
wait for it....
My camper was the feature of the week on
I was so excited!
If you go to the website and scroll down to
Feature of the Week.
There I am! 
How cool is that?

and because I have procrastinated long enough here at the computer
need to chain myself back to the sewing machine
until I finish those curtains,
don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!
Scroll down a couple of posts and there it is!
I will be drawing a winner on Sunday!