Itching to get to work

On the awning for my camper! 
The material arrived on Thursday,
but it has been one of those weeks
that I really have not had time to start it.
You know the whole
of time that is needed to really get into a project.
So there it sits.
Well actually this morning it made it out of the living room
to my sewing room.
I so wanted to just order a ready made awning
and the price was not terrible,
but JWS wanted it in place before we went camping next weekend,
no "awning" person
was co-operating with HIS time schedule.
I will keep you posted on that project.
There is something a little intimidating about cutting into that roll of fabric though.
Very intimidating.
See this?
Those of you that are my FB friends have already seen it.
This cardinal is driving me crazy!
He just keeps flying into the window.
Lands on the screen and then flies up at the top window.
Over and over and over again.
Lots of FB suggestions. 
The first was paper,
so I taped huge pieces of construction paper to the window.
He is still there. 
I am going to try all the other suggestions.
All Elusive
Maybe tomorrow.

Doesn't this brave little girl look happy?
She has this huge plantar's wart on her foot.
Wednesday night, when I was watching her,
she banged it off of a piece of furniture
A lot of crying.
She is usually not a crier.
Thursday, I took her to the foot doctor
and he lanced it
she didn't cry,
She was so good
that we went for ice cream after.
I don't think I would have looked this happy after the foot doctor.
Well, really I  know I would not.
You see,
two weeks ago I finally broke down and went to the foot doctor.
The pain finally broke me.
I had sprained my ankle late last fall
and with the events of the winter
I had not been going on my morning walk.
About six weeks ago,
I resumed the morning walking
the pain was bad.
Really bad.
Advil every six hours,
with an occasional
"better" painkiller.
It was time.
He poked and prodded.
He x-rayed, then scheduled an MRI.
Then said,
"We really should boot this."
Apparently, my look of
prompted the next comment.
"But then, I don't think you are going to want that."
So, we did the MRI
I find out the results.
But today, we cook.
Today is the fair's gun raffle.
600 or so people
and we feed them all.
Where did I put those Vicodin?
Why didn't I take the boot?
in the interest of all of you that might like birds...
I guess I should not go into the
redneck idea that went through my head.
Gun Raffle
Annoying Cardinal...
well, I guess I shouldn't go there.


Hope your foot gets better.

Maybe closing the curtains on the window will help. He probably sees his reflection and thinks its another bird.

Happy mother's day.

Danice said…
I have been trying to get a good photo of a cardinal in our yard, but so far unsuccessful. That's a great photo :)