Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Indelicate Subject

OK, folks,
today we are taking a break from the usual
craft/family dribble that I normally
drone on and on about.
We are going to approach
the indelicate subject of...
wait for it....

Bathroom Odors.
How did I get to 54 and not know this?

Recently at work,
we were discussing this indelicate subject.
At the risk
family dissension
we are not going to
mention the individual
prompted this discussion.
is the key here.

I have tried this..
but all it did was make the smell
tinted with
coconut verbena lime
or whatever other smell I might have had.
I have tried
and matches
and even the very expensive
available at fine retailers
gift shops.

My friend and co-worker
their use of shaving cream
to eliminate
bathroom odors.
Simply squirt the shaving cream
in the commode
prior to the "event'
and there will be no smell!

Let me tell you folks,
JWS and I went on a shaving cream spree.
Barbisol is cheap,
Dollar General's version
even cheaper!

And today,
it is on a test basis throughout all the bathrooms
in our house
at work
another bathroom
not to be named,
but the true testing ground.

So far,
we are pleased with the results.

And the unsightly
shaving cream cans
will soon be crafted to match the bathroom decors.
Watch for it!

Did anyone else know this?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Converging of Seasons

Doesn't this look pretty?
Then you see the rest of the table.

The tree is up.
but I found this below in a corner.

And the worst one?

These giant pumpkins in the winter looking snow!

Do your holidays collide? 
Mine always seem to.
I still have snowmen up for Valentine's Day.
Who am I kidding,
sometimes I pack them away
and put out the bunnies.
And in October,
I found eggs
that needed packed away
I could put out the pumpkins.

Thank goodness we drink a lot of coffee.
The boxes are perfect.
Debbie, Jennifer, Laurie
and Sandi
your packages will be mailed today!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue Jean Mania

Well, I cleaned the sewing room.
it was no small task.
The hoarder in me found
no less than
40 pairs of blue jeans.
That's right, folks...
you heard it...
Time for an intervention,

You really aren't a hoarder if you do something with them.
I keep telling everyone around me that.
So, I did.
I cut

and cut some more.
This was the almost gone pile.
And finally
I had them all cut.

Nice circles..

All ready for a blanket.

Anyone need any pockets? 
I have tons and I don't do anything with those.
I would gladly drop those in the mail to anyone that could use them!

I am stepping out of the house.
In my agoraphobic
deer camp state,
I have not stepped off the property
since Thursday.
Oh, how I could be a hermit...
A hermit hoarder,
How I identify with those people!
They say admitting it is the first step!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crafting with the girls

The idea was for them to make some of their Christmas presents.
And it worked...

with some help from Grandma.
First I had to bleach these trees,
because even in my
"let them try it" world,
anyone under 10
is not a good mixture.
Well really,
I have had more than a few bleach disasters
from ten to 54,
but we aren't going there today.
Off to a YouTube video
you can learn anything on YouTube.
That precious woman
in her organized
perfect craft room
dipping one tree at a time
in a vintage glass
holding her
bleach mixture...
Yeah right.
Fill up the sink,
glug, glug some bleach into it,
and toss in the trees.
In true crafter ADD,
I poured myself a cup of coffee,
wiped off the counter
and turned around.....

and they were bleached.
That over-organized crafter
on YouTube was doing a lot of dipping and waiting.
But then, she measured.
A quick rinse,
and let them dry.
Wash the jars

that people so willingly donated.

And the girls arrived.
We dyed them with kool-aid.
Really, I think this was their favorite part.

Next to dumping the glitter in the jars.
(I will be vacuuming that stuff up until Easter at least)
(Did I mention that the Dyson is in the shop AGAIN?)

A little help from Grandma with the glue gun...
and they are done!

An overnight
a couple of movies,
pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast
I think we have a new deer camp tradition!

Ok, I still am planning on having the older boys over to make these also.

Wait for that post,
I am sure it won't be as organized.
I think I will put that off until the Dyson comes home.

One of today's projects is to

make this centerpiece.
Mom brought me some of her vintage ornaments,
I thought that the greenery would bleach like the bottle trees,
but it did not.
Plan B
Not sure what that is...
still formulating that one.

Just had to include this picture of Garren.
He looks so big now that he has a big boy haircut!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ramblings of a Non Deer Camp Widow

This is the view outside my front door this morning.
It certainly brightened my mood!

Sunrise and Sunset,
while we don't have fantastic, uninterrupted views of them,
I am thankful for the views that we have!

.And now on to the ramblings.
Anyone remember this post?

One short year ago.
Well this year ends a long standing tradition.
JWS is staying home for deer camp.
Those of you who know us,
would say
it is only a nine year tradition
that you are alone for deer camp.
True, very true.
But you see,
I began a tradition of being alone
(well except for those child rearing years when you are NEVER alone)
 for deer camp in 1978
in another life.

Thanksgiving over,
a long weekend off work
before the chaos of Christmas starts.
I loved it.
No wait,
I cherished it!

How quickly it was gone!
I heard those words several ago,
"I don't think I am going to deer camp this year."
said JWS calmly.

Inner screaming, terror, disdain, shaking, trembling,
crying out in mourning as my vision of a lovely weekend
slipped away,
the end of an era,
I calmly said,

And so as the
Weekend That Never Was To Be
I am trying to remain positive.

I have my lists,
I have my projects,
I am chanting...
I love my husband,
I love my husband,
I love my husband....

I don't have to bring in firewood!

In an effort to make sense of this sewing room,
that has once again
got ahead of me....
I found the I Spy quilt.
I am determined to finish it this winter
before these kids all grow up and get too big for I Spy.

speaking of that dear JWS.
He brought this home for me the other day.
I am looking for three hot dip recipes to fill it for a party Saturday night.

I had "company" over last weekend.
It was quite the story of bear hunters that never showed up
missionaries that needed a place to stay,
long and way confusing,
through it all
I had an important lesson driven home once again.
God's plans are way better than mine,
I need to let him control the plans
and not me...
I don't think I will ever get it right,
but I keep trying.
This was a gift from Faith,
made by women in a village in
Southeast Asia.
What a great gift! 

And lastly,
I had a giveaway a couple of weeks ago
where the time went since the deadline,
I have no idea.
This morning I did the drawing
Jennifer won!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

It Had to Happen...

Let's just say that there was a lot going on this week.
Normal Christmas rush at work,
Orders to keep straight,
Lots to do...
Was JWS having surgery?
wasn't he?
A party here on Thursday,
Light up Night on Friday,
Two sets of company on Sunday,
Breakfast at the church on Monday,
Wood for the railing that JWS was going to build
Deliveries to be made
always kids
all that being said...
it is little wonder

That is all it was,
we didn't forget the poor woman,
Lord knows, we realize she is there
needs to go.
It was just a series of
and phone calls
went seriously awry.
It was bound to happen.
You do the math.
Three years of dialysis runs
Three days a week
Four Drivers
Four jobs
Three children under the age of seven now.
Two school buses to meet every day
Two new babies in the time period.
That's 156 runs a year,
over 450 in the past three years
All was not lost,
we realized 1/2 hour late
when she was sitting in the car waiting,
that someone messed up.
I flew,
hair messed up,
no make-up,
painting clothes
grabbed a sweatshirt


The teapot above
was a gift from that blessed woman
for my camper....
we still miscommuncated her care! 

I am thinking that we have not heard the end of this.....

Working on these golf club covers for a friend
to give as a gift.
Fun and relaxing.

Not relaxing....
is this little boy who is fast asleep for now.
He is by far the most active of the six.
it is batten down the hatches when he arrives! 
Last night,
every feat of
death defying
climb and leap.
He would stop and say,
"TA DA!"
What a character!

And this....
JWS bought me this nice charger when he bought my Ipod.
I got another when I got my Iphone.
Then I lost this one.
I didn't want to tell him
he thinks I am scattered enough.
(Refer back to the top of this post to see why)
under the ruse of trying to get my home in order
for the holidays,
I started to
cubby holes...
anywhere I could have put it.
Last night, when I went to put Wyatt to bed,
there it was in the spare bedroom
apparently where I left it
at the last

And these...
so glad to have these off of my list.

They are not my favorite surface to paint on.

Finished just in time for a new bear and buck season!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Calling all Knitters!

The weather outside is getting frightful!
Why not warm up some cold

These are literally the fastest hats
to knit.

I can make one in an hour!

they sure put a dent in your stash.
who among you
doesn't need to stash bust?

The pattern is

or here

or look on the sidebar
under tutorials.

Your local women's shelter,
homeless shelter
even your local grade school
could use warm hats,
and why not zip into the local discount store
and buy some mittens to go along with them?

not only will it make someone else
warm and fuzzy,
you might just feel a little
warm and fuzzy yourself!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Pennant Tutorial...Very Easy!

First of all,
I had big plans for yesterday.
I had a list.
A big list.
But first, I wanted to try to make a set of these pennants
for my camper.
And that is where the day went awry.
They were just too much fun!
Seven sets later...
and nothing on the list done...
the least I can do is tell you how to make them.

You will need:
Scraps of material
Backing fabric
Heat and Bond
Double fold wide bias tape
Sewing machine
Scissors or Rotary Cutter.

to start.
If you don't have a rotary cutter and mat,
you will need to make a pattern from cardboard of a pennant.
I cut some 6 inches by 8 inches,
4 inches by 6 inches
4 inches by 5 inches.
Cut a rectangle any of these sizes,
find the middle of the smaller end and draw a line from the upper
corner to that middle line on both sides and cut out.

It is much easier with the rotary cutter.

When you have enough cut,
iron the heat and bond onto the backing fabric.
I used these table napkins for a couple of them,
muslin for some
just cotton fabric for others.

Then peel back the paper from the heat and bond
and fuse the pennants to the backing fabric,
I keep the paper and iron it over the pennants to protect my iron.

Trim the pennants
zig zag stitch them
in the
double fold bias tape leaving
about 6 inches on either end.

Simple and done!

A set for my camper,
a set for Kendall's room,
a set for Gracelyn's room,
a set for my fireplace,

and who knows...

Christmas presents
maybe a set for a giveaway....
keep watching.

And then I had to clean up the mess...
(well, who am I kidding, I didn't clean up the mess)
and head out
high tea
with some friends
that I have not spent time with in so long!

What a nice evening!
Not really sure how I got front and center,
I usually try to avoid that position in photos.