Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Commercial for Dyson

they have not asked me to do this commercial,
and just for the record,
I am not getting paid for the endorsement.
that being said,
I so often complain about things that happen that
I need to give due time to GOOD things that happen.
Let me start by saying that I am certainly qualified to compare sweepers.
I have had almost every brand in my thirty something years of adult vacuuming life.
I have also pretty much annihilated every other brand.
At least 15 or so of them that I can count.
To be fair,
I am not careful with a sweeper.
They are pretty much treated like shop vacs at my house.
Two and one half years ago I bought a Dyson.
The Animal.
I don't have animals, but it was the biggest and the best and the most $$$. 
It had better be good.
I cost more than several of the cars I have driven in my life.  
I was sitting in Best Buy on the floor trying to tear it apart when the sales associate approached asking very nicely what I thought I was doing.
"Oh about five or six sweepers ago, I bought one that required both a Phillips and a regular screwdriver to change the belt and now I check them in the store BEFORE I buy them for ease of belt change."
And he says the magic words,
"The belts don't break on these!"
While I am skeptical, JWS is even more so.
He informs the nice salesman that they haven't experienced me yet.
I keep spare belts on the handle of every sweeper I have ever owned. 
I break them weekly.  
We buy it.
Through returning another item, it turns out to be a cash sale.
(Important fact to the rest of the story)
I never send in the warranty card.
(Another important fact...and a tribute to my disorganization in life.)
Speed ahead to two weeks ago.
I get the sweeper out of the pantry and horror of horrors, the bottom case is cracked!!
I have no idea how it happened.
Of course, JWS makes another of his frequent Rambo comments.
Every time something breaks or I force or push something I hear,
"Hey Rambo, take it easy!'
But really,
Always better on the phone with people,
(nicer, more polite and patient)
JWS calls Best Buy.
Cash sale, they have no record of the sale, they have record of the return of the item that we returned,
but no record of the sale.
JWS calls Dyson.
Serial number in hand, they inform him that the warranty card was not sent in, but somehow they have record of the sweeper being sold and yes, they will fix it.
Take it to your local Sears store with this number and it will be done in a week.
True to their word, last Wednesday I took it to Sears and yesterday I picked it up.
No charge.

What a great company!
What a great sweeper!
I am a Dyson Fan for life!!!!!

I am listing some of these bunnies on my selling blog this morning.
If you are interested, click on the pic on the sidebar.
Shipping should be minimal on these as they are very lightweight.

And don't forget to enter the giveaway over on my sidebar also. 
I am very close to 50 entries and then I will add a second prize to the giveaway.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Friends, Sore Legs and a Spanish Woman in our Bedroom

I bet that you are really wondering about that title.
Well, hang on, you have to hear some other stories first.
The boys were at work,
they were restless,
they wanted to play in the snow.
Always ready to take off work early,
I volunteered of course!
Don't they look cute with their snowmen we built?

And a pic of the three snowmen builders together.

 And one picture of us trying to roll the biggest snowball ever!
Well, at least I was trying to roll the biggest snowball ever.
That is Logan laying on the ground making one of the 35 or so snow angels that he made
and Tyler forming yet another snowball to pound me with.

But before all that...
We went sled riding.
Up and down this huge hill over and over.
Pulling tired little boys UP the hill on the sled. 
The best moment of the day. 
Walking back up the hill, holding my hand, Logan says.
"This time all three kids ride."
I ask who the three kids are?
He responds, 
"Gramma, Tyler and Logan!"
Now I have been going to the gym off and on since the beginning of the year.
Lately more off than on.
When I started,
JWS and his buddy Bill,
both seasoned gym rats,
Hans and Franz
(of SNL, "we are going to pump you up" if you are old enough to remember)
kept showing me how the machines worked.
Let's just say that their targeted areas of exercise were not the same as mine
they had a hard time understanding that
I put is bluntly and told them that they needed work
ABOVE the Belly Button,
I need work
BELOW the Belly Button.
they loaded the weights on the leg pushes,
on the squat machines
on whatever they could find.
Lots of weights and....
Nothing they showed me even made my legs sore.
180 pounds of weight on the leg press and
Sled riding with two little boys on Wednesday.
I sure had sore legs on Thursday...and still do!
Let's see
Gym Membership
Orange Plastic Sled
Time spent to be never forgotten.

And of course,
Some more bunnies.
I tried a larger one,
actually I have an order for a larger one,
this one was for Shelby's birthday.
I just noticed that I forgot the tail.
 And a few more butterflies. 
I found this glittery yarn and had to try a couple with that.
Are you getting tired of these yet?
'cause I am not.
 I finally figured out how to load pics off of my camera to the computer with the cord.
Oh, who am I kidding?
I actually just found the cord!
It might or might not have gotten lost when we went to Hershey and just showed up in the laptop case.
I thought it was gone for good.
This is a pic of Gracelyn from our shopping trip a week ago.
She is such a little diva and is such a great shopper!
 And Kendall was fascinated with the boys snowmen yesterday.
More snow today, so maybe they will get some more friends!
If there is anything good about these end of winter snows,
it is that they are sure good packing snow, 
it warms up enough to not mind being out in it.  
 This picture was also on my camera.
I gave the boys watercolor paints.
How can you make this much mess with WATERCOLORS?
And now...
If you are still with me
still anxiously awaiting to hear about the
Spanish Woman in our Bedroom.

Here it is.
As I was sitting dozing in the recliner at about 10:30 last night,
I mustered up the strength to get up and hobble, yes HOBBLE
to the bedroom.
(Refer back to the sled riding to explain the HOBBLE.)
JWS is engrossed in yet another episode of Swamp Men.
I lay down and start to doze.
And I hear him.
He is coming to bed also. 
Instead of coming in quietly, calmly,
He pounds in,
Laundry basket in hand and with one movement, sets the laundry basket on the bed
and hits the remote to finish watching Swamp Men in the bedroom.
he does his own laundry and he does get Brownie points for that,
he proceeds to put his laundry away
he watches Swamp Men
and while
I wanted to sleep.
He gets through that and lays down in bed and picks up his cell phone,
I doze back off.
I hear.
I wake with a start and he is talking into his phone.
I doze off.
This time I very nicely say (sarcasm)
one eye open,
"What are you doing?"
To which he responds,
"You are going to love this."
Doze off once again, when I am jolted awake to
Miquela the Spanish woman
repeating his phrase in Spanish.
I hate being woke up when I first lay down.
Really hate it.
I tell him, through clenched teeth,
"Turn the phone down!"
And he keeps it up.
Phrase after phrase.

Phrase after phrase.

In our eight years of marriage we have been through a lot.
Four Weddings,
Five babies,
Sick family members,
a Kidney Stone,
a Hysterectomy,

I wonder if the marriage is going to survive SMART PHONES!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Link for the Butterfly Directions

I just found these directions this morning.  I am not sure how I misplace things, but this magically was found this morning.

I used these directions with pearl cotton and a #7 steel crochet hook.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Springtime Butterflies

A little glimpse into how my mind works.
It can be a scary place.
I am sure most of you are the same way,
so you should understand.
Time and Day;
9:30 Saturday morning.
Church Kitchen
Making coffee for Ladies Bible Study

The first pot of coffee does not work. Honestly, I make coffee every day, but something about the coffee pot, the water..whatever, it does not work and it takes FOREVER to make it so while I am waiting for the second pot, I look over and see these crocheted butterflies on the refrigerator.
In the trance of staring and thinking of what all I am going to do with my day later.
Bad Habit,
I know,
I had a sick husband,
I had to get groceries,
meet with a customer,
make some deliveries,
print a shirt for a customer,
do a little cleaning,
other misc. odds and ends,
all before the boys arrived for a sleepover.
back to the butterflies.
Everything goes out of my head and I think....
Wouldn't those be cute crocheted out of pearl cotton,
I haven't crocheted anything in so long,
they would be cute on hair barrettes,
pinned to a pillow
on a flower pot
I need to try some of those,
I have pearl cotton somewhere
and I have a little crochet hook
and oh yeah,
how about some little beads for the body and head,
wonder where I put that gold wire?


The coffee is ready and it is time for Bible Study,
clear out everything else!
 At any rate, it was Sunday until I could try any of these.
Not really sure what I am going to do with them,
but they are fun to make.
Google crocheted butterflies if you want a pattern,
I can't find the pattern that I used.
I can tell you that I used a #7 steel hook.

One more rolling bunny painting.
JWS thinks it is a little weird.
Maybe it is.

I added some items to the giveaway.
Hop on over to the sidebar and click on the link and sign up.
When I get to 50 sign-ups, I am going to add a second prize.
Almost there! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free Rolling Bunny Tutorial/Pattern

 You will need:
Poster board or lightweight cardboard
Freezer or Butcher Paper
Scraps of felted wool
Two buttons
Embroidery floss
Small amount of Wool Roving
Small amount of polyfil
Embroidery needle
Felting needle

Trace this pattern and cut out of lightweight cardboard.

 Trace onto freezer paper, two of body, two of head and one of blanket.
I flipped the head, but that is not necessary if your wool is the same on both sides.
 Iron onto wool with the wax side down, hot setting on iron and no steam.
 Cut out pieces and blanket stitch the blanket onto one piece of the body.
 Beginning at the right side of the blanket start stitching down the top of the back and around the foot area.
 Sew the button on and then stitch up to the middle of the bottom and stuff that side with polyfil.
 Finish stitching around, repeating adding the button to the other side, leave a small opening at the blanket and finish stuffing the other leg and close up the opening.
 Stitch the head and ear starting at the yellow pin and you will finish at the white pin,
you will want to stuff this as you go and indicated in the next three pictures.

 Position the head on the body and blanket stitch it to the front and then not breaking the thread
blanket stitch the back area down also.
 I made french knots for the eyes, but you could also use a small bead for the eyes. 
You can tell in the pictures, but I pulled the thread through to make the eye pull in and knotted it.
 With a small amount of wool roving, felt a small ball into the a little ball for the tail.

 Felt it right onto the bunny for a tail.
You could also stitch a little face on the bunnies.  I did that on some, not on others. 

Please use this pattern as you wish, however don't take the pattern as your own. 
Links to the post are greatly appreciated...and ...
if you make these, please email pictures to me,
I would love to see what you make.

If you don't wish to make them yourself, they will be for sale on my selling blog,
scroll down and enter the giveaway below. 
I will be adding items to the giveaway later today, but for now
I have to go out in this mess of snow and go to work.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rolling Bunnies Giveaway

Wow, I am not even sure where the weekend went or if I got anything accomplished,
but here is is Monday morning again and back to another work week.
I have been on a bunny kick, painting and sewing the little buggers,
and in true bunny fashion...
they are multiplying!

 So I am offering this collection for a giveaway.
The square box and the little round daisy box and
this little wool bunny.
I thought that I was making bowl fillers of these bunnies, but
now I am not sure if they aren't too big for bowl fillers,
guess it depends on the size of your bowl.

Here are the rules to sign up.
(because you have to have rules)

1. You have to sign up on this post only.
2.  You must be a follower of my blog (new followers gladly accepted)
3.  You must be a US or Canadian resident (you know for shipping purposes)

Here is how you get extra entries.
Please let me know what you did and what your total entries are in your post...might as well make this easy on me.

1. Sign up...1 entry.
2. Mention this giveaway and link it on your blog....1 entry
3. Become of follower of my selling blog....1 entry.
4.  If you come and clean my house....(just kidding)

Simple so far?

Now for my part.

1. If I get to 200 followers, (which is only two away) I will add another item to this giveaway.
2. For every 50 sign ups, I'll add another giveaway.

Oh, and a deadline. 
How about March 5th.

Coming soon! 

If I can figure out how to link a pattern to a blog post,
I will add a pattern/tutorial for these bunnies tomorrow.

If someone knows how to do this,
please email me and let me know. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Organic Basil

I'll bet you think that this is going to be some great cooking tips.
This is my organic Basil the Bunny.
Wendy at Ravenwood Whimsies offered this challenge.
She provided the pattern for Basil and you made it your own.
If you are interested,
she may still be taking entries.
 This is how he started.
 And this is where he became ORGANIC.
JWS caught me in the pantry grabbing a bag of rice.
I needed some extra weight in the bottom of the bunny.
Rice...the normal item that I go for.
Patiently, he explained this was ORGANIC brown rice,
not your
run of the mill,
Impatiently, I explained that I wanted to get this finished.
Patiently, he tells me that he will go to the Bent and Dent Amish store today and buy me a huge bag of cheap rice.
Impatiently, I walked right past him and took the expensive, organic rice right up to my sewing room and stuffed Basil with it.
Hey, I don't even like rice, that can be my portion.
 Basil, patiently waiting for his bow and carrot on my sewing table.
 And finally he is done. 
Doesn't he look worth a little "good" rice stuffing?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

An order and some more painting.

First of all,
if you have not been to the
you need to run (or click) right over there.
The link is on my sidebar or
Click on the title above.

I am honored to have my items for sale with this wonderful
group of artisans and artists.
I was so surprised to see my penny rug from my selling blog right up on top there.

Below is a board that I painted for a customer. 
Fun to do and I even had stripes of gold leafing on the edges,
but with limited photography skills,
I missed them in the photo.

 And another lazy susan.
 And some chickens.
And now for the story part of the post.
I guess that I didn't even think of how silly this sounded
until my friend Molly was giggling away at it.

Chickens led me to this story,
Healthy Eating was what led me to tell Molly.
We were having lunch on Sunday with friends,
talking about eating healthy when I casually mentioned,
"We are trading chickens for the fencing that is left over from the house next door."
Barter system.
So much works on the barter system and I love doing that.
I guess that it sounded silly. 
I had another friend stop at the shop last week and ask if we have fencing left over from what we took down on the house next door. 
He needed it for the chickens that he was getting this spring.
"How much did we want for it?"
My answer.
"How about some chickens?"
I made sure that he understood that I did not want LIVE chickens,
that I wanted deceased, cleaned, ready for the freezer, chickens.
Another done deal! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Falling Down

Yesterday was my day with Kendall.
I picked her up and had to stop at our church for something on the way home.
It is in the middle of nowhere.
No cell phone service, no close neighbors.
I had this thought. 
What if I fell on all this ice,
with Kendall,
and no one around? 

I was so careful.
Later in the day...
I left the shop with Kendall in arms and banking and mail
to go the post office and bank.
I fell.
Legs out from under me, smack down on the tailbone,
Kendall cried. 
Wallowing around on the ice,
I checked her.
Scared, not hurt.
Her, that is.
Me, on the other hand.
Instant headache, nauseated and dizzy.
It was a good hit.
JWS, on the phone, in the office, missed it.
I went back to the shop to check my wounds.
He told me about his fall and showed me his elbow.
I might or might not have said something bad to him.
In my dizzy, sick, pained state, I could not be held accountable.

Thankfully, I think a quick trip to the chiropractor might have fixed things. 
I guess I'll know later today when I can or cannot move!

Finished this penny rug last night. 
Love these little instant gratification items!
No chance to get bored with it and throw it down.
 And this one also.
Great for coasters.
 And speaking of coasters.
I found these at the hairdressers a couple of weeks ago.
He was selling them for the personal care home in town.
I was just commenting the other day that I hoped that my grandchildren would soon be old enough to make these.
I think I added...or able to sit still long enough to make them.
I am not holding out a lot of hope for the oldest two.

Dug out some scrapbooking stuff and made these boxes yesterday.
It was fun to play with paper and glue for a change.