Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your Choice Giveaway

That's right, you get to pick.

from any of these purses,

six or so of these eggs
some other goodies also!

This is going to work a little different.

1. Comment on this post for one entry.

2. For every time that you have commented in the last month,
you get another entry.
(Just a little way of helping out those that are here regularly.)

3.If you choose to post about this on your blog,
make sure that you tell me
you get another entry!

That's it.

Drawing Sunday!
April Fool's Day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pics and No Pics

Pics of finished projects.
Lots of eggs.

An afghan done!

Wyatt's handprint on the wall, finally.
Now all we need is Garren's.
These are over the bathtub,
just noticed that Gracelyn's is a little crooked.

Another finished dress.

And you see how blurry these pictures are?
Even with steady shot set on the camera,
this little boy is way too fast.

Finally got him to sit still for a minute.
Maybe he was tired,
I know I was!

And now for the no pics.

Wyatt, taking a huge bite out of a roll of toilet paper while I was running bath water,
then peeing on the floor,
then when I finally got him in the tub and thought,
"Wow, he is corralled, I can sit right here and not have to chase him."
He puked the toilet paper all through the bath water.
So much for that peaceful moment!

And the second no pic.
Everything is done and dry and folded.
Where is my MIL's comforter that she sent with me?
Where is my favorite blanket that my mother made me?
I missed a whole washer!
For long time followers,
you might remember that is not the first time I missed a washer load of clothes.
And that folks is why I am not allowed to take JWS' clothes to the laundromat.
At least this time, I discovered it before I left the laundromat.

And the final no picture.
At least not one that I have,
the neighbors at the shop might have a pic.
Yesterday after work, I decide to clean out my car.
Not just take the huge amount of hoarder junk that is in there out,
but actually clean.
I get out the shop vac.
Not picking up.
I shake out the hose
I clean out the filter,
still not picking up.
I take the top off...
So, I take it over and dump it in the dumpster.
Finish vacuuming.
Clean the upholstery,
Clean the carpet.
Start to put everything away and I realize the attachments are all missing for the shop vac.
See where this is going?
That's right.
They are all in the dumpster.
the dumpster was emptied on Friday.
So it is deep.
Not empty of garbage,
but still deep.
Not clean and fresh,
just deep.
I can't reach them.
I hike myself up on the edge of the dumpster and hang over
head in,
legs out,
butt right at the top
out there for the world.
finally get them out.
Dumpster Diving!

And you ask,
why the sudden urge to clean the car?
Well, even if you didn't,
I am going to tell you.
JWS and I are going to a one-day open house at our shirt supplier
in Virginia.
We are leaving on Thursday
and coming home on Friday.
This is the first time that we have been away together alone
in over two years.
Just peace and quiet!
We'll see how that works out.

And finally,
no pic yet,
but watch for a giveaway

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eggs and Dresses

Finished the eggs this morning.
A little ric-rac,
a little lace,
a little braid,
antique it all with some stamp pad ink,
of course,
a little glitter
and they are done.
Not sure if the pine cones
go with Easter,
but for now
they are there.

I guess I am back on the dress kick.
We are having another sewing night/weekend at our church,
to make these little dresses,
that will then be taken to Haiti
in June.
I thought I better refresh my memory of how to make them.
I could not believe two years had gone by since we had made them.
For directions

I am the DD again today.
Today's project:
Strip all beds completely.
Load all laundry in the mothership.
(that is what we call my MIL's car)
Raid my change stash,
or JWS's change stash.
(which incidentally, Gracelyn found and now calls it her secret agent money
that she loads her pockets with everytime she is here)
Gather the laundry soap
and a book
and after dropping my MIL at dialysis
I will be heading to the laundromat
to wash everything.
Brilliant use of time, if I do say so myself.

Tonight Wyatt arrives for a sleepover at Grandma's house.
So rare that I get him,
I can't wait!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hang on..

There's a lot to tell.
First of all,
yesterday I was the DD.
That is our short term
Dialysis Driver.
Three hours to kill
Kittanning, PA.
That's Ok, if it is once in awhile,
but in the last year,
I thought I had exhausted all the possibilities of entertainment
available there.
Until yesterday.

This is Buttermilk Falls.

I had not been there in years.
As a matter of fact,
I got lost three times trying to find it.
When I did...

I couldn't resist...

But the water was so cold!

Such a pretty place!
I'll probably be back!

I did manage to get a few more purses done.
Packed away for the open house...
But maybe I'll leave one out for a giveaway...

And a towel that I had started months ago.

Yesterday I found these at a local thrift shop.
Less than $5 each.

Promptly painted the frames last night,
and this morning
I hung them over our bed.

See that?
My name!
They actually had my name on them,

I found the Kittanning Free Library,
because I am not a resident,
it was not quite free to me.
But money well spent,
I now have a library card again!

These are the current project,

more on them another day.

That's it!
I am off to work!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to go from Christmas to Easter.. one step.
This is not a tutorial anyone is going to want to follow.
You see, it is spring and I still had these Christmas lights up.
No excuse for it.
The weather has been beautiful.
I guess I was just being lazy.

You see, I sprayed these twigs white
and put them in my planters out front
and strung lights in them
one snowy
December day.
I thought they look cool.
And then
I didn't take them down.
This morning,
I walked out to get rid of them and this is what I found.
They are growing!

Racking my sleep-deprived brain,
I tried to remember where I cut them from.

You see, I have this lilac bush that never blooms.
It gets tons of leaves,
but never a flower.
So I thought,
"Why not sacrifice it for Christmas decorations."
And now..
I have new lilac starts to plant somewhere else!

I could get all philosophical and spiritual about that...
new birth,
new life,
but really,
Who would have thought
spray painted,
dead branches
left cut all winter
would grow?
It has all the makings of a sermon.

And I would try that..
but right now,
I just need
more coffee,
a shower
head to work.

What a nice surprise this morning!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

If all we needed was a desk and computer... did I end up cleaning my sewing room?

it started.
You see, Tuesday we get a new employee at our business.
She needed a desk
So off to Pittsburgh we went.
With a list of other stuff that needed done also.
Construction Junction
Used Store Fixture Warehouse
Downtown Pittsburgh,
to the Oliver Building where
we found the mother load of
office furniture cheap.
That is where one desk turned into three,
and some filing cabinets
and office chairs
No more patched together office furniture.
It all didn't fit..
so we brought nothing home.

back to Pittsburgh for a computer
dialysis machine broke down,
phone calls,
finally clear back home,
then back to Kittanning
to pick up the patient.
Lots of miles.
Too much to explain.

We got the computer.
An afternoon of loading software,
a little more running,
some grilling on the deck.
Then today...
I am preparing to get ready for church.
JWS mentions that he is going for a trailer,
to take to Pittsburgh tomorrow
and while we have it
we should clean out the office.
No church today for m,
Another work day.
we moved desks
and furniture
and then
the Hoosier that had been in my office at work
came to my sewing room
and the cedar chest left my sewing room
for Shawnee's house.
the couch from the office
went to Jenn and Chris'
my old desk went to the embroidery room
Jenn's old desk
went to John's office area,
all the toys are scattered everywhere
the microwave stands and plywood that my printers were on went...
I have no idea where they went.
Rented a rug scrubber,
scrubbed the carpet,
took the rug scrubber back
went home.

All that sounds great until you realize,
that everything that was in the cedar chest
is now on the floor
and the Hoosier is in the hall
in two pieces
and you can't get to any bedrooms.
So that my friends
is how
one desk and one computer
turned into
me cleaning my sewing room.
I am tired!
I am going to have to go back to work tomorrow to get some rest!

Spring has Spring

This bush has never bloomed before this year. 
I planted it about three years ago and finally...

there are flowers!
Tons of them!

And so pretty.

Under the watchful eye of Arnold the cement pig,
the daffodils bloomed this morning.

And apparently,
Arnold was not quite doing his job.
Tyler and Logan,
in their zeal of seeing flowers already,
have smelled and touched the crocuses to death.

All except for the hearty little survivor.
Apparently, they seem to like the purple ones better.
They are quite wilted,
but all for a good cause.

Logan is up to 62 robins as of yesterday.
Grandma Shirley - 29.

Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 15, 2012



Click here for details.

This project is too big to fit into my regular blog.
It is getting it's own!

Check it out at
click on the picture!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To All Those Enablers

My Mother called on Tuesday
and informed me that the trunk of her car was full.
Could I meet her,
she wanted it emptied?
My Mother lives
100 miles away.
after work,
I make my half of the trip
and meet my parents for supper.
An event made so much easier with the time change.
I seriously dislike that trip in the dark.
what is pictured above
is part of what her trunk was full of.
I had to make one little purse,

just to use a bit of the fabric.
So many projects in that pile...
I think that she and her friends are
enabling the hoarder in me.

All these zippers also.

I did finish this scarf in the past few days.

But, I started this.
A baby afghan
for a friend's first grandchild.

Still working on these.
Tomorrow may be the
Bigger Than a Volkswagen
Project Announcement.

And another of these.

Orange Camo this time.

That's it folks!
Lovin' the spring weather!
Lovin' the time change!
Lovin' not having the fireplace mess!
Logan - 37 Robins
Grandma Shirley - 12 Robins
Maybe she should concentrate on robins and not adding to my hoard?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Counting Robins

Those of you that know me,
will be surprised to see bird pictures on my blog.
I am not a huge bird lover.
They really scare me.
Well, to clarify,
not outside,
just inside.
For instance,
I can barely stand to be in Lowe's when they are swooping around.
Every now and then we get one in the shop.
I leave.
When it is gone, I come back.

in the spring,
my Mom counts robins.
Her theory,
when she gets to 100,
spring will be here.
My kids would always count robins with her in the spring.
and now Logan
is counting robins.
Every day,
he calls Grandma Shirley
to tell her how many he has.

He is beating her.
Yesterday's count?
Logan - 27 Robins
Grandma Shirley - 12 Robins

To be fair,
Grandma Shirley lives in the city.
Logan lives in the country
spends a lot of time looking for robins.
I think he is going to win.
He is ready.
I am ready.
I really want to not say these words again,
"Quit swinging that golf club in my office!!!"