If all we needed was a desk and computer...

...how did I end up cleaning my sewing room?

it started.
You see, Tuesday we get a new employee at our business.
She needed a desk
So off to Pittsburgh we went.
With a list of other stuff that needed done also.
Construction Junction
Used Store Fixture Warehouse
Downtown Pittsburgh,
to the Oliver Building where
we found the mother load of
office furniture cheap.
That is where one desk turned into three,
and some filing cabinets
and office chairs
No more patched together office furniture.
It all didn't fit..
so we brought nothing home.

back to Pittsburgh for a computer
dialysis machine broke down,
phone calls,
finally clear back home,
then back to Kittanning
to pick up the patient.
Lots of miles.
Too much to explain.

We got the computer.
An afternoon of loading software,
a little more running,
some grilling on the deck.
Then today...
I am preparing to get ready for church.
JWS mentions that he is going for a trailer,
to take to Pittsburgh tomorrow
and while we have it
we should clean out the office.
No church today for m,
Another work day.
we moved desks
and furniture
and then
the Hoosier that had been in my office at work
came to my sewing room
and the cedar chest left my sewing room
for Shawnee's house.
the couch from the office
went to Jenn and Chris'
my old desk went to the embroidery room
Jenn's old desk
went to John's office area,
all the toys are scattered everywhere
the microwave stands and plywood that my printers were on went...
I have no idea where they went.
Rented a rug scrubber,
scrubbed the carpet,
took the rug scrubber back
went home.

All that sounds great until you realize,
that everything that was in the cedar chest
is now on the floor
and the Hoosier is in the hall
in two pieces
and you can't get to any bedrooms.
So that my friends
is how
one desk and one computer
turned into
me cleaning my sewing room.
I am tired!
I am going to have to go back to work tomorrow to get some rest!


jennifer768 said…
Gee you made me tired just reading this post.Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another and another.Hugs ,Jen
Sheila said…
Don't you just love how one little project or idea turns into 10 others?
Wow, I'm tired from reading about all you accomplished or didn't (smile)this weekend. If you are like me, cleaning and re-organizing my work space just motivates me once it's done!
Go back to work tomorrow and rest~
Lesley said…
Yikes Cathy and JWS, no rest in your part of PA. I hope you at least got to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine or maybe you were too busy to notice.
My JB got out on the bike yesterday, woohoo.
You exhaust me, almost time for bed.
Take care, Les xo
Well I woke up raring to go and then read this and GOT POOPED OUT! lol
Man you pack a lot into a day....oh my - I want that large screen monitor! We were looking at them yesterday.

frontporchprims said…
My gosh. This makes me tierd just reading it. Good job on getting your sewing room clean though. Funny how you have to go to work to get away from the work:)
Hopefully everything finds it's place soon. -Steph-
Wow! I don't know how you do it girl!
Send some of your energy my way!

Made me tired just reading the post.

Robbie said…
The Oliver building! OMG...I can remember going to Kaufman's and Gimble's (spelling??) dept. store with my great aunt (she raised me) and wearing a hat...which always got bumped off because I was so little. And we always took the streetcar and incline downtown! I went to Point Park College, although I think it's now called Three Rivers College! Small world!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Hmmmm...you just gave me every reason in the book to not tackle my "to do" list....who knows what it might turn into??? ;o) Hope everything has found a "home" by now....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
OMG...I need to find a hoosier soon. love yours! I need to come visit you so we can go shopping!!
patti :)