Saturday, April 29, 2017

59 Trips Around The Sun

Sometimes the best days are not epic! 
They are ordinary days. 
Magical, ordinary days.
Days spent doing exactly what you like to do
even if no one else understands! 
I had one of those yesterday. 

Lots of little projects
not allowing myself 
to see 
"what really needs done" 
and letting it spoil the day! 

I spray painted this chandelier. 
Ready to hang today...
more on that in another post. 
Sprayed this mirror and finished cleaning and decorating
the hallway. 

Almost have the kitchen finished. 

Logan visited me to show me his 
hunting attire for 
turkey hunting today.
Dinner napkin valance on the front door.
I scrubbed the front porch
at the camp, 
tidied, spruced, decorated,
and it is ready for Jenn's party tonight,

JWS cooked that awesome meal above
ended my night with that sundae! 

It was a great day! 
On to another year! 

A Thrifty Fix.

Another Pinterest Brainstorm.
There was an opening between the kitchen and the bathroom.
I just scratch my head sometimes
people's reasoning
and remodeling skills. 
It opened right into the bathroom. 
You know, 
like washing the dishes and watching someone on the commode
type of opening. 
Oh, they had a curtain
and a 
Do curtains and mini-blinds
keep out 
I think not. 

So, I find this window in the attic. 

And these gems
Dollar Tree
Dollar General
....and I am sure I have some in my stash...
Some E6000 glue,
and at this point I run out! 
but I should have some in my stash SOMEWHERE! 

And I search...
And I go back to town and get more. 

And last night, we

Since I have no carpentry skills
and JWS doesn't want to admit that he does,
a friend
with carpentry skills

It turns out neither of us have very good measuring skills. 

We have a lot of scrap wood, 
and finally
stepped in and helped. 

Doesn't that look beautiful?  
Cant' wait to put some little flowers in the vases!

Oh and the stones in the stash?  
Yesterday, while digging for some other items, 
I found four bags of them!  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another Day, Another Project

Aren't these apple blossoms pretty?
I love it when they bloom each year! 

One of yesterday's projects was to get this
bench put together in the hallway.  
I love it there but want to change
the pillow covers. 
I have something else in mind. 

Kamden and I did some yard work yesterday. 
This is the best view EVER! 
He couldn't wait until we got done to load
up the tractor
and take it for a ride. 

He convinced me to take the training wheels
off his bike yesterday. 
Wow, did he take off and ride then! 

Then we had an early supper 
at the park 
and he rode some more. 

I am battling 
killer cold right now. 
I could barely walk the circle at the park. 
Hoping today is better! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chairs, Chairs and more Chairs.

Chair painting is progressing well. 
Some might need a few more coats,
But we are getting there,
thanks to some help from friends!