Sunday, June 30, 2019


I have been thinking of how to word this...
Should I even address it? 

Here is the back story. 
Last September I started having health issues.  No doctors could seem to find the problem.  In January, they escalated and I went on a downward spiral of problems.   Actually until I started to feel better these last few weeks, I did not realize how sick I had been.  When you don’t feel well, ant hills become mountains.   My ant hills became Mount Everest.   I made the decision to sell my business and semi retire.   Immediately, I had a buyer and I would be able to keep a booth there and above all, it would be a situation where my vendors would still have  a place to sell.  Many of them have been with me since the start four and a half years ago and I felt an obligation to consider them in my decision. 

I was actually looking forward to having time and freedom from obligations.  No more filling in and cancelling my plans when someone cancelled working, freedom from a community of businesses that for the most part do not work well together (probably one of my most frustrating things) as well as the financial freedom that the sale would have provided.  Last minute invites for day trips with the kids, time spent wandering again with JWS and getting my home in order were all back on the table for me.   Time to rest, regroup, heal and restore. However, it wasn’t to be.  I know that God has a plan and throughout the process, I continually prayed for His will to be done.  

So, what happens now?  It’s been five days of praying, thinking and deciding.  I am making changes.  First of all, Time Works will be closed Sundays starting In July.   We all need a day of rest and a time to come together to worship.   Sadly, I was missing too many Sunday services. From now on, I will be shifting priorities and blocking out negatives.  The frustration with the community in this destination shopping area?  Some wise advice from a group coach, “ Never rely on other businesses to bring customers to you, make your business the destination.”  That is my goal.

  I so appreciate the vendors who have stepped up to give me some time off in July.  Time to recharge and get life in order is much needed at this time and I appreciate them giving up their time to help me in that process!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Recuperation Projects

Getting everything lined up for sitting!   
I will be getting my gall bladder out on Friday and trying to have projects close by!  
Knowing that I am not the best patient, I am hoping that being prepared will help!  

Sunday, September 30, 2018


A Day at Kennywood. 
My one time a year that I get to ride all the fun coasters!

Considering that my Dad was still riding them at 
80 years young, 
I think I might have 
20 years left to ride. 
I sure hope this boy
will still ride with me for all those years!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Straight Hair

this thing befuddles me.
The girls said,
"Mom, get a straight iron."
Not wanting to be labeled
behind the times,
I bit.
I spent $25.88
on this thing.
I brought it home,
plugged it in,
prepared to see a miracle.
Years off my hairstyle.
With the times.
You know,
I don't get it.
If I wanted my hair to look
flat and straight
like it does when
I get out of the shower...
or a rainy day...
or a humid day...
or just out of the pool,
I could have saved
and just dumped a bucket of water over my head.
Straight and flat.
I have never had a problem with that.
And in a brief period
in the 70's
I was completely in style.
Straight and flat.
No need to iron my hair.
Wash and go.
Eighth grade to my Junior year.
I was envied for my hair.
Glory Days.
Now for the flat iron...
they said
"Use it like a curling iron."
I already had a curling iron that I use...
you guessed it,
like a curling iron!
The flat iron is under the sink
in that never land of
and other products I use now to
Honestly, do they know me?
Hello, I am your mother,
the one who had awesome hair,

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Camp Clean Up

Camp is generally a disaster. 
It's my workspace, 
that's all that it was really ever meant to be. 
I was going to rent a storage unit to work in 
store furniture in 
when this house became available.
But, I am thinking it does me good 
to have an event there every now and then. 
Sort of like inviting company to your house
so you will be forced to clean. 
C'mon, you know you have done it.

So, tonight I am hosting my 
Fall Class Preview 
at my camp.
I have cleaned. 

Oh, not cleaned like in 
my mother and sister's 
"eat off the floor" 

This is
"It really is a studio" 

Which in actuality is about how 
clean my house always was prior to 
the wizard woman that now 
cleans my house 
every other week.  

Not sure what my thought process was when I planned this on a day that  
I have to work until five, 
but Jenn to the rescue 
she is making some of my food. 
....maybe it was good planning after all. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Class Samples

Amazing what a few days off work can produce!
My class samples are ready for fall.
One more day off and back to chaos!
But, this is a big one checked off my list.


Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Day at the Fair

Canfield Fair
My home fair.
I don't make it there every year,
but sure like to go as often as possible! 
Gracelyn had never been there, 
she has always been in school
by fair time. 

The view from the ferris wheel. 

The kids like the archery shoot.

And the food offerings are always unique and yummy! 

And then this had us scrambling and running 
for the car! 
But, what a fun day! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rearrange Repeat

At the shop, it seems like that is all I do. 

But it works! 
As soon as I do that, 
I start selling better! 

Check out this spoon carved dresser. 
JWS was amazed it was leaving camp
Furniture in it's natural state
as he called it. 

And, a new booth at the shop! 
So pretty!  

A Summer Evening

Gotta love a boy and a smile and a toad! 
Kids playing outside until long after dark.

Swimming until they are waterlogged.

Scooters and bikes and outside snacks.

And stories between cousins on a raft in the pool. 
These are the days they will remember. 

And so will I! 

Monday, August 27, 2018

DIY Boot Camp

Sometime in the spring I started selling
this amazing paint in the shop.  
DIY paint!  
It had been quite the journey of changing the 
way that I paint furniture
...and a lot of other things also. 
That has led to attending the company's 
Boot Camp. 
So much to learn!  
I can't wait! 

Finished these mini gourds
that I bought from a woman 
at a craft show. 
I still have lots!   

And now trying to paint my way through this mess! 

Have a great Monday! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Watercolor Pencil Tutorial

Watercolor pencils! 
I just love working with them! 
These are the colors I used.

Start with a light circle of green.

Add some color and shape here and there.

Hint at some leaves and ferns.

Then get out the brush and water and wet it all down.
Stay loose and don't worry about any lines
then refer to the top picture and
get out that Sharpie Pen and
line away.
That is great television work! 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

And then....crash!

So, it's Wednesday 
I am going to clean camp. 
Sorry folks, 
no before pics, 
it was THAT bad! 

I put wide tape on my painting table
 to protect it. 
Works great, but a bear to take off and replace.
At least an hour of picking and messing. 
but it was done....
I say this because it was the only thing 
I regretted in the chain of events
that followed that. 
Camp somewhat cleaned,
tape replaced, sitting down to paint, 
JWS walks in with the light that I have 
been asking ok nagging to have put in for a little while
at least a month. 
How exciting! 

We get a chair and he starts. 
I turn my back to clean up some more stuff 

This is what ensued! 
JWS is only minor hurt.
I am struggling holding back laughter. 
all I can think about it how long it took to pull 
that tape off of the table.  
JWS thinks that he can fix that table.  
he doesn't have the same view 
that I have. 
And really, what make a 200+ pound 
man think that he can stand on a 
60 year old table? 

I clean up the mess, 
he finishes the light. 
I do some shifting of tables because 
well you know, 
I just happened to have a few more tables. 

Cover it with tape, 
do some rearranging 
I am back in business. 

Better than ever! 

And my happy place is back!