Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting Ready for the Meeting

JWS gets quite the ideas sometimes. 

Most of the time they include me. 
This is no exception.  

He had a vision! 

Luckily, they are not daily. 

I would be exhausted. 

Apparently, the typical fall decor
that we usually do,
wasn't going to cut it this year. 

So I am cutting and gluing
a lot for ideas. 

This is the start,
there will be a lot more to follow.  
Centerpieces for the big fair meeting! 

Fun projects though!  

And the kitchen...
the before picture was in the last post. 

What a change for the better! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What I Didn't Plan For This Week

Laying tile, 
which I might add that I think I am getting a little old for that work. 
JWS decided to remodel a kitchen at the fairgrounds
the same week 
that I decided to paint over half of my house. 

Let me tell you, that was not in my plans for the week. 

But, I obliged. 

my hands hurt,
my knees hurt, 
my arms hurt.

Not complaining, mind you, 
just stating the facts. 

The other thing that did not factor into this week
was these adorable little preschool children
that I somewhat forgot were arriving to print their own shirts. 

Such cuties.,,,
way better than tiling. 

This is the "before" of the kitchen,
the after will soon follow.   

Anything has to be better than this! 


Monday, October 20, 2014

Good-bye to the Horrible, Terrible Pink Paint

So, the Fall Open House is over,
just over,
like 14 hours over
I have always hated
horrible, terrible pink paint. 
I picked it out,
it was supposed to be a lovely shade of beige
soon 12 years ago
when the addition was built.
I should have repainted it right away.
But, I didn't.
For almost 12 years I have seriously disliked the color of that room.
Why did I wait so long to repaint?
While all my d├ęcor was scattered everywhere,
I decided it was time to paint!
I mean, why put it back just to move it again.
Perfect Timing.

See that pink paint on the right side?

You see, it is a big job.
Starts at the kitchen, through the family room
up the stairs
into my paint room.
And JWS...he hates things tore up.
So, I am painting a section and putting it back.

The things I do to keep that man calm.
The kitchen was finished yesterday
Part of the family room is done...
I ran out of paint.
I am off to the paint store before work today
so I can make more progress tonight!

This was a before
yes, I painted over that hand-painted border.
Am I going to replace it?
I don't think so,
I am liking the clean, uncluttered look!

every inch of pink that disappears!  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Snowman Tutorial - Free Painting Pattern

Before you cringe and run the other direction,
get ready...
there is no pattern. 

C'mon, you can do it, 
it's just circles....

You want to cut a piece of 
Roclon Multipurpose Cloth, 
10 x 18  
I always cut them a little bigger, 
paint over the edges and then trim it last. 

I used a quart paint can for the circles  
Overlap them on the bottom a little.
Trace another line in 1 1/4 inch in  on each side. 

These are the blues that I used 

Sprinkle them on liberally and paint them in. 

Everyone's background will be different. 
Don't overblend.  

Allow that to dry. 

Sand lightly.

Next you will need these colors. 

You can use a stencil for the star or freehand it 
Trace in the circles again
add the noses
let's basecoat 

Now you should have this....
Easy so far, 

Now you will need these colors
shade and highlight everything! 

Follow the pics....
you can do it! 

Don't forget to add the blue on the bottom of the snowmen
that is what really makes the circles

Details in black,
a few highlights, 
get out the scissors and cut away all the excess. 

Add a dowel rod 
some twine 
you are done!   

As always, I love to see what you have done. 

Email me at
if you have pics...
or questions! 

Paint away 
if you are lucky enough, 
sell away. 

No restrictions
other than
please don't republish 
these directions as your own....
that really would not be fair, 
now would it?