Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Snowman Tutorial - Free Painting Pattern

Before you cringe and run the other direction,
get ready...
there is no pattern. 

C'mon, you can do it, 
it's just circles....

You want to cut a piece of 
Roclon Multipurpose Cloth, 
10 x 18  
I always cut them a little bigger, 
paint over the edges and then trim it last. 

I used a quart paint can for the circles  
Overlap them on the bottom a little.
Trace another line in 1 1/4 inch in  on each side. 

These are the blues that I used 

Sprinkle them on liberally and paint them in. 

Everyone's background will be different. 
Don't overblend.  

Allow that to dry. 

Sand lightly.

Next you will need these colors. 

You can use a stencil for the star or freehand it 
Trace in the circles again
add the noses
let's basecoat 

Now you should have this....
Easy so far, 

Now you will need these colors
shade and highlight everything! 

Follow the pics....
you can do it! 

Don't forget to add the blue on the bottom of the snowmen
that is what really makes the circles

Details in black,
a few highlights, 
get out the scissors and cut away all the excess. 

Add a dowel rod 
some twine 
you are done!   

As always, I love to see what you have done. 

Email me at 
if you have pics...
or questions! 

Paint away 
if you are lucky enough, 
sell away. 

No restrictions
other than
please don't republish 
these directions as your own....
that really would not be fair, 
now would it?

Half Finished

That is what I am choosing to call all this stuff. 

sounds so 
"glass half empty"

The quilt was started last weekend
Ladies Sewing Retreat. 

What fun! 

The afghan is for 
Shelby's class' 
Linus Project. 

Not needed until January-ish.

Tons of doodles....in progress. 

And this.
The little quilt and pillow is finished. 

Now to paint the cradle. 

Cramming for the open house now! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Junk Collages and Jewelry Hangers

Just putting together junk
making some of it into jewelry hangers.

And having fun collecting 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Art Retreat at The Lake

What a fun event! 

Two full days of painting and creating
a little cooking! 
It was the first year for what is sure
to become
a yearly event!

Hammered wire earrings.
The beautiful scenery of Lake Chautaqua.
Gelli plate printing!

Of course, it will become another addiction.
Some fun with sharpies and paper.
And honestly,
these people even allowed me in their kitchen.

Take that, JWS!

Beautiful weather!

Lots of messy creativity!
Best of All...
New friends made along the way! 

And now for me, 
back to painting and getting ready for the open house. 

But first, 
company again this weekend! 

Mom and friends are coming for a 
Sewing Retreat
the unofficial
Strate B & B.

I can't wait! 
We have been trying to plan this for several years 
something always happens,
Four days away 
and it looks like a go this year!  

For more information on the ART RETREAT, 
go to,