Thursday, November 10, 2016

Coffee, Paint, Yarn and Pizza.


The boys have been playing this game called 
Would You Rather. 
Some of the questions are completely ridiculous.
Some are thought provoking. 
Some even stir conversations with the boys about their choices. 

Here are mine. 
Hot black caffeine-laden coffee is essential to me in the morning. 
So I wake up and find out I can only have coffee with cream or decaffeinated coffee.
Would I rather have coffee with cream or decaf?
Or am I going to quit drinking coffee?

I enjoy painting.   
It is relaxing and fills my creating need.
I like certain paints. 
I have health issues with oil paints and can't stand to use cheap acrylics.
Would I rather risk my health or use junk?
Or I am going to quit painting?

Not a yarn snob, but an allergy to wool has me very careful of the choices of yarn that I make.
Cheap yarn just doesn't do it for me. 
Would you rather have hives or splitting scratchy yarn?
Or do I quit crocheting?

Pizza is one of my favorite treats.
I have one super favorite pizza! 
And really, it is rare that I find a bad pizza...
Would I rather never have my favorite pizza ever again and have pizza every day....?
The thought boggles my mind.  
An impossible choice, but never eating pizza again? 

And so the choices we all made this week.   
The "would you rathers"
Impossible choices to make.
Choices that divided friends and families. 
We made the choice. 
Whether you agree with your friend's, family's or co-worker's choices or not,
they were theirs to make.

Be thankful for the choice.
Continue to vote.
Continue to be kind.
Continue to love your family.
Continue to be a good citizen.
and most of all...
Continue to pray for our country and our leaders. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


What a struggle!
I know that there are meds for it! 
Maybe I need some! 

Sometimes life just piles up
Literally and figuratively.
And mine has,

First the microwave went. 
Not the counter top kind, 
the range hood 
way overpriced microwave. 
That's ok, 
old school, 
we have a stove. 
Then my car broke down. 
it was time to buy another one...
but I still have the van. 
Then the dishwasher went. 
Still have a sink.
JWS hit a horse with his truck. 
(you would be amazed at how many people inquired
about the horse's well being 
prior to JWS' health)
In this order:
John is fine.
The horse is dead. 
The truck is not good.  
John was the priority here, 
he is fine.
Everything else is replaceable. 
Including the horse. 
Sorry folks if that sounds crass. 
The horse was not a pet. 
It was an Amish buggy horse...
not attached to the buggy at the time of it's demise, 
thank goodness. 

Now, to the focus issues. 
I am struggling. 
140 pounds of beef are slow cooking as we speak. 
This morning I tried to 
work on a project. 
Clothespin bags. 
Which led to digging through a bin of linens 
looking for the hangers that I know that I have 
somewhere for the clothespin bags.

So, now I have a pile of linens to be donated,
a pile to be thrown away,
a bin to be used for another project, 
a pile for clothespin bags. 
and a pile of aprons that need pressed. 

And did anything get finished?
I painted this chair. 
I love this paint! 

And I finished the baby afghan that needed done for the 
shower on Saturday. 

See what I mean? 
Oh yeah, 
I have meat cooking at the fairgrounds. 


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just Another Day at Work

It started this way, 
Monday morning
customers waiting for me when I got to the shop.
I really was not late. 
They want a table and chairs. 

I find a table that they are looking for
in a vendor's booth, 
covered with stuff. 
I unload it
which starts a chain 
that included,,,

Moving a cupboard,
moving another table,
moving the cupboard again,
moving a dresser off the porch and inside,
emptying another table and 
rearrange everything. 

I LOVE this job!  
Love building displays,
love putting things together,
love helping customers find treasures, 
love to hear the memories! 
I think I have found my fun place! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Night at the Auction

and wow did I score some goodies!

Lots of goodies!

All these vintage quilt blocks,

and a few finished quilts, 
some more 
vintage than others.

And now the question? 
Sell them as is
turn them into finished tops? 

Any thoughts?

Also, buried in the box were some 
awesome souvenir

And I found this little beauty of a lamp. 
My mom had a gray set like this....
My sister got those somehow....

And this double knit fabric
in the colors I need for a new rug at my side door. 
Just in time, 
the one there now is pretty embarrassing!