Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sewing Baskets

Sewing baskets are one of my favorite items to find at yard sales.
They are usually inexpensive
fun for me to go through and sort out.
In the process of cleaning out my
mother in law's house,
four of them were handed to me.
Last night,
I sorted.

A fun vintage needle folder,
love these!

Could needles be packaged
any more
I have a few of these now...
just trying to think of a way to display them.
More on that later....
I think I have an idea!
Hope that everyone has a great Saturday.
we will try to stay dry!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Auction finds

These Thursday night auctions
to be
Way Too Fun! 
Oh, the treasures I am finding!
(Oh, the hoard I am starting adding to)
How could you not buy this little beauty?
What is it?
A lovely serving dish!
Now, really, doesn't everyone NEED one of these in their home?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guessing Game

Remember playing those games
that they showed you the tray for minutes
and you had to remember what was on it?
I bought a Styrofoam cooler
full of all this stuff
at the auction the other night.
just gets the best of me.
Don't worry,
the price was not high
there are possibilities there
believe it or not.
Anyone else see any treasures?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Diaper Gardening

Check out these baskets! 
These have been on my deck for around ten years.
every plant imaginable,
has been tried in them.
Total failure!
Nothing would grow!
The water would run out over the top,
through the bottom,
they just could not hold water.
So frustrating!
Then I saw it!
(can't remember where)
A diaper in the bottom of the pot,
under the dirt.
They are growing like crazy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rock Collecting

you think that you are just looking
rocks for the garden...

and what do you get?
A perfect photo opp!

of course...
Rocks for the Garden.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Florida Family Fun

Mom and I had tickets to Florida
long before I knew I had to have surgery.
I almost cancelled them
the threat of flying with a cast.
Blood Clots, Swelling....
How miserable would I be?
How much could I walk?
what to do?
In the end,
the doctor had me take an aspirin every day for the
two weeks before I left.
And we went.
Last weekend.
And while there were a few minor issues,
we had fun! 
So nice to have a great visit with family
spend some time with Mom.
Pictured above
from left to right.
My brother in law, Ron,
Sister, Jan
My niece, Amber,
My new nephew, Larry.

I even got a painting project in!
Amber wanted her mailbox to look like an old saddlebag.
You can see it in the top picture also. 
It was a fun project!

It did rain a lot while we were there.
Florida's wet sunshine.
We did get some regular sunshine also!

How about this garden edging? 
Amber and Larry insist that the neighbor drank all the beer.

Amber locking up the house.
Isn't this just the cutest house?
I love the yellow door!

One of the many junk/antique shops that we explored!

A china store for Mom.

Some pretty cool pottery yard art.

And Leroy, my favorite store proprietor!
He was so nice and I found
two coffeepots
a whole set of wooden bowls
he gave me the "blessed" price
as he called it.
$10 total!
He told me that he didn't want his picture on the Internet
that he was in the
Witness Protection Program
I am sure he was kidding?

We have a joke about wearing
couch camouflage.
My Mom's couch is brown and blue striped and one day
my SIL, Brian had on a shirt that matched it.
One morning, I laid my clothes on the bed to get ready
Bed Camouflage!
And last, but not the least of the stories...
There is no picture to accompany this story.
You will understand.
The first morning of our visit.
I stand and look at the tub and shower.
I don't have a garbage bag and duct tape to cover the cast
I am not sure if I can get over the edge of the tub anyway.
So, I think.
I need to wash my hair.
If I can get in that tub,
lay down with my head under the faucet,
cast over the side of the tub...
That's it! 
I can do that.
So, as my leg is still pretty sore at the point,
I lower myself into the tub,
lay down and proceed to suds up.
One thing that I didn't factor into this equation
was the tub is sloped downhill
slippery and wet,
I keep sliding downhill
which puts my FACE
under the faucet and not my hair,
causing drowning worries.
The OTHER factor
that I didn't take into account
was how slippery I would be
trying to get back out of the tub
with one leg out over,
of no use for much weight
the balance of the weight
slipping and sliding
that I am going to have to call someone
to get my
55 year old
body out of this
It could have burned someone's retinas.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Old McDivitt's Farm

Saturday morning found us at the farm.
Not sure how my friends are going to take the "old" part.
It just sounded good!
Gracelyn, Garren and Kendall loved it!
Kamden was there too and I didn't get a picture of him.
Oh my, but keeping up with a two year old
in wide open spaces
considering that I still have a cast on...
well let's just say
pictures were snapped fast
I missed a pic of Kamden!
The chickens were a hit.

How excited is Garren at those lambs?

I am not sure if Kendall was more taken with
Cliffy, the calf
or the littlest farmer baby, Quin.

Gracelyn was all about the calf.

Garren has no fear of anything.
But the hit of the day?

The corn crib!
Sure wish I would have had one of these all weekend!
The kids were fascinated by playing in the corn. 

They did not want to leave.
Who knew a bunch of corn could entertain them that long?
They would not even pose for pictures.
For years, I have thought that summer began around here when Bible School was over.
Considering that I didn't even help with it all week this year,
it still feels that way.
everything seems as though it is slowing down.
I must say,
that the two weeks that I was off this foot completely
were so much harder than I thought they would be.
JWS likened me to Linda Blair
in the Exorcist
while I never saw that movie,
I "got"
the picture he was trying to portray.
I knew that it was not that bad,
that I was being totally unreasonable,
I kept telling myself that...
but it was hard to shake.
So now,
on to summer projects.
I have a list...of course.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good Things, Bad Things

My peonies are in full bloom!
Good Thing!
The rain has them all beat to the ground.
Bad Thing!
I can still bring them in and put them in vases.
Good Thing!
They bring ants in the house like crazy!
Bad Thing, but worth it!

A new coffee cup that my Mom and Dad bought for me!
Good Thing!

We came home from work last night to find water dripping from our family room ceiling.
Bad Thing!
JWS quickly had it fixed!
it was a good excuse to clean under the vanity.
Double Good Thing!

Surprise delivery!
A sample box of goodies from Decoart! 
Lots of Good Things! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Snowmen Tags and Magnets

Where does it go?
I decided it was time to update my blog
I found these pictures all ready
waiting for directions.
So here goes.
I know that they are a little unseasonal
they were on the top of my painting pile
waiting to be finished.

With sealer/white glue/modge podge
adhere the paper to the tags.
I have used an old hymnal,
scrapbook paper will work as well.
Don't have an old hymnal?
If you send me your mailing address,
I will send pages to you.
How easy is that? 

When they are dry,
sand them and antique them with some
dark chocolate acrylic paint thinned down. 
I use water, faster drying time and they are small.
Anything much bigger than these tags, I use extender in my paint for antiquing.

With Light Cinnamon,
paint in three circles.
C'mon, did you think I was going to give you a pattern for this?
Don't forget a little base for them to stand on.

These are the colors I used for the snowmen.
You will also need an orange, black and a scarf color.
Don't these colors just make you hungry?
(Well maybe not the buttermilk, unless it is in Texas sheet cake.)

I am using a round brush for all of the snowman
and a liner for the arms and scarf.
Highlight the right side of the snowman and the base with Cocoa.

It always is easier to do 12 or more at a time! 

Highlight again with Buttermilk.
If you look close you will see that they are somewhat transparent.
I don't really worry too much about that.

Another highlight with white, 
A nose, eyes and mouth.
Some arms and a scarf
you are good to go.
How fast was that?

update on my trip to Florida
continuing recuperation.