Guessing Game

Remember playing those games
that they showed you the tray for minutes
and you had to remember what was on it?
I bought a Styrofoam cooler
full of all this stuff
at the auction the other night.
just gets the best of me.
Don't worry,
the price was not high
there are possibilities there
believe it or not.
Anyone else see any treasures?


Denise said…
I see a few things I can name but the best thing I see is the wooden spool of thread!
Holly said…
That's really neat! Would be lots of fun just to ramble through it all and see what ya got!
Ann said…
oh I bet you will find lots of uses for that stuff. Let the creativity begin :)
BumbleBeeLane said…
I spy lots of make do's! The little rusty shovel is cute too. Warm Blessings! Amy
Can't wait to see what you have in mind for them. I did see a wooden masher...great painting there!!!

Karen said…
I don't know what I'd do with some of it but I certainly see some wonderful vintage items.
Sort them out and show us just what you got there...I'd love to see it all - and what you are going to do with some of it.
Hmmmmmm some interesting things there.