Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finds of the Day

Today was the day to
deliver the Linus Project Blankets
Shelby's class made
add a little more stock to the shelves
Diamond Antiques
a visit to
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.
A few surprises along the way!
The first,
a ride along friend which made the day much more fun!
white out conditions that were a little scary.
So, what did I find?
The samples above
which I think would look cool strung
and hung in the yard somewhere. 

A few more laminate samples
in some different sizes.

Some blanks for my dad and his carving friends.

Some letters to add to the collection.

Cute little clothespins.

Game pieces.

Seashells and gems for VBS decorating.

Leather samples for collages.

And about 20 of these! 
These were at Construction Junction
15 cents each.
They will be part of a room remodel soon!
Bet you can't wait for that one!

And last of all,
You might remember this:
Well, why I didn't keep all those fish,
I really don't know.
People wanted them and could use them.
So, once again, the VBS theme calls for fish.
The fish farm is about to re-open!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You Might Be A Hoarder....

...if you can make favors for a shower
out of items in your house and not have to buy anything.
while you might think,
"Yes, that is a hoarder."
You can add to it,
this is the third shower that I have done
that in the past two years.
Around 120 favors
everything right in the house.
But really,
you are not a hoarder if you can part with it,

And the Curtains!

Way back here
I promised no more pics
until the curtains.
Well, they are here! 
I knew that they were shipped,
I kept pestering the UPS man
(as if he has any power)
and yesterday
he manages to bring in all the packages
for the shop
and tells me that once again
my package is not here.
Lower lip out,
shoulders down,
I walk away.
he brings them in!
I must say,
I was excited!
My sister made them for me and shipped them from Florida.
She does an awesome job on curtains!
Piping and little weights,
they are so nice!

But then I realized...
I had no café rods!
So before they could even be hung
I had to run to town
to get rods! 

I think that they are just the perfect
finishing touch!

Now if I could just find those last three baskets
that I need for the closet shelf....
but they are being quite elusive,
the room would be finished!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is Waiting to be Painted?


But I just can't seem to pick up those brushes!
Hopefully the warmer weather this week
puts me in a better state of mind!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Auction Treasures

Some just take a little cleaning


Some require a little repair work

some remaking

because they are not

But it's fun to go through and see what you can do 
with them.

A box of old linens is like a treasure chest for me! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spring Tag Free Tutorial

These are about the easiest
least expensive
I am really not sure I NEED this many
of these
once I got going,
I could not quit!
So you will need:
Laminate samples
Xacto knife
White Glue
Sanding block
Antiquing or paint or ink pad
Leftover ribbon scraps
Now, first of all, I am not going to condone
stealing laminate samples from
your local
Lowes or Home Depot,
but hey,
you just might want to change out that countertop someday
some samples would be helpful!
Mine, however came from
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
$5 for a huge bag of them.
If you have never been there, it is worth the trip.
I always find something to bring home!
Not that I haven't needed samples just in case
I want to change my countertop..
in the past.
And the print on the paper?
I found it at:
There are tons of ideas there,
I have it bookmarked to shop more!

I did have to adjust it in size
do a little graphic work on it to make them fit.
For the techies out there,
I downloaded it to my computer.
I imported it into Corel Draw,
duplicated it
and then cropped each item on a separate duplicate.
Measured my laminate samples and made a grid
then pulled each tag out to fit the grid.
Then printed. 

And honestly,
all these and more
And I did not fill the bulk bag!
I could have had double that,
but felt greedy taking that many! 

Spread white glue on the laminate
and slide the paper into place.
Push down well to remove bubbles.

And let dry.
After they are dry,
sand off any edges
poke the holes and trim them with an xacto knife

Then antique and add the ribbons!
I used a sideloaded brush of Black and Light Cinnamon
painted the backs also.
Some of the backs had writing on them.
If yours don't, there is no need to paint the backs.
I have used a distress ink pad on things like this before also
and that works really slick.
These could be used as gift tags or ornaments.
The paper is flat and not varnished
so they would be easy to write on!
Hope you enjoy this!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Redneck Girls

Look at them,
all cute
And then you hear their conversation.
But first the background.
Gracelyn's Mom,
Shawnee, watches Kamden every day,
Tuesday and Thursday.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
I keep Kendall.
I drive to Shawnee's house
and pick her up and
put Gracelyn on the school bus
those days.
Shelby usually drops the kids off about 15 minutes before
I get there.
Friday morning
when I pull in
I see red drips in the snow
a big puddle of red.
I immediately think transmission fluid.
I call Shelby and tell her that I think her vehicle is leaking something.
I go in the house and get the girls.
The girls come out to the car
stop dead in their tracks
looking down.
I am not sure which one commented first.
They are four and five.
It was cold.
I just wanted them to get in the car!
"Someone shot a deer right here!"
"Who shot a deer right in the driveway?"
"Did my Daddy shoot a deer right here?"
"Look the deer went down the driveway!"
Girls, that is not deer blood,
Kendall your mom's car is leaking.
"Is my mom's car leaking blood?"
"I think someone shot a deer."
"But why is there deer blood in the driveway?"
"I still think that someone shot a deer."
Only in Rural America!

Friday, February 7, 2014

And Now to Find More Stuff!

family commitments,
I took the day off work
went to set up my booth!
The people at
Diamond Antiques and Gifts
could not have been nicer!
So helpful
It's going to be a fun journey!
Now off to find more stuff!  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Quilting Weekend

I picked out the pattern
over a year ago.
I think that Mom has fretted over it since then.
A year of finding the fabrics,
all batiks,
coming from
quite a few states
Finally this weekend,
we started.
re cutting,
some sewing.
It all took me back to high school
geometry class
Mr. Simerlink.
I am really not sure he ever liked me,
but I sure would have made him proud this weekend.
I used every bit of geometry that I remember.
(which is not much considering it was 40 years ago!)

This is what my dining room looked like for much of the weekend.

And it even spilled out onto the kitchen floor at one point!

Mom brought in Kamden's quilt that she had finished.
This one looks a lot easier!

Some time out for
Gracelyn Cheering,
she is the little blonde in the middle.
Basketball game on Saturday.
No pics of that.
A fun, too short visit with Garren on Sunday after church.
Friends for a great supper last night,
and that was my weekend!
It went by way too fast.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Roid Rush

Not hemorrhoids,
After putting off a trip to the doctor
as long as possible
for this stupid cough,
last week
I finally broke down
went in.
I do not like the call, leave a message
and wait for someone to call you back process.
I do not like the drive to the doctor,
I do not like the waiting in the outer office,
I do not like the waiting in the inner office,
I do not like the weigh-in,
I do not like the blood pressure check,
(always elevated because of the preceding events)
Most of all,
I think that cure is going to kill me one of these times.
Antibiotics and Steroids,
and the
no sleep nights!
on the bright side,
I do get a lot done.
Steroids must be like
buying time
or adding extra hours into your day,
or maybe
the drug
Because while I don't function
at top performance
while taking them,
I sure can craft on them!

Finished one afghan for Shelby's Linus Project
at school
and started another one!
Finished some vintage linen pillows.

And have a ton of stuff
 priced and inventoried
for the
Move In To My New Booth
Tuesday night!
For those of you that don't know,
I am taking the leap
trying a booth in an awesome shop
antiques, vintage and repurposed items.
Stop over and like them on Facebook!
or better yet,
if you are in Western Pa,
stop in and visit them!
(and me)