Spring Tag Free Tutorial

These are about the easiest
least expensive
I am really not sure I NEED this many
of these
once I got going,
I could not quit!
So you will need:
Laminate samples
Xacto knife
White Glue
Sanding block
Antiquing or paint or ink pad
Leftover ribbon scraps
Now, first of all, I am not going to condone
stealing laminate samples from
your local
Lowes or Home Depot,
but hey,
you just might want to change out that countertop someday
some samples would be helpful!
Mine, however came from
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
$5 for a huge bag of them.
If you have never been there, it is worth the trip.
I always find something to bring home!
Not that I haven't needed samples just in case
I want to change my countertop..
in the past.
And the print on the paper?
I found it at:
There are tons of ideas there,
I have it bookmarked to shop more!

I did have to adjust it in size
do a little graphic work on it to make them fit.
For the techies out there,
I downloaded it to my computer.
I imported it into Corel Draw,
duplicated it
and then cropped each item on a separate duplicate.
Measured my laminate samples and made a grid
then pulled each tag out to fit the grid.
Then printed. 

And honestly,
all these and more
And I did not fill the bulk bag!
I could have had double that,
but felt greedy taking that many! 

Spread white glue on the laminate
and slide the paper into place.
Push down well to remove bubbles.

And let dry.
After they are dry,
sand off any edges
poke the holes and trim them with an xacto knife

Then antique and add the ribbons!
I used a sideloaded brush of Black and Light Cinnamon
painted the backs also.
Some of the backs had writing on them.
If yours don't, there is no need to paint the backs.
I have used a distress ink pad on things like this before also
and that works really slick.
These could be used as gift tags or ornaments.
The paper is flat and not varnished
so they would be easy to write on!
Hope you enjoy this!


lilraggedyangie said…
Great tut thanks for sharing
You lost me at "download"!!! hahahaha Actually at import Corel Draw!!!! That sounded too complicated for me!!!
They are really cute!!!!
Farmhouse prims said…
Your tags are awesome, thanks for sharing such a wonderful tutorial. hugs, Lecia
What a great idea! This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that" things!
YOU take the laminate samples...just in case one day...AND Paula Stout takes the siding samples...JUST in case one day...ROFL...I think she painted snowmen on her siding samples...You made me laugh...TOO cute!!
jennifer768 said…
Great idea and tutorial.I have several of these saved just for this purpose.Hugs,Jen
andrea chiu said…

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us. Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.