Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just Another Day at Work

It started this way, 
Monday morning
customers waiting for me when I got to the shop.
I really was not late. 
They want a table and chairs. 

I find a table that they are looking for
in a vendor's booth, 
covered with stuff. 
I unload it
which starts a chain 
that included,,,

Moving a cupboard,
moving another table,
moving the cupboard again,
moving a dresser off the porch and inside,
emptying another table and 
rearrange everything. 

I LOVE this job!  
Love building displays,
love putting things together,
love helping customers find treasures, 
love to hear the memories! 
I think I have found my fun place! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Night at the Auction

and wow did I score some goodies!

Lots of goodies!

All these vintage quilt blocks,

and a few finished quilts, 
some more 
vintage than others.

And now the question? 
Sell them as is
turn them into finished tops? 

Any thoughts?

Also, buried in the box were some 
awesome souvenir

And I found this little beauty of a lamp. 
My mom had a gray set like this....
My sister got those somehow....

And this double knit fabric
in the colors I need for a new rug at my side door. 
Just in time, 
the one there now is pretty embarrassing!  

Friday, June 24, 2016

Two Beautiful Evenings

After a really stressful week, 
at least I can look back on these 
two beautiful evenings.

And one awesome day with these cuties
and their mother
at the 
Children's Museum

Such a fun place! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Quick Florida Trip.

So, it was like May 21.  
A Saturday. 
JWS was going to Florida to visit a sick friend. 
He had a flight, a car, a hotel. 
I was going to be home alone. 
I had a list. 

I was going to get so much done. 

He is packed, 
he is ready.
It is 2:00 and he is leaving at 3:30 for the airport, 
when something in the way he asks me to go 
for the 59th time, 
makes me say 
At 3:30, I had a ticket, I was packed, showered 
and out the door. 
So, in my booking, I had gone against all wisdom of hotels and booked
Days Inn. 
After two bad experiences in that chain, 
you would think I would know better. 

We arrived, 
after eating a sandwich at a gas station
in not the best part of town
at midnight on a Saturday night. 

It was bad. 
There was a nefarious party going on in the next two rooms. 
Expensive black cars
(way too expensive for a Days Inn)
coming and going as we carried our bags in. 

The room smelled.
There were black hairs all through the sheets
and I slept with my clothes on. 
Mind you, 
I have lived for up to two weeks in 
Third World Nations. 
This was worse. 

We checked out the next morning. 
I am still fighting for a refund. 

We visited our friend and checked into the 
 I am telling you, 
it was perfect! 
In the 20+ years that I have been going to Daytona, 
I have always admired this place. 
JWS is strictly a chain motel person and there was little compromising. 

I think that he was just rewarding me for the 
quick packing! 
Check them out here:

Florida charm, 
Friendly people,
Spotless rooms,
I love it! 
We booked our March trip right away!

This was our round room above the office! 

I could not get pictures that would do it justice. 
Just check out the website. 

Sunday was a visit with my sister.
Thai food for lunch 
fun times. 

But the highlight?

Our friend had a scooter that needed moved to another location. 
She seemed to think that we 
should rent a trailer. 
We tried to make her understand
that we were driving a rented Mazda. 

I kept looking at it and saying, 
"It's only five miles, I can drive it there."
To which I kept getting "the Look."

Finally, I hopped on and took it for a little spin around the parking lot
and took off, right up A1A 
and across a really high bridge
to the place it needed to go. 
JWS and his buddy that kept circling to make sure I was ok? 
Stopped at a 7-11 for a snack and lost me. 

How do you lose someone going 10 miles an hour 
on a handicapped scooter? 

I don't know that you can view that video...
But I am sure with a little imagination  you can picture it! 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

All is calm, until....

The day started out pretty calm.
Painted this tray and table for Jenn's porch.
It was a purple kind of day. 

Then Shawnee put together this lovely
arrangement at Time Works for me.
Even the butterflies liked it! 
Then I painted some wine bottles,
still sort of purple-ish.

And even strayed from the purple 
(actually the table WAS purple)
and painted the kids picnic table.
This was accompanied by a bit of sadness 
knowing that by the time it needs painted again, 
all the kids will be too big for it. 

Then sat down on the porch for a little quiet time
reading and crocheting, 
not at the same time, mind you.

When the final PURPLE arrived.
Wyatt wanting in the Hot Pool, 
as he calls it, 
puked something Purply looking all through
Hot Pool. 

So that is why at 9:50 at night we are sitting outside 
waiting for the 
Hot Pool to refill
grilling burgers.

Well, honestly, I don't know why we are 
grilling burgers, 
that remains to be seen. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Vacation Day, Staycation Day

Sometimes you have to take a
Vacation Day
to prepare for a
Staycation Day.

I wish I was one of those people
that could not see the things that
need done.

That I could turn my mind off.

So now that this side of my house is somewhat cleaned up

I will have my
Staycation Day
on only one side of the house.

So if you have any thoughts of visiting my home...

Use the side door by the porch.

Because this is where I will be,
Tonight and tomorrow! 
Ginger Ale in a copper cup and a somewhat quiet evening! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

TMNT Movie Day

Turtle Movie
these are my turtle fans,
minus one.

If you have an overly sensitive child,
I would not recommend it.
It was a little wild.

But these guys were fine.
Love them to death, but I don't
want to hear
armpit fart,
or the word poop
for at least 12 hours.