Saturday, June 18, 2016

All is calm, until....

The day started out pretty calm.
Painted this tray and table for Jenn's porch.
It was a purple kind of day. 

Then Shawnee put together this lovely
arrangement at Time Works for me.
Even the butterflies liked it! 
Then I painted some wine bottles,
still sort of purple-ish.

And even strayed from the purple 
(actually the table WAS purple)
and painted the kids picnic table.
This was accompanied by a bit of sadness 
knowing that by the time it needs painted again, 
all the kids will be too big for it. 

Then sat down on the porch for a little quiet time
reading and crocheting, 
not at the same time, mind you.

When the final PURPLE arrived.
Wyatt wanting in the Hot Pool, 
as he calls it, 
puked something Purply looking all through
Hot Pool. 

So that is why at 9:50 at night we are sitting outside 
waiting for the 
Hot Pool to refill
grilling burgers.

Well, honestly, I don't know why we are 
grilling burgers, 
that remains to be seen. 


Ann said...

it all sounded good up until you got to the purply puke in the hot pool. I suppose you have to do something while you're waiting for the hot pool to refill and grilling burgers sounds like a good choice to me

Robbie said...

Not funny...but did make for a funny post!!