Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Giveaway

Hot off the paintbrushes,
this just finished
canvas board.
You will have to frame it,
just use it as it is.

Let's keep this simple.
Comment on this post.
One entry.
Mention it on your blog
Two entries.

Oh and you have to be a follower
or a new follower. 

It is going to have to be limited to

Please leave me an email address if you don't have a blog!

Giveaway ends
February 13th!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday's Projects

This pattern screamed out to me from Pinterest (of course)
the other day.
You see,
I had the afghan below started
when Shelby was expecting
That's three years ago,
in the event that anyone was counting.
Here is the link to the pattern.

When I realized that it was too wide,
I was way past the point of no return,
and like another, couple,
alright, at least a dozen of so
other projects,
that have been tossed in a bag and sent to the
I pulled it back out,
added the neutral colored yarn,
found in the stash.
And started working again.

Ripping out the old one as I go.
just in the event that you think,
"Poor Kendall, didn't she get a blanket?"
I did make one for her,
she wasn't deprived.
Hopefully this will help make her transition
to a big girl room!

Of course, there has to be another project in the works.
Another "doily" scarf well on the way.

Coffee stained and pressed some
way too white doilies.
And now...
it seems lately that some of you get the totally
wrong impression of my neatness skills.
Just to set the record straight...
This mess was all in the closet in my sewing room.
Looking just about like this...

Turned on the movie,
with Tom Hanks,
and sat on the floor today and cut away!
Love the piano scene in that movie.

Now that is neatness.
Unfortunately, they made it to my table in my sewing room and haven't been put away.
There's always tomorrow.

Also managed to cook a meal.
Country style spare ribs in homemade sauce
with pasta
garlic bread.
 Love these days,
sure wish I could have one EVERYDAY!

In true
ADD fashion though...
I just remembered that I have clothes in the washer.

Not me!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Wins!

over at
hosted an unbirthday giveaway.
and I won! 

I was so excited to get the package,
opening it up in between
browning hamburger
and making tacos
the other night.
Nothing like multi-tasking.
I love everything!
I had fun placing everything around the house this morning.
The little inspire pillow in the suitcase above.
The lacy gloves were a thrift shop find
last weekend.

And this little note holder was perfect
for the postcard that I bought last weekend.
I had no idea how I was going to display it.
The card is of the old pool
Idora Park
in Youngstown, Ohio.
Sadly, Idora Park is no longer there,
I love the memories that it holds for me though.

This cake and shoo-fly cover.
I did not understand what to do with the cakes.
Guess I haven't been paying attention in
Primitive Decorating Class.
Carmen was a dear and explained to me what they were!
The house smells wonderful from them.

I propped this one against the butter mold that my Dad made for me.
and the little bowl waiting to be filled yet. 
I have an idea....

Fresh Linen Potpourri and Stars.
Smells so good!

The cute little garlic crock sitting filled right
on the kitchen windowsill
where the garlic hangs out.

Also some wonderful
Bath and Body
Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion.
I love that scent!

Mittens are finished and picked up.

And the scarf is finished and already in the hands of it's new owner.

I have had the greatest Saturday so far.
Stacked some firewood with JWS.
Put away all the snowmen and remainder of Christmas Stuff.
Started two new projects.
Did some redecorating.
best of all...

They don't get any better than this!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Four Years Old!

Gracelyn Kay Kirkpatrick
Happy Four Years Old!

Feel the rain on your skin,
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else

Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten.
                   -Natasha Bedingfield

Happy Four, Little Girl!
You have brought all things girly back into our lives!
Pink & Yellow
All things sparkly
Hair Barrettes

We Love YOU!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Confession is good for..

well let's just be honest.
How many of you can't resist starting
Oh, I read your blogs,
most of you are like me,
some are not.
I can't believe the willpower,
the fortitude,
the organization,
the OCDness,
of some of you who say,
that you finish one project before you start the next.
I have at least
twenty seven projects
at one time.
I know that I don't have the mittens done yet.
in all honesty.
I work on them until my hands cramp,
which is usually about 20 minutes at a time
then I switch to something else.
I must say,
they are almost done right now.
About three more
twenty minute sessions,
and they will be complete.
with that in mind...
I started the scarf above!
I could not resist.
I love the pattern,
even though
Jennifer said,
 "It looks like you would be wearing a doily."
I guess I have worn stranger things.
If I like it,
I am heading straight to
some really nice
more $$$

I don't treat myself to good yarn very often.
There is a great little yarn shop near here.
Actually two.
I have no idea how,
in a place
twenty miles from a stoplight,
twenty miles from a Walmart
and thirty five miles from a mall.
We ended up with
two yarn shops
across the street from one another,
but we did.
One of them carries
really nice
regular yarns.
A very nice selection, reasonably priced and local.
Not supporting big business,
supporting local small business.
I like that.
The other is a more high end yarn shop.
I touch and feel
and wish I had a skein of each.
if I did,
I would probably be too scared to put a needle or hook
into any of it.
I have limited my purchases there to sale items.
when I do,
it is so nice to work with that yarn.
And I guess,
if you are going to cramp your hands
into an arthritic state,
You probably should do it with good yarn!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Blahs

Such a negative title,
but I am fighting them.
Trying to stay positive,
it's really not my favorite time of year.
For years,
January meant a mission trip to the
Dominican Republic
a trip to Florida.
A break from winter anyway.
Hershey was fun
but it was still winter.
I am knitting,
a set of mittens for a friend.
and some more cowls.

A chair found at a thrift shop,
waiting for the paintbrushes, 
if i could just make myself pick them up!  
JWS is buying this by the case.

And today...
I think that I will plant this Chia Pet.
My MIL received this as a gift.
I think that the kids will like watching it grow.

And a winner in my giveaway!

Congrats Theresa!

I won a giveaway!
I am so excited.
picked me for her unbirthday
I am watching the mail daily!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Sweet Getaway

We are in Hershey, Pa
the the State Fair Convention.
You have to love a place that drops
Hershey kisses
like confetti!

Hershey kisses on the wallpaper

Hershey bars at check-in.
Chocolate, everywhere.
Does it get any better than this?

Dinner, last night.
Wish that I would have taken a picture of the dessert.
Death, by chocolate!

There is quite the story leading up to the departure for this trip.
"Normal" chaos of life.
and then
a speeding ticket along the way.
All put behind
out of mind
now time to relax

Yesterday was spent
with a
friend that I do
not get to see enough.

It was so nice to catch up.
didn't I take any pics of us together?

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Gift From the Past and Stash Bustin'

First of all, 
my mother would be horrified
that I put this picture on here.

She is so precise and over the top
with her quilts,
that she would notice every imperfection here.

I think that this might be the first quilt she ever made.
I had forgotten all about it.
It had been left behind in a long ago move.
And was
this week.
It was mine when I was a little girl.
So happy
to have it back!

Some yarn
stash bustin'.
Sure love making these cowls,
really lovin'
those knitting needles
out of mothballs.

Finally finished all of these this morning.
I got a little carried away cutting them out.
didn't want another unfinished project,
so I persevered.
And got them done.
Into the bin for the open house...
but not before
I am not going to advertise it.
It's just for those of you that stop by here regularly.
I appreciate all of you.
if you happened in here.
Just leave a comment on this post.
I'll be giving away that four square jean mat,
and of course,
some other things.
So just leave a comment here.

Wonderful visit with these two bundles of joy
over the weekend.
They had a sleepover here
while Mom and Dad got away
for a little bit.
Gracelyn loved building
jigsaw puzzles on the computer.

And this little boy,
could not be a happier little guy!

Don't forget to leave a comment,
I'll be drawing a name next Monday morning!

Thanks for stopping in to visit!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pennies All Over

Well, I finally finished it! 
What a job! 
Too much looking at the same color
over and over
again and again!

I would literally fall asleep with them in my hands.
Now to get a new centerpiece for the table.
But what?
Some pics of pennies around the house.

Some bright Kool-Aid dyed pennies.
Kool-Aid Dye really fades!

A pink and brown one
with a hand-painted cigar box on top.

And experiment with ovals.

The first kit, bought by my Mom.

Another kit.

My favorites,
the mismatched raggy ones.

And the first circle one that I ever tried,

Before I realized to use the freezer paper.

Thanks for coming along on the tour!

It is really, really cold here
and really windy.
Guess winter has finally made it's official arrival!
Stay warm
enjoy your weekend!