Saturday, April 29, 2017

59 Trips Around The Sun

Sometimes the best days are not epic! 
They are ordinary days. 
Magical, ordinary days.
Days spent doing exactly what you like to do
even if no one else understands! 
I had one of those yesterday. 

Lots of little projects
not allowing myself 
to see 
"what really needs done" 
and letting it spoil the day! 

I spray painted this chandelier. 
Ready to hang today...
more on that in another post. 
Sprayed this mirror and finished cleaning and decorating
the hallway. 

Almost have the kitchen finished. 

Logan visited me to show me his 
hunting attire for 
turkey hunting today.
Dinner napkin valance on the front door.
I scrubbed the front porch
at the camp, 
tidied, spruced, decorated,
and it is ready for Jenn's party tonight,

JWS cooked that awesome meal above
ended my night with that sundae! 

It was a great day! 
On to another year! 

A Thrifty Fix.

Another Pinterest Brainstorm.
There was an opening between the kitchen and the bathroom.
I just scratch my head sometimes
people's reasoning
and remodeling skills. 
It opened right into the bathroom. 
You know, 
like washing the dishes and watching someone on the commode
type of opening. 
Oh, they had a curtain
and a 
Do curtains and mini-blinds
keep out 
I think not. 

So, I find this window in the attic. 

And these gems
Dollar Tree
Dollar General
....and I am sure I have some in my stash...
Some E6000 glue,
and at this point I run out! 
but I should have some in my stash SOMEWHERE! 

And I search...
And I go back to town and get more. 

And last night, we

Since I have no carpentry skills
and JWS doesn't want to admit that he does,
a friend
with carpentry skills

It turns out neither of us have very good measuring skills. 

We have a lot of scrap wood, 
and finally
stepped in and helped. 

Doesn't that look beautiful?  
Cant' wait to put some little flowers in the vases!

Oh and the stones in the stash?  
Yesterday, while digging for some other items, 
I found four bags of them!  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another Day, Another Project

Aren't these apple blossoms pretty?
I love it when they bloom each year! 

One of yesterday's projects was to get this
bench put together in the hallway.  
I love it there but want to change
the pillow covers. 
I have something else in mind. 

Kamden and I did some yard work yesterday. 
This is the best view EVER! 
He couldn't wait until we got done to load
up the tractor
and take it for a ride. 

He convinced me to take the training wheels
off his bike yesterday. 
Wow, did he take off and ride then! 

Then we had an early supper 
at the park 
and he rode some more. 

I am battling 
killer cold right now. 
I could barely walk the circle at the park. 
Hoping today is better! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chairs, Chairs and more Chairs.

Chair painting is progressing well. 
Some might need a few more coats,
But we are getting there,
thanks to some help from friends! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter, A Week Later

I have seen all the pics.
Perfectly dressed and coiffed children
under lovely spring blossoms...
not happening in this house. 
This is the best we get. 
If I get them all in the same frame
we have accomplished something major! 

Tyler, who informed me that I was not to get him
in any pictures. 
Apparently he is creating his own 
social media presence
running around a yard with
a pink bucket 
does not fit his image. 

These two don't care, 
they are off to find the golden egg! 
Three of them scrambling for one of the prized golden eggs. 
Kamden using a mode of transportation
to find all of his. 
And how well my overgrown landscaping worked
to hide those eggs!  

I knew that, 
that's why i didn't clean out flower beds!  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Feed Sack Find

First, let me start by saying
how much I have learned in the past two years. 
I thought I knew SOME things. 
I knew NOTHING!  
But I keep learning. 
This was a huge lesson. 
I saw this box of fabric out at the local auction
and knew
that it was what I was looking for to 
make pillow covers for the camp. 

I had a friend buy it for me. 
I set a price that I would go for it. 
Just pretty fabric pieces. 

She buys them well within my price range.
(Did I mention I am pretty cheap?)
They are sitting in my family room 
I decide to take the box to work and sort 
them in my free time. 

I start opening and refolding them 
they are already sewn together
like pillowcases. 
Still no clue what I have. 
I keep unfolding
and refolding 
and about a third of the way 
through the box
the proverbial light bulb clicks on! 
These are 1930 and 1940 feed and flour sacks!
In mostly pristine condition! 
Still sewn into feed sacks
which after I research a little
I realize that they are worth more sewn together still. 
off to Ebay I go
to figure out some value. 

Needless to say, 
I started listing them last night on Ebay. 
I haven't sold there in years, 
but I have to say it was easier to list merchandise than
I remember it being years ago! 

Did I save any for myself?
Yes, although it was a tough decision what to keep. 

I don't have them all listed yet.   
You can see them here:

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Progress and More Great Finds

If you haven't been to a 
Habitat for Humanity 
you don't know what you are missing! 
JWS was not totally impressed. 
He had the same look and 
that my girls have had over the years.
It goes like this:
We pull into this place, 
some out of the way. 
They have heard my chatter about this place
for the last 20 - 40 - 150 miles or so. 
And they look at me, 
shake their heads,
and say, 
"The places you drag us to..."
That's why Time Works has been great 
well actually,
it may have created 
group of 
Junk Junkies! 
Friends nonetheless.
Partners in Crime...
But they get it...
the need to dig through stuff for that FIND! 
Some of mine this week
have been the chair above
and the picture above it. 
And these lamps!  
Perfect for $30
Shades and all!  
Route 66 Bargain Barn is a great shopping experience
between New Bethlehem and Clarion! 
Another set of grapes
from a cute little shop in 
Leechburg, PA.
And you know, you can never have 
too many lucite grapes! 
As a matter of fact, 
I received a 
camp warming present 
of another set of 
beautiful blue 
lucite grapes last night.
This mirror from the ReStore
I think I will paint it white. 
it's not all decorating and camp. 
Logan represented 
Dayton Elementary 
at the Math 24 
competition this week. 
Was he ever proud of this medal! 
And last night a chair painting party 

They are looking fun! 
And this project is started. 
More on that later!  

Tyler's comment of last night. 
I have a Candyland game board hanging on the wall
in the kitchen. 
He is standing and staring at it. 
"Gramma, there is nothing NORMAL about this"
I say, 
"Tyler, look around, there is nothing NORMAL about any of this!"

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Four Year Old Wisdom.

This kid..
cracks me up. 
He always has a story to tell. 
Wednesdays with Kamden,
I show him my camp.
He says, 
" But where are you going to cook?"

Too much logic there. 
I need to go and deliver.
I tell him to load up. 
He doesn't want to go. 
He wants to stay with Papa and Aunt Jenn. 
I tell him there might be treats.
Papa tells him there might be treats. 
He says,
"You can go much faster without me,"
I think he has heard that before. 
Finally the daily ritual when it is nice. 
"let's go out and sit in the grass and snuggle and wait on my mom"
How can you turn that down? 

And that's when he tells me,
"the policeman stopped my mom and gave her a piece of paper"

I love these kids! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Paints, brushes and CHAIRS!

Love these souvenir pieces!   
I might see another collection starting...

I found this little girl at a yard sale
have been waiting for the perfect place for her! 
The teapot was a shop find today. 
You just never know what you might find in your own shop! 
Brushes moved, 
curtains, uninspired...
but I have a thought! 

Paints moved.
What a huge undertaking to move
all of your craft supplies. 
I think it is going to take weeks! 
I have a vendor in the shop that "Casually" mentioned
he has over 100 chairs to sell for 
$5 each.
He brought me 10!  
See those bright colors on that shelf above?
Hopefully they will be all painted 
before the camp's first event! 
my last paint class until fall! 
So the chairs are going to wait for now.