Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Paints, brushes and CHAIRS!

Love these souvenir pieces!   
I might see another collection starting...

I found this little girl at a yard sale
have been waiting for the perfect place for her! 
The teapot was a shop find today. 
You just never know what you might find in your own shop! 
Brushes moved, 
curtains, uninspired...
but I have a thought! 

Paints moved.
What a huge undertaking to move
all of your craft supplies. 
I think it is going to take weeks! 
I have a vendor in the shop that "Casually" mentioned
he has over 100 chairs to sell for 
$5 each.
He brought me 10!  
See those bright colors on that shelf above?
Hopefully they will be all painted 
before the camp's first event! 
my last paint class until fall! 
So the chairs are going to wait for now. 

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