Thursday, December 31, 2015

3650 Items or Clean in Sixteen

Another New Year, 
Another Resolution. 

This is the year I get organized. 

It has to be, 
it is now driving me crazy. 
I heard on TV this morning that the 
best way to keep your resolutions
is to make them public.
here goes. 

Ten items will be leaving my house every day for the year. 

That is unless...
3650 items leave before the end of the year. 

And the count begins. 

The afghan above? 
At least 10 skeins of yarn, 
now in Shelby's house. 

This yarn, 
leftovers from a bunch of other projects,
off to Mom and Dad's for Dad to make
hats for the homeless. 

At least another 10 items. 

So...20 down, 
3630 to go! 

Also, starting this bathroom project.   
There have to be at least 
30 items in there that can go. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Two Turtles Down

When I started these a couple of months ago I thought that I had plenty of time!
What do they say?
When we make plans....
Then I got sick.
For over a month.
A little crocheting,
but mostly not.
Then a vacation planned,
tickets bought,
a six year old
So here I am
10 days and counting...
Two down,
one to go.
See it in the bottom of this picture?
Tomorrow we will discuss the mermaid tails.