Sunday, January 30, 2011

Restful Sunday, with some great treats

It has been a Sunday full of treats.
First treat:
The Children's Church performed in church today.
Performance is the key word.
Tyler, second on in from the right had moves that have nothing on any rock star.
He jumped,
He flew,
He performed.
Logan (in the argyle sweater) was a little more laid back.
Not much,
but a little. Second treat:
Our pastor returned from the Dominican and brought coffee for me.
Nice of him?
Well I did whine a little about it.
About how I always brought coffee back for everyone when I went.
how no one brings me coffee any more.
Pays to whine sometimes.
I love the taste of this coffee.
Third treat:
A ladies Bible Study is starting at our church.
The woman starting it is someone that I really respect.
It is on Saturday and not a day during the week when I would not be able to attend.
Answer to prayer.
Fourth treat:
My mother in law's lasagna for lunch.
Enough said.
Fifth treat.
Home, quiet, some painting a little knitting, catching up on some blogs...
JWS just ground the beans and brought me a cup of the coffee.
Life is good.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Star and Berry Vine Tutorial

In just a few (maybe more) easy steps, you too can paint these lovely star and berry vines!
Doesn't that just sound like an infomercial? TV, here I come!
The basecoating.
I use Decoart colors.
They rock!
Using a lot of paint, don't be afraid, load it up.
Lay in Black, Russet and Cocoa.
Keep it random and messy and wet...make sure you work fast enough that it stays wet.
Using a sponge,
Sponge all the colors together.
Try to leave light and dark areas.
Don't overblend it.

Then paint the outside edges Russet and drybrush here and there with Heritage Brick.
With Milk Chocolate, thinned on a nice crisp flat brush,
paint in those checkers.
Everything needs checkers.

What you should have so far.
See that nice blending on the background colors.

Now for the vine.
You will need a nice, long, script liner brush.
Thin down a brush mix of Black and Milk Chocolate and lay in vines the whole way around..or long if you are not doing a round piece.
They do it again with just Milk Chocolate.
You can highlight these here and there with Milk Chocolate and Cocoa.

Close up

Next you are going to stencil the stars.
There are tons of star stencils out there.
I know, I think I have at least one of each.
I use a cosmetic sponge for this.
I am going to warn you.
Not all cosmetic sponges are the same.
Buy a higher quality than the Dollar Store.
They are still cheap and you can use them and let them dry and cut the paint off and use them again.
Ok, I am frugal.
Oh yeah,
Antique Gold.

Repaint them with Antique Gold and Milk Chocolate.
Jut pick up both colors on your brush and see what happens.
Don't over mix them, you want them all to be different.

Highlight on the right side with more Antique Gold.

Then highlight again with Butter.
You can go back and highlight a few of them with White.

Shade the left side with Russet.

With a #3 round brush, paint in berries.
Some are Russet and some are Heritage Brick.
Shade the Heritage brick ones with Russet and highlight the Russet ones with Heritage Brick.
Highlight the Heritage Brick ones again with Milk Chocolate.

With Black, line the left side of the stars as shown and connect the berries.

Of course!
Please paint these, share the link, etc, but don't take it as your own!
If you paint something with these berries and stars, please send a pic for me to see!
Don't forget the giveaway over on my selling blog.
It ends February 13th!
Sign - up!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Two posts in a day?

You betcha!
With a week like this, you have to post it while you still remember it!
So the week begins.
After not being in the shop for three days the week before there are the usual emails, phone calls,
messages, etc.
Work, calls, artwork, customers, etc.
Frozen water pipes at his mom's and plowing.
(Not gonna change places with him.)
Supper at the restaurant...we have no groceries.
I tell John, no matter what happens this week, I don't care if you work at the shop or not, just so I have Saturday off.
Work, calls, customers, billing, paperwork, etc.
Babysit Kendall at work.
Take Kendall back, get groceries.
Takes his mom to dialysis, haircut, gets his glasses fixed, etc.
I don't care if I have to work alone, just so I have Saturday off.
Work, phone calls, customers, fair messages, paperwork, etc.
Not sure, but he was in the garage for awhile working on screens.
It's ok if I work alone all week, just don't ask me to do anything on Saturday.
Work, phone calls, a couple of customers, more fair messages, paperwork, artwork, cut vinyl for shirts that will arrive on Friday. Logan and Jenn helping out in the AM.
Takes his mom to dialysis, gets his driver's license renewed, fair meeting, lunch with fair people, promises that TOMORROW (Friday) we will get the weekly work done.
It's fine that I have been here essentially alone all week, I just want Saturday off, PLEASE!
Work and this precious little baby arrives for a visit.
Plowing and fixing the broken snow plow.
And the shirts...but that is for later in the day.
(I just can't figure out how to move these pics around.)
The day is still showing signs of maybe getting something accomplished despite the snow plow issues.

These two arrive.
You see their look?
That was the look on my face when Chris (their Dad and firemen of the year)
shoos them out of the car and into the shop on his way to a fire call.
After the normal greetings.
Did your father get you lunch?
Do you have shoes?
Will you be wearing these snow boots for the duration of your visit?
and the big one...
Do you have on clothes under those coats or are you still in your pajamas?
Then I see it.
The deer in the headlights look on John.
His mom arrives.
She has not eaten,
she needs food.
while he is heating up the frozen pizza under the heater on the t-shirt printer
that is supposed to be printing t-shirts he looks at me and says the words that
almost get him killed.
Why don't you take the boys home for the afternoon
and just print those shirts
I think he knew he was in trouble.
This was waiting for me when I got home.
He was at another fair meeting.
I was finishing the shirts.

And you say,

"What happened between his mother's lunch and suppertime?"

Hide and Seek
Duck, Duck Goose
A trip to the Bent and Dent for way too much sugar.
More hide and seek.
Jenn, do those shirts.
Yes, Tyler that is a great app on my smart phone.
D is for Drive
N means you are going NoWhere
Yes, you can shift the gears only when Grandma is in the car.
Put your seatbelts back on.
Park the car,
get out,
untangle the seatbelt,
holding up traffic.
Get back in the car,
start to pull out,
Tyler, are you out of that seatbelt again?
Yes, this is the wrong way back to work
You took your seatbelts off so we are going back roads slow to get back.
Moon pies,
bubble gum,
more bubble gum.
Chewing gum is not don't swallow it!
Jenn did you get those shirts done?
another game of hide and seek,
See you later boys.
Jenn, put my phone down and take these boys home!
and as she is walking out the door I realize....
As I start into them,
I realize....
I cut all the numbers wrong!!!
About two hours later, I have everything cut, another two hours
I have everything pressed.
So far.

Welcome to THREE, Baby Girl!

In the immortal words of the Grateful Dead, and later Jimmy Buffet...

"It's the same story the crow told me;
It's the only one he knows.

Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go.

Ain't no time to hate, barely time to wait,

Woh-oh, what I want to know,

where does the time go?"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another giveaway, more painting.

This knitted cowl is being given away on my selling blog. It's simple, just go on over there, leave a comment and click on follower.
A couple of more finished painted items from last evening.

Love to find these pineapple bowls!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Hands

That really need to get busier.
The month is almost over!
Once again, I had these huge plans for January and what happened? It is almost gone and I still have orders that need done.
This board is for my Mom's Sunday School class.
Probably too much of this.
Knitting and Recliner time.

Last night, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I tried this.
There is a lot more wool laying on my end table.

You can be happy that I finally cut up the pink coat.

You see, I bought this coat at a yard sale more than several years ago.
Lots of wool.
The woman was horrified that I would cut it up.
It's not as if she was going to wear it any longer.
She refused to sell it to me unless I was going to wear it.
So I did.
I wore it a few times.
It was warm.
But really, it was a lot of pink.

So now.
It is going to be bowl fillers for Valentine's Day.
I am heading over to add a bunch of goodies to my selling blog
this computer will co-operate.
It has issues.

Watch for a giveaway.
Maybe tomorrow!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sweetest Place on Earth

And what do you think this has done to the fit of my jeans?
It is so not good!
Hershey Kisses in your room, with your restaurant bill, in bowls scattered throughout the hotel.
Chocolate desserts everyday...
Carrots and Celery here I come this week!
What a nice weekend though.
Entertainment everywhere you looked!
More on that later though.
I just can't fit it all in one post.
One of the highlights of the weekend was reconnecting with a friend that I had lost contact with over the years.
We had lunch, talked and wandered around Harrisburg.
I had not seen her in 22 years and we picked up right where we left off,
talking and laughing as if we had been together yesterday.
More to come on my weekend.
I have to figure out how to get the pictures off of my phone.
Yes, the phone.
One of my new obsessions.
Love the GPS feature.
(although I am seriously blaming it for taking me down a one-way busy street
in Harrisburg the wrong way)
The other new obsession.
These cowls.

Natalie over at Tins and Treasures is making them.
She has them for sale in her etsy shop if you are not a knitter.
They are very reasonable and I have bought items from her in the past.
Top Quality!
I wanted to try also.
I found the pattern here.
I can't wait to dig in Betty's Blog and see what else she inspires me to try.
Her pattern is very easy, I made these on the drive to Hershey and back.
These are so soft and nice around your neck.
I love big sweaters for the warmth around the neck, however
that being said...
well let's just say the bulk around the rest of my body is unneccessary
for two reasons:
1. Refer to the pic at the top of this post.
2. Menopause and the ensuing hot flashes.
These are perfect!
Mine are not for sale.
I will be making them for family and friends.

Hope that everyone has a great week!
Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why my hair is STILL gray

And my clothes are still not clean,
and I still have not fixed that zipper in my skirt
And of course, I have not packed yet.
This is the kitchen floor in the house that we are working on next door.
You may remember that may not.
Anyway, the carpet is coming for the living room on Thursday.
The floor needed laid.
And this is me.
JWS said that I need to show these pics.
Jenn said I would not post them when I was looking this bad.
Did she mean that with love?
We called this floor...
I had a vision.
The tile was inexpensive.
Bought at one of my favorite shops.

See those gray roots.
My body is feeling the pain of 4 hours in this contortionist position.

I love to lay tile...just wished I would have figured that out about 20...I mean 30+ years ago.
Like the hairdo?

And yes, I am a slob...that was the point that JWS was making with the pictures to begin with.
To be fair, these ARE my tiling pants and some of that mess is from previous jobs.
We have laid tile in our house,
in Shawnee's house,
in Jenn's house,
in Shelby's house,
in my Mom and Dad's house,
because of the condition of my pants and the subsequent mess that I bring to the job,
we will NEVER be allowed to lay tile in Dianna and Travis' house.
Seriously, he about had a stroke when I showed up to strip wallpaper.
My unique leveling technique.
These tiles were not as thick as the others.
A nice Hershey kiss of mortar and they leveled right out.
Unconventional...yes, but it worked.
And speaking of Hershey.
JWS and I are getting a nice long weekend away starting Wednesday.
The state fair convention is in Hershey, Pa.
Plus, I get to reconnect with a friend that I have not seen in many years.
Can't wait!

And as one final note,
John and I started this job together.
What was he thinking?
I drive him crazy on jobs like this.
A few tense words and I "suggested" that maybe he would be more effective doing my laundry.
Could be a long drive to Hershey.

Monday, January 17, 2011

List for town.

Not that we live on the prairie or up in the mountains or anything like that, but I don't get to town very often.
"Town" is at least 12 miles away.
There is the closest town that has a few stores, a Goodwill and a Chinese Restaurant..
12 miles
There is the next closest town, a Goodwill, a Chinese Restaurant and a Walmart,
17 miles
Next is a Goodwill, a St Vincent de Paul, a Chinese Restaurant, a Walmart, and a couple of great junk stores.
22 miles
And next...a Goodwill, a Walmart, several Chinese Restaurants, a Michael's, a JoAnn's, a couple of shoe stores AND a Verizon Store.
35 miles.
Here is my conversation to JWS in the morning.
"I am wearing jeans and comfortable shoes to church because
I am leaving for town right after church"
and then the dreaded question he asks me...
"What are you going to town to get?"
My answer, casually:
"Oh, just a few things...
Michaels to use my gift certificate,
the shoe store for a pair of good shoes,
Laundry soap
Hair color
Verizon for a phone"
Really, the last four words were said muffled into my shirt as I pulled it over my head at a decibel level so low the FBI could not have picked it up on a listening device and my dear husband, who cannot hear me screaming two feet from his head if the Steelers are playing, zeroed in on those last four words as if they were the key to life, liberty and eternal happiness.
I have not been in a Verizon store in over two years.
Really, if the battery had not gone in my nice, tiny red flip phone,
I would not have been there for another five years.
As I see him also pulling on a pair of jeans, I know that he is going with me.
His comment
"You can't go to the phone store alone!"
Really, he is HORRIFIED!
Now, I know what is about to happen.
I know why he wants to go.
He wants me to have a SMART phone.
I would be happy with a battery, this phone is smart enough for me.
And it's red,
And I like it.
And I just want to get to town, get my list filled and get home and wash my clothes and color my hair.
Three hours and $523 later.....
I own this.
Mr. "I love my Blackberry, I would never change from my Blackberry, Droids are dumb, I'll just keep my Blackberry"
owns one also.
Although his is not purple.
Did I need a new technology to learn?
I don't think so.
But, the camera is cool,
the apps?
Oh my gosh, there is so much fun stuff!


You know what I forgot....

Yep, forgot the hair color and the laundry soap.
So today,
I will be a gray haired, dirty clothed, technology savvy 50+ year old.
When I go back to town tonight...
I have a phone again.
Call me.
(If I can just figure out what button to push to answer it.)