Welcome to THREE, Baby Girl!

In the immortal words of the Grateful Dead, and later Jimmy Buffet...

"It's the same story the crow told me;
It's the only one he knows.

Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go.

Ain't no time to hate, barely time to wait,

Woh-oh, what I want to know,

where does the time go?"


awwww so sweet. yes where does the time go? :)
So adorable & precious!
enjoy the day
Sheila said…
She is darling! Her sweet face brought a smile to my face this morning. Enjoy her as we know how fast they grow!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Blonde hair and blue eyes make my day!

What a gorgeous granddaughter you have ;)
She is absolutely adorable Cathy! Happy, happy birthday to your sweet granddaughter! Deb
love those little pig tails..:) happy birthday.;)
Eileen Bergen said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter!

Thanks for sharing the photos. They really made me smile - especially to one of her running toward the camera with her dress and hair flying.

Just precious.
Balisha said…
isn't she the prettiest? Happy, happy birthday to you. Hugs Balisha
Are those just the cutest faces or what!!!!
Thanks for sharing your precious grandchildren

Kathy said…
awww.. it sure goes fast hey? she's gorgeous.. hope she had a lovely b-day!!
SANDI said…
Thanks for sharing...
She is adorable.