Wednesday, July 20, 2016


What a struggle!
I know that there are meds for it! 
Maybe I need some! 

Sometimes life just piles up
Literally and figuratively.
And mine has,

First the microwave went. 
Not the counter top kind, 
the range hood 
way overpriced microwave. 
That's ok, 
old school, 
we have a stove. 
Then my car broke down. 
it was time to buy another one...
but I still have the van. 
Then the dishwasher went. 
Still have a sink.
JWS hit a horse with his truck. 
(you would be amazed at how many people inquired
about the horse's well being 
prior to JWS' health)
In this order:
John is fine.
The horse is dead. 
The truck is not good.  
John was the priority here, 
he is fine.
Everything else is replaceable. 
Including the horse. 
Sorry folks if that sounds crass. 
The horse was not a pet. 
It was an Amish buggy horse...
not attached to the buggy at the time of it's demise, 
thank goodness. 

Now, to the focus issues. 
I am struggling. 
140 pounds of beef are slow cooking as we speak. 
This morning I tried to 
work on a project. 
Clothespin bags. 
Which led to digging through a bin of linens 
looking for the hangers that I know that I have 
somewhere for the clothespin bags.

So, now I have a pile of linens to be donated,
a pile to be thrown away,
a bin to be used for another project, 
a pile for clothespin bags. 
and a pile of aprons that need pressed. 

And did anything get finished?
I painted this chair. 
I love this paint! 

And I finished the baby afghan that needed done for the 
shower on Saturday. 

See what I mean? 
Oh yeah, 
I have meat cooking at the fairgrounds.