Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Voted Most Popular

Voted Most Popular Girl at Dialysis. That would be my mother-in-law. She is passing out these bags to everyone there. I finished these up yesterday morning just in time for her to take a new batch in to hand out. Who would have thought that there would be such a great use to all those heavier fabrics? That is my justification for why I don't get rid of anything. Hoarder's Unite!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a day!

If you read my previous post, I was perplexed as to what to make for lunch. I left it to what jumped out from behind the meat counter in the morning. It was burgers with some Italian mild sausage mixed in and lots of peppers and onions in sauce. I called them Fair Burgers. Pasta salad to go along with it. I am not much of a pasta salad girl, not really caring for Italian dressing much, but I made my own dressing and I really liked it. After I cleaned up the kitchen, I made a nice big pitcher of lime water. I love having this in the fridge, so refreshing and it makes a nice still life with these little lilies that jumped onto the belt at the check-out. So summery! I just know that summer and good health are just around the corner. Last night was the boys' sleepover and were they excited! They burst through the door naming everything that I had promised them we would do. Jumping and running and everywhere at once. Apparently their parents were not real happy that I had told them all this as early in the week as I had. Fun! I love grand parenting, it really evens the score for everything your kids put you through. Egg-dying with Grampa helping. I know that the pic is blurry, if you have ever tried to dye eggs with a four year old and a two year old, you would understand why.
And baking cookies. Sanitary issues aside on the bare feet and shoes on the counter, don't they look like they are having fun?

And we played race cars, and jumped through hula hoops and took Nana her special Easter Eggs, and played treasure chest in my button box, helped Papa make his pot of coffee, and got a bath and then this.... They look precious, I just look tired! Justifiable.

Friday, March 26, 2010


This is what my yard looked like when I came home from work today. I knew that they were going to dig, but nothing really prepared me for this. The GAS company (follow any of my earlier rants) decided to replace the lines in the ditch across from our house over a year ago. Ever since we have had water in the basement of our house. See that hill across the road? Apparently there were some good springs on that hill that ran out in the ditches that the gas company closed in. It even blew up the middle of the road one time. Since the pecking order in all of life is this, First: God, Second: IRS, Third: Peoples Natural Gas Company of Pennsylvania, and from what I see, God and the IRS are hanging onto their spots by a thin line right now, we were left to somehow fix the problem ourselves. So here we go! We have to redirect the water that they redirected onto us to somewhere else. Will it be someone else's problem now? I don't think so, but who knows? In the meantime, we have dirt (mud) and lots of it.
But, look how nice they laid out my stones so that I could put them back in so easily. Nice guys!

See the bottom of this pic, another place that they arranged the stones.

So, I am going through this list of things I want to do tomorrow, boil eggs so that the boys can dye them tomorrow night, color my hair (wow, was that bad when I emerged from the sickness), paint the birthday present for my son-in-law (better late than never), clean out the plastic cupboard and run to get Easter Egg dyes, when it happened, the wrench in the plans for the day...dear hubby says, "It would be really nice if you would serve lunch on the deck for the guys" Readjust, Review, Rethink, Replan! What the heck am I going to cook? Ideas, please!

Such big thoughts,

that I had in my last blog post on Monday afternoon. Shortly after that, I got myself dressed and went to the drugstore for my meds and somewhere around halfway through the trip home, it hit me worse! The doc in the ER had told me that I had not hit the bottom of this disease yet. She said that Monday and Tuesday would be worse. She told me that she had it and that if it ran the same way, I had not hit bottom yet. I couldn't begin to imagine that she was right, but she was. Monday was terrible, Tuesday was worse. Finally on Wednesday, I managed to make it to work for an hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Yesterday, I managed to work an entire day again, my first full day of work in two weeks. Unbelievable. Enough whining, I am hopefully on the mend now. I did manage to finish a few things in my rare moments of clarity. This scarf only needed the fringe on it.
And this towel was so close to being done, who knows why we put them away when they are that close to finished? Really, it's a question I would like an answer to. I think I know, I have watched the commercials. They call it ADHD. I answered the checklist in one of my feverish moments. I have them all, the entire checklist.
And a few more hats.

And these little penny rugs.

And all these pennies ready to cut. I did get them cut on my freshly vacuumed floor. That is another story, for another time. It involves popcorn and ladybugs and sweepers and will be entitled, in the immortal words of one of my son-in-laws, (whose birthday I didn't forget this week, I just was too out of it to do anything) Everybody's Clean is Different. Watch for it, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Out of the fog.

No pics to show unless you want to see some failed attempt at hats OR the pic that my dear husband snapped of me unknowingly at the ER last night. I have threatened him with severe retaliation if that one ever surfaces and I know where he sleeps.

I called the Dr. on Wednesday AM, they called me back on Wednesday PM and gave me an appointment for Friday PM. By Friday PM, things were getting much worse, coughing and wheezing and high temps (well high by my standards, I thought I was delirious) and really weak. The doctor gave me doxycylene (not sure of that spelling, too lazy to get up and get it) and I, in my limited medical knowledge questioned that as I headed to the pharmacy. When the time came to write the check, $2.87, I really questioned it.

Wow, just walked to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee and found that the precious man that I am married to at some point threw away a tomato that was rotten and that was placed on the berry vine on the window sill and left all the rotting stuff in the berry vine and stuck to the window sill. You see, that is the problem with being sick, you never really know when these things happen and you are never completely better when you find them, just better enough to know that it needs cleaned up and you don't feel like doing it.

But, back to the story, I have always equated expensive antibiotics with good antibiotics. What do I know really? As a side note, I did pay for one daughter to go to school to be a Medical Assistant, doesn't that count for anything? I bring them home, I take one, I settle in for the evening, I get dizzy, nauseated, I am sick, I did too much today, worked, drove the 80 mile round trip to the doctor, stopped at Wally World and oh yeah, even remembered my gift card from Michaels and stopped there and treated myself to some new paintbrushes, THANK-YOU, MOLLY!!!!

Saturday AM, worse, take another antibiotic, this time with food, dizzy, nauseated, sicker! How can this be getting worse? Dear Hubby leaves for a nine mile run. Do you know how bad I want to take his knees out from under him? It's the sickness talking, I really would not do it. So I lay, and lay, and lay. I hate laying. I know this antibiotic should kick in soon, Who am I kidding? I have no faith that it is going to work at all. Saturday evening rolls in, I have watched four movies (three of which I didn't even want to watch, remodeled at least 10 backyards, and 7 episodes of Clean House, the latter to allow me to not feel so bad about mine) take another antibiotic, isn't this going to be the magic one? Hubby leaves for a gun raffle, after asking my opinion about what he should wear. Honestly, it is the only time that I swore at him through this all and really, should someone who has laid in flannel pants, a t-shirt, no bra, with a bedhead really be asked which t-shirt I think he should wear? It is a GUN RAFFLE in REDNECK America!!! Don your ball cap and some camo and woohoo, you are good to go! (Also the attire for about 35% of the weddings we attend, but we'll leave that story for another time.)

So Sunday morning rolls around and I wake in my Nyquil induced hangover that I now have every morning and I am not any better. Dear Hubby leaves for church, really does he have this much of a social life when I am not sick? I ignore the warning of sunshine on the side of the antibiotic and lay on the deck for about an hour, soaking in the sunshine, covered to the neck with a blanket, WORSE!

Lunchtime rolls around, food does not taste good, I watch ANOTHER movie, I lay some more. Dear Hubby is in and out and up and down and his energy level is really starting to make me want to lash out irrationally. Finally, he sits down in the chair across from me at 4:00 and the decision is made. The Emergency Room. There is no way around it. I am worse. I can't breathe, my arms and legs are like gelatin, I have this pounding headache, the wheezing in my chest, I cannot wait until 9:00 tomorrow morning to call the doctor, leave the message, have them call me back at 2:00 and schedule an appointment for Wednesday at 4:30. I need help now. So off we go.

Forty mile trip to the ER but to their credit, they are a good ER. They take you right in and you see a doctor within 20 minutes. CT scan, Chest x-ray, breathing treatment, bloodwork, pee in a bottle, steroids, GOOD antibiotics and one really powerful Motrin later with a diagnosis of bronchitis and severe sinusitus and we are on our way home. The photo happened somewhere mid breathing treatment with the comment of "Superman meets his kryptonite." Not funny at the time, still not feeling the humor.

It could be all in my head (little pun there) but around 10:00 last night, I thought I felt a little better and this morning even more so. Last night was my first night without Nyquil in a week, which is probably why I am awake prior to 5:00 AM, but that's ok for now. Not sure what this afternoon at work will be. Oh, did I mention that I HAVE to go to work today? Of course, dear hubby has to take his mother for a DR's appointment. No rest for the weary.

Off to clean the windowsill and berry vine!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First of all, the rant that I am about to go on might be attributed to the fact that I am still sick. STILL SICK! When is this going to end? Or it might be attributed to MENOPAUSE! Not the cat, actually mine, or maybe, just maybe I have a legitimate gripe.
It all started 16 + years ago. We bought the building that our business is in and it had a coal/wood burner as it's heat source. For obvious reasons, that was not going to work, obvious being while I have had experience with coal and wood burning heat sources, I was therefore experienced enough to know I was done with that portion of my life. The day, the coldest day in January that year, was the day that the gas company was to hook up the gas to the new furnace. They didn't show up, the coal burner was unhooked, the pipes were going to freeze, the LADY on the phone didn't care, so what, I ranted, I raved and finally with the threat of suing, lawyers, media intervention and one well placed phone call, they came and got us gas. Not one to forget such incidents we jump forward to two years ago.

All went smooth with the gas company until then. We got a gas well drilled on our property, we no longer needed their gas, we asked to rent the meter as we knew that they would have to come back and redrill the well at some point. All the memories came rushing back. The woman on the phone was not nice. Honestly, does the gas company outsource their phone service to a high security federal women's prison? I have yet to get a nice one on the phone.
The calls starts something like this.
If you have a strong smell of gas, explosion or a fire, please press 1.
If you have a question about your bill, please press 2.
(Just for the record, I have pressed 1 and no, I am not proud of that, but also for the record, it does not get you a person any quicker)
Then please press or say your account number, and then they repeat it back to you and then when Inmate #45903 comes on, she asks your account number again. Why?
We rented the meter for $12.48 per month for almost a year and then I got a check in the mail for $96.28. When I called to ask why? Press 2, account number, Inmate #78543 says "We don't rent meters to customers" I argue that I have been renting this meter for a year and she says I have not. "May I please talk to your supervisor?" I question. Apparently the warden is out for the day and the answer is no.
"Ok, I am going to hang up now and call back and hopefully I am going to get someone nicer on the phone"
Call Back, press 2, account number, Inmate # 46795 "We don't rent meters to customers"
Dejavous, except this inmate informs me that someone will be out to remove that meter. I ask where she is geographically, she says Charlotte, I have yet to check if they have a Federal Women's Prison there.
I then tell her that would not be a good idea.
No one shows up to take the meter.
Jump ahead to this past December.
They are coming to redrill the well.
We call and for $370 they will hook us back up to their gas. They do, not without incident and some plumbing to meet their "new" specifications. Well redrilled,
January Gas Bill $534.00 Paid
February Gas Bill $245.00 Paid
Last week I get a check back for $245.00. Apparently I didn't owe them that money.
Today, Gas bill $144.00. Did I mention that that our well is back to supplying our gas and has been since sometime in January.

So I call, hopefully hitting the two button and hoping with all my might that they have taken the road of every other tech company out there and that now they outsource their phone service to India. No luck, Federal Inmate #89564 answers the phone. She argues that we are still using their gas. I ask why I got my last payment back, she says because I didn't use any that month (my point exactly) she says that the meter reading is right, she threatens to send someone out. PLEASE DO! She reminds me that I need to winterize my property if I am not using their gas. I tell her that we have our own gas, she reminds me that the pipes could freeze...I was tempted to go back 16 years for one brief moment.
I thanked her and resisted the temptation to ask her how long she was in for.

I did get some knitting done. Other than that I am living on Dristan, Advil and Nyquil, slogging through my days. Doctor tomorrow and hopefully some good antibiotics.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I bring home a bug,

He brings home a CAT? I woke up Sunday morning not feeling the greatest. Yucky, tired, weak. Of course, my dear husband attributes this to menopause. Why not?
Break a fingernail?
Upset because he screwed up the checkbook?
Tired after a long day at work?
Wanting to scream bad words and stomp my feet if I hear the M word one more time?
I am getting really tired of everything being attributed to the turning of 50. By the way. it was almost two years ago now.
The bug really knocked me down. I missed work yesterday. That does not happen that often. Temperature, aching, and coughing. At one point, I was wanting to be checked for the swine flu. Is that still around? I think I had it.
Last night he shows up with this cat...and feeds it. Anyone else know what that means? I think we have a cat. We HAD a cat when we got married, well Dianna had a cat. Buddy. Buddy was the epitome of nasty cats. He would roam the countryside, he would um, er "fight', for lack of a better word. He would come back, bloody and beaten and he would lay down in MY chair everytime. When Buddy finally was declared missing for good, and I will be honest, several family members rejoiced, although I am not going to mention names, I realized what I missed about Buddy. All of a sudden we were overrun with chipmunks. Buddy must have been taking care of that problem for us. John thinks that the cat he brought home last night is the results of some of Buddy's "fighting". The cat followed him up the driveway just as Buddy used to. He wants a name for the cat...wait, I have the perfect name. Menopause.
We have knitting night again tonight at my house. I thought that I had better have an actual knitting project going. I am out of hats again and just had one of the places that I donated them to last fall tell me that they had kids wearing them all winter and how warm they were and I figured that I better get busy on more. Taking these pics made me realize that I also need to run the sweeper before knitting night also.
Finished these locker hook mug rugs. These are more fun than the big runner and do they ever work up fast. Fun to match the colors on them also.

And finished the runner that I was working on also. This is going into the Christmas bin. Wow, do I have a jump on that. There are two things in it already. I was going to have one for every month, what can I get done before the end of March so that I am caught up?

Back to work today. I can only imagine what a Tuesday morning, when I missed Monday will be like. Crazy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It started like this.

I was upstairs in my sewing room happily still making messes on my SECOND Saturday in a row with NOTHING planned. Well, I did have that short little jaunt to the church to change the flowers to something a little more "springy" and that quick stop for milk and those cheddar sour cream chips that jumped off the shelf at me. (It has been so long since I had those and they are my favorite) But, back to where it started. John comes to the landing, sans shirt and does that half whistle thing that scares the crap out of me just as the sewing machine comes to a halt. "Do you have a minute to come down here?" he questions. Of course I immediately mentally scanned the house, Did I leave the coffee pot on? the front door open? ice cream melting on the counter, water running in the sink? Nothing. I walk downstairs to see him sitting at the computer with the bank statement in front of him and a guilty look on his face. YESSS! It is not my fault!!! He picked up the wrong debit card and overdrew the bank account, seriously overdrew the account. He said he checked the numbers, but why doesn't he have a shirt on?
Sore nipples. He is training for a half marathon. He ran nine miles today.
He is whining,
His nipples hurt.
Am I, a woman who went through 36 hours of labor, only to have a C-section and then have a baby attached to sore nipples for the next three months, supposed to have SYMPATHY?
But then, the really dumb move of the day.
He goes to his Mom's. gets her pills, gets her supper, sets all of her clocks for her, BACK! Luckily, she noticed it before she thought she was the confused one.
I am still organizing fabric. Two inch strips, 2 1/2 inch strips, 4, 5, and 6 inch blocks and small strips for locker hooking. This container was overflowing with a mess of fabric, and I finally threw it all on the floor. Press, stack, cut, restack. Surely this pile should be going down soon.
Started another locker hook, greens this time.

And more dresses.

And some skirts.

Another great day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Didn't see that one coming.

Both of my grandsons were at work with their mother and I. Both of them were wound up, kicking balls, throwing balls, running, laughing. We hated to stop their fun, but well, it was getting a little out of hand. We gathered all the balls, we encouraged them to play something else. That actually went better than you would think. Later in the day, Tyler spots a golf ball on my desk. In a perfect, organized world, you would not have a random golf ball on your desk, but that is obviously not my world. Tyler asks for the golf ball. The conversation goes like this.
Tyler: Gramma Cathy, can I pullease have that golf ball? (notice how when pleading, please becomes two syllables.)
Me: Promise me that you will not throw the golf ball.
Tyler: I promise that I will not throw the golf ball.
Me: Promise me that you will not kick the golf ball.
Tyler: I promise that I will not kick the golf ball.
Me: If I see you kicking or throwing the golf ball, I can take it off of you.
Tyler: If you see me throwing or kicking the golf ball, you can take it off of me.
Me: Here is the golf ball and remember you PROMISED not to throw or kick it.
Tyler: Thank-you, now where is my bat?
as he runs to get the bat and I sit there shaking my head, saying "I didn't see that one coming!"

Still sewing and cutting. I made this dress for Gracelyn yesterday. I found the flowered fabric in an old stash, a twenty something year old stash. I had made a dress for Gracelyn's mother for Easter one year out of that fabric. She hated the dress, still makes comments about it regularly. Ever notice how out of all the good things that you did for your children, they only seem to remember the bad ones? I had to use a little piece of material in a dress for Gracelyn, just for old times sake. Shelby and Kendall, yours is coming next.

A couple of pieced tops, one for a baby quilt that I am going to keep on hand here, the other for a lap robe to give to the ladies at the church to finish.

And I thought that I would try a couple of table runners. These were so easy that I may make a few more of them.

And two more walker bags.

My sewing room is a disaster, but I am working through all the scraps that I have and having fun cutting them up. I actually had to put a new blade in my rotary cutter this AM. Wow, does that cut nice.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the spring weather. I know that we are, windows are open at work and best of all, the line from the sump pump is unfrozen and I can once again wash clothes! (and the sack of wool that I brought home from Goodwill the other day) Shhhh!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

How i spent my Saturday Vacation

And entire FREE day! Woohoo! Really! Nothing at all to do, no where to go, no one to see, nothing! Those just don't happen too often, now how to fill it up? Oh, there was laundry to do, several trips up and down the driveway to my MIL's since we still can't wash at our house, and there was some vacuuming to do and wouldn't you know the sweeper quit sucking. Several nasty words, some banged up fingers, a knitting needle shoved through the hose to unclog it AND the "wash every six months, I just found this after two years" filter cleaned, the sweeper was back up and running. By then, I was out of the mood to sweep.
So I retreated to my sewing room and the guest (otherwise known as another place to store your stash) room and I played, ALL DAY!
I dumped out cupboards, I sorted and stacked and cut. Found these already cut, two inch squares. I can see pillows or maybe pin cushions. And cut. Four, five and six inch squares, some for me, some for the ladies at the church, some for baby quilts, always nice to have one of those ready.
And cut, strips for locker hooking.

And cut, heavier fabrics and linings for walker bags. If I don't get them sewn, they are ready for the ladies at the church to sew.

And when I finally hit the recliner last night, I made progress on these pennies that have been calling me.

Some finished bags.

And more.

So that is how I spent my Saturday. My dear husband went on an eight mile run as part of his training for a half marathon. I like mine way better!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kids and cardboard..

who needs toys? These two entertained themselves with cardboard tubes, and cardboard boxes. They also managed to pull all the shirts out of the cabinets and jump in them like leaves, but we won't go there, that might not make them appear quite like the little angels that I would like you to believe they are.
Another new project. Because of all the time spent in hospitals lately and because my MIL now has a walker, I realized the need for these. There were tons of patterns on the internet for them, apparently many other people have always known there was a need for them. What a great way to use up some of the heavier fabric that I have accumulated. These are walker bags. I hope to make some "manly" ones also. Another fun project, using up fabric and going to a good cause.

And last night, we had our get together at the church to make dresses. It went well and I think everyone had a good time. We are planning to do it again. It was fun to see all the designs that everyone came up with. The fabric collection was sort of like the loaves and the fishes. I took what I had, one plastic bin full. When we left, some people took fabric home to make more and I refilled my plastic bin AND an army duffel bag AND two suitcases.

Finished this locker hook table runner for Shelby. A bit of a late birthday present.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ride 'em Cowboy!

My Dad builds rocking horses and I always get the job of painting them. Seems as though we have had a lot of rocking horses for little girls so when this one was for a boy, I had to think on it for a little while. A Pinto Pony seemed like just the thing. This one was by far the most fun to paint.

I looked for a silver concho to glue on and then just decided to paint one rather than keep looking.

And of course he needed a bandanna.

The finished product.

I am once again an "empty nester" I have had a week and a half of having at least one grandchild staying with me and last night when I was alone it was sort of sad. I miss them! Most of all I am going to miss the smile and 'Good morning" this morning. Not to worry though, I pick up Kendall at 7:20 for the day and Logan should arrive at 9. Not lonely for long!