Out of the fog.

No pics to show unless you want to see some failed attempt at hats OR the pic that my dear husband snapped of me unknowingly at the ER last night. I have threatened him with severe retaliation if that one ever surfaces and I know where he sleeps.

I called the Dr. on Wednesday AM, they called me back on Wednesday PM and gave me an appointment for Friday PM. By Friday PM, things were getting much worse, coughing and wheezing and high temps (well high by my standards, I thought I was delirious) and really weak. The doctor gave me doxycylene (not sure of that spelling, too lazy to get up and get it) and I, in my limited medical knowledge questioned that as I headed to the pharmacy. When the time came to write the check, $2.87, I really questioned it.

Wow, just walked to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee and found that the precious man that I am married to at some point threw away a tomato that was rotten and that was placed on the berry vine on the window sill and left all the rotting stuff in the berry vine and stuck to the window sill. You see, that is the problem with being sick, you never really know when these things happen and you are never completely better when you find them, just better enough to know that it needs cleaned up and you don't feel like doing it.

But, back to the story, I have always equated expensive antibiotics with good antibiotics. What do I know really? As a side note, I did pay for one daughter to go to school to be a Medical Assistant, doesn't that count for anything? I bring them home, I take one, I settle in for the evening, I get dizzy, nauseated, I am sick, I did too much today, worked, drove the 80 mile round trip to the doctor, stopped at Wally World and oh yeah, even remembered my gift card from Michaels and stopped there and treated myself to some new paintbrushes, THANK-YOU, MOLLY!!!!

Saturday AM, worse, take another antibiotic, this time with food, dizzy, nauseated, sicker! How can this be getting worse? Dear Hubby leaves for a nine mile run. Do you know how bad I want to take his knees out from under him? It's the sickness talking, I really would not do it. So I lay, and lay, and lay. I hate laying. I know this antibiotic should kick in soon, Who am I kidding? I have no faith that it is going to work at all. Saturday evening rolls in, I have watched four movies (three of which I didn't even want to watch, remodeled at least 10 backyards, and 7 episodes of Clean House, the latter to allow me to not feel so bad about mine) take another antibiotic, isn't this going to be the magic one? Hubby leaves for a gun raffle, after asking my opinion about what he should wear. Honestly, it is the only time that I swore at him through this all and really, should someone who has laid in flannel pants, a t-shirt, no bra, with a bedhead really be asked which t-shirt I think he should wear? It is a GUN RAFFLE in REDNECK America!!! Don your ball cap and some camo and woohoo, you are good to go! (Also the attire for about 35% of the weddings we attend, but we'll leave that story for another time.)

So Sunday morning rolls around and I wake in my Nyquil induced hangover that I now have every morning and I am not any better. Dear Hubby leaves for church, really does he have this much of a social life when I am not sick? I ignore the warning of sunshine on the side of the antibiotic and lay on the deck for about an hour, soaking in the sunshine, covered to the neck with a blanket, WORSE!

Lunchtime rolls around, food does not taste good, I watch ANOTHER movie, I lay some more. Dear Hubby is in and out and up and down and his energy level is really starting to make me want to lash out irrationally. Finally, he sits down in the chair across from me at 4:00 and the decision is made. The Emergency Room. There is no way around it. I am worse. I can't breathe, my arms and legs are like gelatin, I have this pounding headache, the wheezing in my chest, I cannot wait until 9:00 tomorrow morning to call the doctor, leave the message, have them call me back at 2:00 and schedule an appointment for Wednesday at 4:30. I need help now. So off we go.

Forty mile trip to the ER but to their credit, they are a good ER. They take you right in and you see a doctor within 20 minutes. CT scan, Chest x-ray, breathing treatment, bloodwork, pee in a bottle, steroids, GOOD antibiotics and one really powerful Motrin later with a diagnosis of bronchitis and severe sinusitus and we are on our way home. The photo happened somewhere mid breathing treatment with the comment of "Superman meets his kryptonite." Not funny at the time, still not feeling the humor.

It could be all in my head (little pun there) but around 10:00 last night, I thought I felt a little better and this morning even more so. Last night was my first night without Nyquil in a week, which is probably why I am awake prior to 5:00 AM, but that's ok for now. Not sure what this afternoon at work will be. Oh, did I mention that I HAVE to go to work today? Of course, dear hubby has to take his mother for a DR's appointment. No rest for the weary.

Off to clean the windowsill and berry vine!


pammyjo said…
Awwhh! I hate to hear you're sick. I hope you can make it today. Take things slow. Hoping you have some sunshine. :)
Suzanne said…
I'm so sorry. What a horrible experience. I really hope you can get out of going to work today! I wish I was your neighbor, so I could bring over a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. Seriously, I hope that medicine kicks in and that you are yourself in no time. Take care.
Laurie said…
Oh what memories you bring to my mind! I can so relate! Get better ok? and take it easy at work, no relapses!
Lois said…
I was thinking about you today, and wondering if you were better??? I'm glad you got the GOOD antibiotics this time. Take it easy, so you get all better.

Lois L.
Sher said…
You need to take care of yourself, Gal! Seriously!