Friday, October 30, 2009

Time to knit

Finished up these tags this morning. They are just tags from Staples and I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet. More of the candy canes finished up also. If you have never made these, they are so easy. I find the candy canes at yard sales. These are wrapped in my old living room curtains first and then scraps of fabric. A little bit of greenery and some stars or jingle bells, sprinkle with Diamond Dust and they are finished,
A few smaller ones.

I had Kendall all day and the boys in the morning. They played with the Play-Doh for quite awhile. They really enjoy that.

After the boys left, I took Kendall to see her Mom at school and take part in their Halloween party. The kids all loved having her there and it was nice for me to see Shelby's room. I had not been there yet this year and she has a new classroom since last year.
I painted this tree this evening. It is for Hallelujah Night at our church. The game is to knock Zaccheus out of the little opening with a sandbag. Last year I painted an eight foot tall Goliath and did not realize that the ceiling in the church basement was only seven feet...oops! This is only five feet tall. Now to get it delivered to the church in the morning.

And this is what happens when your knitting needles look too much like drumsticks. Logan was running (walking, if this is safety conscious Marilyn or John reading this) around the house, playing his little Fisher Price drum when I realized that his drumsticks came right out of the scarf that I was working on. I thought it was too wide anyway so I am just starting over....that and I can never get the needles back in right.
Tomorrow night is Trick or Treat in our town. I know that there are people who do not approve, but I have always loved the community that we live in for Trick or Treat. I always sit on the porch and pass out candy. I love to see all the little kids dressed up and while I am not a huge fan of some of the costume choices, some of them are just too cute.
Tyler and Logan are going as Mario and Luigi, they tried their costumes on for me today so that I could hem them. Gracelyn is going as a garden gnome, and Kendall previewed her costume at school today as a mermaid. I am hoping to get pics of all of them tomorrow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


They just seem to go hand in hand for me. I wake up with all these ideas and I have to get up and act on them. I feel pretty sure that I will be feeling the results of this about suppertime.
I painted these quite awhile ago and never got them finished. Finally fired up the glue gun this morning in an effort to stay in the basement and not wake John.

Some stuff that has been laying around and did not escape the glue gun this morning.

And these pumpkins that I picked up last week at Michaels for .99 each. I have three more that need finished. I found all these crows in my stash, never know what you even have until you dig.

And now for my gross story of the day. John and my MIL have these friends from where they used to live...used to live in something like 40 years ago. There are not many of them left, thank goodness, but the ones that still come to visit can be real characters. Sometimes their visits are quick and painless, other times they just leave me shaking my head. Yesterday was one of those. This friend, old, newly single and I seriously think he is crushing on my MIL, stopped with a friend of HIS. This man, the friend, settled into the lunch table, asking questions, watching us work, getting up every now and then for closer looks at what we were doing (translated...get in the way) Finally he settled down and out of the corner of my eye, I see him whip out a ziploc bag and snuff, take out his teeth, put them in the ziploc bag and put a wad of snuff in his mouth and continue talking through the entire event. Some events in life just leave me speechless.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkins, Primitive Stitching and More Paint

Sunday evening was spent "helping" Gracelyn carve her pumpkins. Her favorite words of the evening were"ooey-gooey" and "happy day" SHE did not mind sticking her hands in the pumpkins. Bath and five more readings of Put Me In The Zoo, after arguing for The Cat in The Hat and losing that argument, she was off to bed. Yesterday morning, I took the morning off from work to take Tyler and Logan to get their pumpkins. Loading them both in the car, when they INSIST on fastening themselves in takes forever! Where do they get the independent streak so early? Six pumpkins, two mini pumpkins, a bag of apples, two candy necklaces, chocolate candy, a gallon of milk, two stops, Logan telling everyone he is going to be Mario (no one else really understands him) and an argument with Tyler over how I was not going to buy him lottery tickets as he tries to grab just one little dollar for a ticket, we got home, brought all six pumpkins in to the basement and Tyler says "I am just going to watch, I don't want to put my hand in there" So, as they watched Tom and Jerry I carved their pumpkins. Nice morning though, we played in the leaves and went to the playground and played, not too many more days like that. Shelby and Shawnee stopped last night with Gracelyn and Kendall. Any day that you can hug all four of your grandchildren is a good day.

Shawnee has been busy stitching away for the Open House. Less than two weeks away, today is my day to make some step stake signs and get them placed around the community.

And I am still painting...the bottom of this is chalkboard paint.

And the black area on this one. I love using that paint. Makes the painting so much more functional.

I have not painted any of these for awhile. They used to sell really well for me. Hopefully they still do.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday painting

Just some more items, finished for our open house. I am in the usual, "how much can I get done at the last minute" stage that I always got to before a big craft show. The paint is flying and my mind is working overtime. There is a whole box of these 2 x 4's cut in the basement. They are leaving rapidly!

And all these pieces of scrap 1/4 inch plywood.

These still need jute glued on them.

And another snowman door.

I am still doing some knitting. I have a few scarves started and finished a hat for Kendall and am starting another one because I don't think that the first one is going to fit her.
Movie Critic Corner: John and I watched the movie Gran Torino last night. It is a Clint Eastwood film and I am not a huge fan of his movies. I wanted to watch Mamma Mia for the 5th or 6th time (he has not seen it yet and refuses to...I think if he could be guaranteed no one would ever find out he would...but then I would post it here and...well I digress) If you can get past the language in the movie, it was a great film with a great message. What a tearjerker though! We were both sitting there crying at the end. Now I know that I should not tell that John was crying, but he bad as I was! At the end, all that came to mind was a verse in John 15, I think, Greater love has no man that he lay down his life for his friends. Hope that I got that close to right without going to look it up.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More painting and nature

Finished these items this week, still cramming for the open house. The middle of this is chalkboard paint. I'd like to get a few more of these made. And more snowmen...

Thursday evening I had to do a "favor" painting that I have been putting off. A man had brought some slate to me late in the summer and wanted a stone in front of his house painted with his name on it. I have been procrastinating that job for over a month. I finally ran out the other night after work and got it finished. It really didn't take that long...why do I do that?
These are pics from on the way home from there. I forgot, of course to take a pic of the stone once it was painted.

Wish that I could have got a clearer pic of these birdhouses. They are all along this road.

And these little friends stopped to pose once I almost hit them.

This bush is in my MIL's yard. Every year it just glows with color.

And these mums started from this little start of a plant that I had years ago. They have been passed out and given away to who knows how many people. They are the heartiest mums I have ever grown.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Where does the time go? Life seemed to kick into high gear this last week, coming home from New Orleans, still not having my computer up and running at work, all those green peppers, and oh my gosh...our open house is just weeks away. Saturday I buckled down and got lots of painting finished.

The fifth checkerboard. Sure hope someone likes these...or five someones. Some more snowmen items.
Still need to put the finishing touches on these, some greenery, homespun, and tags...and oh yeah, where is that little bulb thingie for the percolator?

Really primitive old sled.

And some star items.

Tyler's new favorite toy at our house is my camera. He gets lots of interesting shots.

I managed to grab it long enough to get these shots. Logan just loves Kendall. He wants to hold her and have her sit by him. Sometimes Kendall doesn't seem to want to be loved by Logan though. That is what this expression tells me.

This is Gracelyn after the insomniac night..doesn't she look fresh and happy? Notice you don't see a pic of Gramma after that night.

I am off on a shop hop of sorts with my Mom and her quilting friends today. They drive here from Ohio and then I map out a route of quilt shops to take them to for the day. Of course I left the planning of the route to the last minute and was searching for shops last night. Thanks to Nina and Grandma Nina's for the tips. I'll let everyone know how that goes!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morning at the Auction, Night with an Insomniac

There is a twice weekly auction here that sells produce from the Amish. Fun to attend, but really cold yesterday morning. Jenn has been making this wonderful dipping mustard that we all can't seem to get enough of so yesterday AM, we positioned my MIL at the shop, (John had left for camp for the weekend) and we headed out to hopefully find more hot peppers for her to make some more. The thoughts are that she can sell it at the open house we are having...if we don't eat it all first. Ever heard of auction fever? I have experienced it a few times, but have stopped John in the middle of it many times. Jenn is confused with what the auctioneer is saying and I say, "It is no problem, you just have to pay how this works." Seventy one dollars, eight boxes of green peppers (and that was after I begged off taking SEVENTEEN boxes) and a full car later, we laughed about that statement. We did also buy three boxes of tomatoes, five pecks of the hot peppers, fifty pounds of baking potatoes, and nineteen bunches of Indian Corn. In my travels and deliveries yesterday afternoon, I did manage to give away some of the potatoes, peppers and Indian Corn. Jenn took four boxes of the peppers and found a recipe on the internet for green pepper relish and thought she would make some salsa with the tomatoes. I was so glad to take half of this out at her house.

So today I will be freezing green peppers. I also managed to sell one box yesterday....they were only $2 per box, what I thought was a great deal!
I did manage to finish these two checkerboards. I didn't have quite enough stars for the checkers on this one, have them on my list for next time I get to town. This one ended up almost too primitive for my liking.

This is number four, hopefully after peppers, bows on the Indian Corn, a little cleaning, maybe a nap, I'll get number five done, then onto snowmen projects that are all basecoated and waiting.

I picked Gracelyn up after work, it was going to be Gramma and Gracelyn night. I get those so rarely. I see Gracelyn, but don't seem to get her alone. I was so excited! We were going to the Ladies Tea at church and then home to read books and a sleepover. She is the only grandchild so far that really LIKES to have books read to her.
At 1:30 and the 13th reading of Put Me In The Zoo, fourth taped episode of Max and Ruby, sippy cup and binky in hand, I finally called her mother and asked what to do with her. Her answer...turn out the lights and put her in long as you entertain her, she won't go to sleep.

Wish I would have known that at 9!