Time to knit

Finished up these tags this morning. They are just tags from Staples and I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet. More of the candy canes finished up also. If you have never made these, they are so easy. I find the candy canes at yard sales. These are wrapped in my old living room curtains first and then scraps of fabric. A little bit of greenery and some stars or jingle bells, sprinkle with Diamond Dust and they are finished,
A few smaller ones.

I had Kendall all day and the boys in the morning. They played with the Play-Doh for quite awhile. They really enjoy that.

After the boys left, I took Kendall to see her Mom at school and take part in their Halloween party. The kids all loved having her there and it was nice for me to see Shelby's room. I had not been there yet this year and she has a new classroom since last year.
I painted this tree this evening. It is for Hallelujah Night at our church. The game is to knock Zaccheus out of the little opening with a sandbag. Last year I painted an eight foot tall Goliath and did not realize that the ceiling in the church basement was only seven feet...oops! This is only five feet tall. Now to get it delivered to the church in the morning.

And this is what happens when your knitting needles look too much like drumsticks. Logan was running (walking, if this is safety conscious Marilyn or John reading this) around the house, playing his little Fisher Price drum when I realized that his drumsticks came right out of the scarf that I was working on. I thought it was too wide anyway so I am just starting over....that and I can never get the needles back in right.
Tomorrow night is Trick or Treat in our town. I know that there are people who do not approve, but I have always loved the community that we live in for Trick or Treat. I always sit on the porch and pass out candy. I love to see all the little kids dressed up and while I am not a huge fan of some of the costume choices, some of them are just too cute.
Tyler and Logan are going as Mario and Luigi, they tried their costumes on for me today so that I could hem them. Gracelyn is going as a garden gnome, and Kendall previewed her costume at school today as a mermaid. I am hoping to get pics of all of them tomorrow.


Oh, my...I guess you are starting over with your knitting...
I've been in the mood to knit lately too...maybe this weekend! Happy Halloween ~Natalie
Love the tags...cute younguns!
Playdoh is really such a great attention keeper, isn't it? And it's so much better than sitting the kids in front of the tv.
I think Trick or Treating is so much fun. We live out in the country though so we never get any kids. This year, hubby and I went into town to my daughter's house and gave treats out there while they took Kaiden around the neighborhood. It really was so much fun seeing the all the cute little kids.
Lois said…
This year my Hubby John and I did the same thing that Caths Pennies Designs did. We don't get very many kids on our street (the most we have had in 23 years was 18 and 5 of those were nephews & nieces) We went out to my son's house and shelled out the goodies while they took my Cutie Patootie out. I love seeing the costumes on the little ones. Some of them, I mean the costumes, are so inventive. The best one last night was a 9/10 year old girl dressed up as a potted plant. It was a really great costume.