Sunday, May 31, 2009

Church announcements and just a couple more pics

The announcement in church this morning was truly a rural moment.
I am going to change the names but you will get the idea. The pastor announced, "Wendell and Norma White would like to announce that they have lost two white faced Herefords that escaped the pasture yesterday, if anyone sees them please phone .........." That announcement actually topped the one from a month ago of "The men's banquet will be held at the local Sportsmen's Club on Wednesday night, all the men are encouraged to bring their shotguns" You just can't beat Rural America!
And just a few more pics of Kendall. Don't you just love that hair? Her Aunt Shawnee had the comb out and was styling away today. Such chubby little cheeks for as tiny as she is. The Princess was in the hospital to see her new cousin today and was totally fascinated with the "Baby" They are so cute together, such opposite in hair color.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Announcing, one month early...Kendall Jae

Our little bundle of joy made her arrival exactly one month early today. Shelby's water broke last night and she went to the hospital. They induced her this morning and finally at around 3:00 this afternoon they decided to do a c-section. Her name is Kendall Jae and she weighs 6 pounds 1 ounce and is 19 1/2 inches long. You can't see it from this pic, but she has tons of dark hair. I got to hold her for a little bit before I left the hospital at 6 tonight, then was off to a graduation party and now am off to bed. We are so thankful that she is here and both mom and baby are healthy. More pics to come!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

One finished, progress, and a new project

I managed to finish this the other night and it left here via the post office this afternoon. Wonder where it is going? Worked on this a little bit more...
And started yet another one.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Various stages of incompletion.

As usual, I have way too many projects started. It is the Crafter ADD kicking in for me. I see these things and I just have to start them so that I won't forget what I wanted to do with them. Thank goodness we have Knitting Night tonight. One of these projects..or two is going with me and hopefully will come back home finished.
I love these colors but what a pain this project is becoming. This is an experiment in knitting with cotton fabric, a little tricky but it is working. This works up fast and I am hoping that I can finish this tonight. Amazing what a new blade in the rotary cutter will do. What was I waiting for?
I bought this roll of fabric at the flea market at the beginning of May and made a little pact with myself that I would not buy anything at June's flea market unless I had finished and put to use everything that I had bought at the previous month's. (This pact does not apply to yard sale and Goodwill purchases in case the you are reading this my dear husband) Oh yes, and it does not apply to yarn purchases either. Baby steps. Back to the fabric, I was going to make this for one of my spare bedrooms but I think that I am going to add some green and red and put it on the front porch. Back to the sewing room and the rotary cutter.

I have had this lunch box and watering can sitting in my painting area for a few weeks (translation...months) waiting for inspiration AND the time to paint them.

And....ta finished project! This is knitted from t-shirt yarn, the first time that I tried to knit it. I have crocheted it before. This is for my table on the deck.

My neice was here from Atlanta and she wanted to learn to make the t-shirt yarn and to knit. Wow, to be that young again and pick things up so fast. What a difference a young mind makes! We really enjoyed her and enjoyed having a "kid" in the house again. It was like having one of our girls home again, the visit was all too short and now the house is quiet again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby shower

The shower is over and back to "normal" life again. Dear Hubby says that life for him has not been "normal" since I married him and that he has accepted that it will not be, but I think that it is going to be more calm now. Of course we do have Bible School to get ready for now......
These are the items that I made for Shelby for the nursery. They were such pretty colors to work with, I still have a few more things that I would like to get done for her, one is a painting with the baby's name but since she won't tell us that yet, it will have to wait until after the little girl arrives.

This is all the verses to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, who even knew that there were more verses...I did not. I printed them out on vellum and decoupaged them to the canvas. I found this old frame at a flea market and the brown velvet trim worked out perfect for her room.

Shelby and I had switched vehicles a few weeks ago and when I got mine back, the tailgate was full of things that she MEANT to take to Goodwill and forgot about. We have laughed over her leaving her things in there and when I did take them to Goodwill finally, I found those star baskets in with her stuff and grabbed them as they were unloaded. They were metallic gold and had tacky Christmas greens in them. She really got a laugh out of opening them up...and getting them back.

I did not get a pic of the afghan that I made for the baby. I decided to make it last Saturday and finished it this Thursday, needless to say, my house is a disaster. With working longer hours this past week and getting ready for this, the house and the yard has had no attention.

These are the baby's cousins. One from each side of the family. Shelby's MIL had two sons and this baby, Peyton, was her first grandchild and another boy. She is really excited to be getting a girl finally and well, let's just say that little girl will probably never have a need for clothing. These two were so gentle with one another, not the rough and tumble way that Gracelyn is with Tyler and Logan. She holds her own with them.

Lots of yummy breakfast!

Gracelyn thought that the rocking horse was hers, my dad has made one for each of his three great-granddaughters now.

And then when the shower was over, John and I regrouped, redressed and after a quick stop here at my MIL's, we were off to a wedding yesterday. Seven in the morning until 11 at night is way too long to wear high heels.

It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, and a perfect setting. Our church is in the country and it was a nice day and the reception was at the country club. The food was delicious and the bride loves ice cream so the cake was ice cream cake and the favors were ice cream scoops, very unique!
My neice is here for a visit from Georgia, she stayed at my daughter's house last night and I get to have her for the next few days. Can't wait to spend some time with her.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Amish Auction and The Strip District

The best of both worlds would describe what we have... Thursday afternoon my daughter, the Princess and I went to Pittsburgh to the Strip District to get supplies for the shower tomorrow. I love to go in Schorin's for all the tablewares. They have such a great selection of plates and cups and tablecloths and placemats in about any color and it is so well arranged and the people there are so friendly! I love the hustle and bustle and energy of The Strip District, sometimes it ALMOST makes me think that I could live in the city, however..... This morning a friend of mine introduced me to the Produce Auction that the Amish have in Smicksburg, Pa and I realize that the country is the place for me. There is something about standing in that open air auction building bidding on flowers and produce realizing that this is part of your "culture" in the country that I could just not give up that makes me realize that although I was born and raised in the city, I think that I am a country girl at heart.

These will be the centerpieces and some of the gifts for the shower tomorrow...I think that I am ready, hope that it all goes off without any problems. I'll have pics tomorrow of the shower and of the items that I painted and made for the baby's room. We have back to back events tomorrow, I have the shower in the morning...a breakfast shower and we have a wedding in the afternoon and evening to attend. It will be a day of celebrations.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Altered Art? Acting my age? Duck, Duck Goose

These are some of my first attempts at "altered art" or I think that is what you would call them. Am I right? They will be the centerpeices/prizes for my daughter's baby shower on Saturday along with a plant on each table. They are to coordinate with the favors that I had such amazing help with.
Hopefully I can get the other seven done before then...and what a mess this all makes, my painting table has NEVER looked so bad, thankfully no one goes to that part of the house except for John and I .
As I was sitting in the gynecologist's office at 1:30 yesterday I thought...what is my age? I had Gracelyn in the morning to get ready and out the door and although it did not seem that long ago that my kids were little, I really have to think to get her and I ready and everything packed and out the door by 8 in the morning. At that point I feel OLD! I took her to watch the boys while my daughter and step-daughter go to a kickboxing class. When Logan woke up, we all went up to get him and all three of them climb onto Grammie giggling to be carried down the stairs together, one on each hip and one piggyback. I should be a 25 year old weightlifter for that...combined they weigh over 100 pounds, and the doctor says no heavy lifting, but has he ever heard them giggle like that? After that, I went to work for a little while and then on the bike for the 80 mile roundtrip to the doctor's office, that makes me feel young...riding the bike, I love gassing it and feeling like I am flying, leaning into the curves, I feel 20 again! Then I sit down in the doctor's office and pull out my knitting and I I 80? sitting here knitting?
Tyler looked at all of us yesterday morning and said, "I think I have an idea" It is one of his favorite sayings and when I hear it I jump to attention. Some of his ideas can involve HUGE messes and you have to stop him BEFORE he puts them into action. This one was not. He counted 1,2,3,4....Gracelyn, Logan, him and I and said "I think we have enough to play Duck, Duck, Goose" Needless to say while we tried, Gracelyn and Logan did not grasp the concept so it basically turned into chasing Tyler around the house and him, of course giggling. Running in the house? Did I forget that rule somewhere?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I've been working on...

This is the bedding for my daughter's baby nursery. I have been working on items to match it for the last few days every chance that I get. When the last baby was born, it seems as though I had so much more time to prepare and make things for the nursery, could it be the addition of another baby has taken so much more time? I don't like to keep going back to the surgery, but it really has taken a chunk of time out of spring. I am really enjoying making things for her though and even if I don't have them all done by the shower this Saturday, I still have a little over a month before the baby arrives to finish some of the other items that I have in mind.

Meanwhile, the Princess is upstairs sleeping away. I have never kept her all night that it did not turn into a non-sleeping event for both of us. Usually she fights me to go to sleep and fights me to stay asleep. Last night I laid her in the pack and play at 8:40 and by nine she was fast asleep and has slept all night! What a relief! I did not want her to be afraid to stay at Grammie and Papa's house. That was really bugging me that she would not stay with us.

We played all evening and I took her to the playground and she loved the swings and slide. Maybe I just wore her out. I know I was tired. This morning is the morning that I keep her and the boys so that the Moms can go to kickboxing class and then I go to the doctor for my final release from the tub here I come. I have really missed relaxing there for a little bit in the evenings!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day Craft Project

My daughter had her sister and I to her house this morning for a Mother's Day craft project. She had everything laid out and ready for us to start working. Of course, Gracelyn had to help with the dirt!
And help her Mommy.

Shelby, with Gracelyn and Sadie, Shelby's baby is due at the end of June, another little girl to even up our grandchildren to 2 boys and 2 girls.

And these are what we made. They fill in....if I take care of them right and make a sphere of flowers.

Some pics of flowers around my yard.

Love the smell of these, I had to pick a few and put on my painting table.
My favorite, wave petunias!
Love the colors in these dahlias.

And now I am off to "Paint til I faint" Have to finish up all the stuff for the new baby's nursery....will post pics AFTER the shower next week.

What happened?

How did my life get this crazy? An entire week and no blogging!? I think that the whole recovery thing caught up with me at work and home and since I could no longer use that as an excuse...well let's just say I had a real reality check! I got seriously chewed out by a customer and while he was not entirely right in his accusations, I realized that I was slacking a little, but hey I did have surgery, that excuse was not really working for him though, so I realized it was time to crack down and clear things out and work some longer days. Enough of that moment though.

I have no creative items to show for two reasons. The only things that I am working on are for my daughter's shower gifts for this Saturday and she reads this and I want everything to be a surprise and two...the camera is at work for taking pics of items that I needed artwork for....back to the cracking down at work thing...but it is Saturday and I am leaving it all there for the weekend anyway.

Fun events of the past week.
1. We took our 3 year old grandson bowling Tuesday night. What entertainment he is! I laughed until tears rolled down my face and my stomach hurt, everyone needs to laugh like that at least once a week!
2. I am taking Tuesday mornings off to watch all three of my grandchildren so that the girls can take a kickboxing class...personally I think that I am the one that gets more exercise with the three kids, at least that is my excuse for not exercising! They are so fun together and the little Princess is not taking any abuse from the boys...I think that she is dishing it out!
3. Took Logan, the two year old to run some errands the other night and what a joy he is! He is the most gentle, calm, obedient child, such a sweet disposition....and now I think that I know every word to Highway by Rascal Flatts, we listened to it over and over and over and over the entire time he was with me....he just kept saying AGAIN!
4. Thursday night was our Ladies Banquet at our church and John cooks for it. He does a great job with it, it was a job that his father had done many years ago and now he is carrying on the tradition.
5. I finally got to ride my bike! It has been a long winter...I am not a winter rider like my husband and the nice days this spring...well let's just say my dear husband's comment was "If you can't run the vacuum cleaner, I don't think that you can lift an 800 pound Harley" I get my final release on Tuesday, so I jumped the gun a little last night and we rode a 20 mile circle and went out to dinner with friends. How nice to feel the wind and the power and the rumble of the bike! I was loving it!

Off to my daughter's today for a belated Mother's Day craft morning! She has an outdoor craft project for us to do this morning. I can't wait, how fun is this? I'll try to remember to go get my camera so that I can take pics!

Have to try to fit in catching up on all of the posts that I have missed!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Books, yarn, and flea market finds

Gayle had posted and asked for a before pic of the books. These are just paper mache books that I find at Pat Catans. I have not seen them at any other craft store though. They are inexpensive paper mache books. The ones on the left are a little larger than the favors and the ones on the right are the same size as the favors but they are a little smoother and the inside paper is lined. I know that Pat Catans is a more regional shop but I would think that any shop that carries a big line of paper mache would have them. They are all in the .50 to 1.50 price range. I keep one in my purse all the time for little notes and I use one at Christmas for my Christmas shopping lists. Another HUGE thanks to Kathy and Patti for bringing me more yarn for the Haitian ladies. I did not get a chance to go through it at all this week, it has been so hectic, so this morning I finally took it all upstairs and looked through it and will now go back and pack it into the yarn closet. Everyone has been so generous with this project, can't wait to take it and share it, the ladies will be so appreciative of all of you!

A few of my finds from last weeks' jaunt to Hazen Flea Market, and one little late evening stop at a yard sale after delivering. Why wouldn't all yard sales stay open until 7 in the evening? My friends have my mind thinking altered art and now I am picking up old paper. I love the old hymns and can already see some projects in my mind! I wish that I could see the time to do them in my mind!
The rest of my Hazen finds are here. Again, I can see them all in my mind..well except for the wheel, if anyone has any suggestions for that, I'll take them. I just kept stacking up stuff and the wheel just sort of fell into the stack. The navy blue item is lined with old velvet, it must have been a jeweler's tray or something and I want to do a collage of some old things that I have here, some of them from my grandmother and hang it in my sewing room. The fabric is to supplement what I already have for a rug in my one "guest" room.
Any suggestions on the wheel? I'll gladly take them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Just a few close-ups of the little book favors for the baby shower.

A couple of bigger journal books for prizes.
Shower invitations

I love to make floral arrangements and did these with some grocery store bouquets and some wildflowers and greenery and flowers from the yard.