Church announcements and just a couple more pics

The announcement in church this morning was truly a rural moment.
I am going to change the names but you will get the idea. The pastor announced, "Wendell and Norma White would like to announce that they have lost two white faced Herefords that escaped the pasture yesterday, if anyone sees them please phone .........." That announcement actually topped the one from a month ago of "The men's banquet will be held at the local Sportsmen's Club on Wednesday night, all the men are encouraged to bring their shotguns" You just can't beat Rural America!
And just a few more pics of Kendall. Don't you just love that hair? Her Aunt Shawnee had the comb out and was styling away today. Such chubby little cheeks for as tiny as she is. The Princess was in the hospital to see her new cousin today and was totally fascinated with the "Baby" They are so cute together, such opposite in hair color.


Oh, she is beautiful...I love her little turned up nose:) Thanks for sharing pics of her!
What a precious sweetheart. Congratulations!
I agree about rural america. The most welcoming and friendly churches we've been to have been those little country churches. They also have the best covered dish dinners too!
Tami said…
Look at all that hair....she is a cutie that is for sure!!

Have a great day!
Colleen said…
What a baby doll she is!!!
luv2teek said…
Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa!

She's beautiful...absolutely love the hair!

Lois said…
What a pretty name for a pretty baby. She is so pretty!
Congratulations to Grandma and Grandpa....oh yes, to mommie and daddy too!
Thanks for sharing the pics.
Please show her off any time you can.
Kim said…
Oh my WORD! She is just precious! Absolutely beautiful!!! Truly. Congrats on the new family member! :o)