Monday, May 18, 2015

Soldiers' Angels

Every now and then it is interesting to see where blog visits come from.
I was really happy to see the link
to make these bags
come up on this page.
Great use of directions!
Hop over and take a look!
Maybe there is something that you want to make!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Serendipitous Moments

What a ride this has been!
Setting up and opening a shop,
a winter of paint classes,
all more craziness than usual...
if that is possible.
I have loved getting the shop ready,
enjoyed the entire process
really like working there. 
The vendors work most of the weekdays,
mostly the weekends are tied up for me for the time being.

I was on my own.
Worked at that REAL job in the early morning
and then off to
Time Works.
Busy day,
I took paints and brushes.
Didn't really accomplish much there.

My two last customers of the day came in.
Wandered around
and then....
The one woman brings two yearbooks to the counter.
Her voice is shaky.
She has just found her father's yearbook!
Not just the 1946 yearbook that he was pictured in...
His personal yearbook,
with all the messages from his classmates!
Stories from the past.
What a serendipitous moment!
I am sure that she enjoyed her evening,
reading all about her father!
Goosebumps and Tears!