Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Old Girl Scout Song

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
and the other gold.
Remember it?
We sang it in rounds around the campfire.
At 9, 10 and 11 years old,
it really didn't have the meaning
that it does as we get older.
The painting above was done in my first sessions
of learning decorative painting.
It is a pie basket that I have kept for the last
30 years
over and over.
A reminder of a good friend.
This is how I started painting.
Early 20's, at home Mom
with two small little girls,
under the age of two.
I was living in a rural area,
100+ miles from "home".
My NEW friend, Hope,
saw my need to
"get out"
for a little while.
She suggested we take a class.
She had done her homework.
Stained Glass,
Square dancing
Tole Painting.
General clumsiness
the lack of a square dancing parter
quickly eliminated the first two.
So, tole painting it was.
How I loved it!
Hope and I went to many classes together,
traveled to Maryland for a weekend seminar
Oh my, what she started.
Since then,
I have had tons of opportunities,
met so many people
traveled all over with
decorative painting.
Hope and I went different paths in life
disconnected somewhere along the line.
There were years and years
that we didn't see one another
or talk.

Recently, we have reconnected,
once again,
we are taking painting classes.
I missed the first two of the five week series.

Last night we did a washer.
Not earthshattering artwork,
just learning to control
the paint.
Most important of all though,
is time spent
with an old friend.
Back then we were two young mothers
with small children,
sharing stories
enjoying the friendship
we are two "young"
sharing stories
enjoying the friendship!
Only the wrinkles on our face
and the pounds...
well we won't go there,
are different.
So glad to have a "gold" friend
back in my life!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Knit the Bridge

Life has been a little more than
it's normal chaos for the last few months.
For instance,
I realized this morning that I had never taken
the cushions and awning
off my front porch for the winter.
Does is matter?
Not really.
Just one of those things that have
been overlooked and forgotten
over the last few months.
I walked into my sewing room
and saw this project.
Signed up,
made a commitment,
have it in writing,
Knit the Bridge
At the time that I signed up,
it seemed like a fun little project
that I would enjoy.
Using up scrap yarn,
an art project,
then donated to a good cause.
A fun afternoon walking across the bridge
looking at everyone's creations.
Yes, all that,
all about it!
So, I am back,
knowing that I have a deadline!
For more information on
Knit the Bridge
(or crochet the bridge),
check out the links below.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Old School, New School

My new friend
posted a pic of a little girl with one of these phones,
the one on the left, that is.
It inspired me to take this pic.
I found this phone at a yard sale a few years ago.
I think that I paid less than a dollar for it.
They are really fun all painted up,
But before it went into the stash,
I set it on my painting counter and plugged it in.
To my surprise, it worked!
And even better,
because of it's weight,
it didn't fall off the counter when I propped it on my shoulder
to talk.
The headphone seemed to fit between
my shoulder and ear better also,
and there were no annoying
"chin pushing the buttons"
So that is where it stayed.
And I used it,
only to answer
for over a year.
Then the thought...
wonder if you can "dial" it?
And you can!
Funny thing, it will only take seven numbers,
but in our little community,
that still works.
The rest of the technology,
my IPhone,
sitting right beside it...
you know,
to keep track of the rest of the world.

Resting and de-stressing was on the plan for the weekend.
This scarf was finished,
worked at the shop for awhile on Saturday,
re-arranged the family room,
dinner with friends on Saturday night.
A calm weekend.
Here's to hoping my week and yours is the same.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Museum, Part 2

A few things that I have painted for my Mom
over the years.

And a couple of Mom's quilts.

This is made with one inch squares.
How much patience does that take?

It was so good to be home.
I can't tell you when I was ever as homesick
as I was on Friday. 
Mom is improving some, she sounds better
on the phone,
I hate the 100 miles that seperate us
more than ever right now.
Thank you again for all the prayers! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome to the Museum

First floor,
I have not included all of them here.
Not sure I would not crash the
World Wide Web
doing that...
There are lots!

How would you like to dust all of this?

And I truly believe,
that for every carving in this house,
there is another one somewhere
that he has given away.


Tomorrow's post might be the quilt section
or maybe
Things I Have Painted in this House...
you will have to wait and see.
Update on my mom.
She is home,
insurance would not allow her to stay any longer.
She is resting.
She is very tired.
I guess it is now and
wait and see if the meds work
I wanted her out of that hospital
when she was worse yesterday morning
Dad and I quickly decided to just get her out of there.
If she does not improve,
we will take her elsewhere.
It is just a waiting game now.
My entitled friend...
at 10 am when we were leaving the hospital
he was lounging under a blanket,
watching tv and eating
the smell coming from the waiting room was not good.
I am so glad to be out of there.
While the nursing staff as a whole was excellent.
On Wednesday morning,
my Mom's nurse
came in, opened her pills with 
the tip of an open ball point pen,
dropped some of them on the floor,
picked them up and still gave them to my Mom.
She insisted one pill was a Tums
and instructed my Mom to chew it.
Mom argued,
but the nurse insisted.
It was an aspirin!
Have you ever bit into an aspirin?
Then, in an eight hour shift,
she checked on my Mom once.
Other nurses, thankfully stepped up.
Mostly IV issues,
but this nurse never answered the call button once.
How does she keep her job? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


What to title this post?
I thought of
Why I Don't Carry A Gun
But in today's world
That might set off a few alarms.
I also thought
It Is Good That I Have Jesus In My Heart
But that was a little long.
And so 
is the word of the day. 
You will see why later.
This story was originally a very long text
sent to four daughters and a friend. 
A private blog post of sorts.
Dianna thought it was blog worthy.
And so, 
here you go....
keeping in mind that I have never posted a blog post from my phone.
Please be gentle, the punctuation is hard with your thumbs.
First of all,
I am still in Ohio at the hospital
a little more than tired and frustrated, 
and here we go. 
After a fourteen hour shift at the hospital yesterday starting at 5:30am yesterday, fighting icy roads to get home, we arrive again this morning before 6 am.
There is a nice waiting room across the hall from mom's room and I was really glad to see that...
or so I thought. 
When we arrived this morning the waiting room door was closed and there was a recliner bed in there and someone was in there asleep.  
Now over the years and sick parents at far away hospitals,
I have slept in my share of waiting rooms, 
However, I have never made it my personal space!
But whatever...
The incidents that followed baffled me.
The young man got up, wandered to the cafeteria, got his breakfast leaving various clothing items strewn about the waiting room.
He then proceeded back to the waiting room moved the "bed" to a comfortable tv viewing position for him, plopped back down, turned the tv up and proceeded to eat his breakfast laughing loudly at the tv show,
Then he wandered in and out
leaving items everywhere 
until someone finally came and took the bed away 
from him.
Lunch, three take out containers of food spread everywhere, tv loud, loud laughing, 
Crumbs, napkins and straw papers 
What transpired next was something that almost left me
speechless again...
I heard this sound.
Really loud sound.
It woke up my mother.
She asked where the cows were.
It sounded like I was at home and the farmer out
the road had just taken the calves away
from their mothers and the mothers are bawling.
Just like that.
Only in the next room,
in the middle of the city.
Out of my seat and across the hall
and what do I see?
This same young man has a plastic cup
over his mouth and is somehow making this sound
Over and Over

He stopped.
I know I looked like a crazy woman!

The entire rest of the day...
he demanded that an IV nurse go and get him more food,
he kept the tv loud,
he moved all the furniture to suit his needs,
he made a terrible mess of food and debris
and the final straw.
He took the carry out containers and
threw them up in the air and
batted them across the room.

Of course,
my girls thought I was being unkind
complaining about a
mentally challenged young man...
as I am sure you are probably thinking...
he was not mentally challenged,
he was...
the word to describe him...

He had no regard for anyone or anything...
he felt he was
Entitled to behave that way!

When I left the hospital tonight...
he was preparing to stay again.

Update on my mom.
She is still not good. 
They adjusted meds again today.
We begged for one more day.
A kind social worker pulled some strings and got it for us.
Sometimes there are angels sent to help you in things like that.
Do we have everything fixed?
I am not sure.
We will see what tomorrow brings.

In the meantime.
If I didn't have Jesus in my heart....
well it is just good I don't carry a gun.


rrived th

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Whole Lot of Blue

My Mom and Dad's house is that.
Everywhere you look,
Blue flowers,
Blue carpet,
Blue walls,
Blue glass,
Blue dishes,
Blue towels....
get the picture?

I am back in Ohio
Mom is back in the hospital.
Short of getting on a rant
or soapbox,
health care certainly lacks
My mom is in Northside Medical Facility
I have to say,
it has made some great strides over the past few years
the nursing staff is
in my opinion.
Care lacks in doctors and residents
who tell you they do not know what is wrong
so we are releasing her.
No diagnosis,
just go home.

A small sample of Dad's carvings!
This morning we meet with doctors,
we will be there when they get there.
Six AM.
Sure wish I could have slept. 
I appreciate all of you sending
thoughts and prayers!
Your kind notes,
words of encouragement,
all greatly appreciated!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Warm and Fuzzy?

Looks all warm and fuzzy,
doesn't it? 
Soft and warm

In retrospect,
everything I worked on yesterday
had this look.

Soft and pastel,
fuzzy and warm,

Even this painting,

finished up in the AM,
not my normal colors,
soft and pastel...
Well, it didn't fit the mood of the day,
believe me.
Hang on,
because this is the brutal truth.
I was mad.
Mad at the World.
When I get mad, I cry.
Attempted to go to church.
Barely holding it together,
it was a bad decision.
Sometimes, I really believe that
church attendance
is not always a good choice.
And it wasn't.
I tried,
quiet tears kept flowing....
JWS looks at me and says,
"If you didn't have Jesus in your heart
right now,
you would take off that high heel
and drive it right through
someone's forehead,
wouldn't you?"
he gets me!
Slight chuckle,
through the tears,
I asked him if we could just
slip out...
And he said,
"Of course."
And we did.
Sometimes stress and grief,
can just get the best of a person.
My advice,
"Have Jesus in your heart,
don't wear high heels,
just in case."

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Paintbrushes are Flying

A new board for over Kamden's bed.
Would not want him to have an identity crisis,
because it is still Kendall's name up there
on the wall.
And one for an order.
In my paint room, there is so much stuff laying around.
I see something in the stash in the basement,
I drag it to the paint room,
on the second floor
sometimes it sits
 doesn't get painted
the hoard begins to move
to a place we see everyday.

Trying so hard to get it cleaned up.

I am trying to finish a few things,
drag a few more back down
that I don't feel like painting yet,
and only bringing them up
one at a time.
Wouldn't it just be easier to