Welcome to the Museum

First floor,
I have not included all of them here.
Not sure I would not crash the
World Wide Web
doing that...
There are lots!

How would you like to dust all of this?

And I truly believe,
that for every carving in this house,
there is another one somewhere
that he has given away.


Tomorrow's post might be the quilt section
or maybe
Things I Have Painted in this House...
you will have to wait and see.
Update on my mom.
She is home,
insurance would not allow her to stay any longer.
She is resting.
She is very tired.
I guess it is now and
wait and see if the meds work
I wanted her out of that hospital
when she was worse yesterday morning
Dad and I quickly decided to just get her out of there.
If she does not improve,
we will take her elsewhere.
It is just a waiting game now.
My entitled friend...
at 10 am when we were leaving the hospital
he was lounging under a blanket,
watching tv and eating
the smell coming from the waiting room was not good.
I am so glad to be out of there.
While the nursing staff as a whole was excellent.
On Wednesday morning,
my Mom's nurse
came in, opened her pills with 
the tip of an open ball point pen,
dropped some of them on the floor,
picked them up and still gave them to my Mom.
She insisted one pill was a Tums
and instructed my Mom to chew it.
Mom argued,
but the nurse insisted.
It was an aspirin!
Have you ever bit into an aspirin?
Then, in an eight hour shift,
she checked on my Mom once.
Other nurses, thankfully stepped up.
Mostly IV issues,
but this nurse never answered the call button once.
How does she keep her job? 


acorn hollow said…
My husband makes the tractors. your carvings are wonderful.
you must be relieved to have your mother out of there.
to pick something off the floor oh lord.
luv2teek said…
Wow, Cathy, what talent your dad has--I am amazed at his carvings. They are true works of art.

On another note, praying that your mom is soon feeling better...take care...Bev
So sorry to hear of your nightmare hospital story. Sounds like the best thing was to get your mom out of there. Hopefully now that she is home she will start to improve. I love the rooster carving your dad did! He is really talented!
Karen said…
So happy for you and your mother/father that she is home...how horrible a situation and the last description of her care is appalling...someone should let the higher ups know...but then again...politics, right????
What a wonderful collection of carvings - these could bring in a huge price for your father...he's excellent - but then if they were sold you would not have those beautiful pieces to cherrish.
Ann said…
oh wow, fabulous wood pieces. Is it your dad that made all these? He's quite talented.
That nurse sounds like she is in the wrong line of work. I seriously would have told her where to go.
Hope your mom is doing better soon
moosecraft said…
OMG... I'm so glad your Mom is home where she is safe...

Gorgeous carvings! That's some natural talent!
Laurie said…
Wow Cathy, dust is something I really hate to do, and that's always the first thing I think of when I see a lot of displays! But these were really fun to look at.
I'm glad your mom is home, but I would report that nurse. She obviously doesn't care about those she is taking care of. How sad. Hope your Mom feels better soon, I know how trying it can be.
jennifer768 said…
So glad that your mom is home,will continue to pray.Yes I agree she should have been out of there!Yikes that makes my hair stand up on end! Just think of the care that some patients are getting that are there alone.
Now on to the wood carvings...holy smoke but your dad is one talented man.I kept saying that is my favorite and then at the next one,nope like this one better.LOL! Truly amazing!Thanks for sharing.Sending you,your dad and mom a big hug.Jen
Catherine said…
I do hope your mom is resting comfortably and feeling better.
Your dad is amazing! My little guy loved the tank!
Oh my, Cathy. What Beautiful carvings. Your Dad is certainly talented.
Sorry, to hear about your terrible situation at the Hospital.
A few weeks ago, before my Mom passed away, she was in ICU on Life support. From the moment we walked into the Hospital, until the moment we left, we were treated like crap.
Especially by 2 nurses, continually being rude to us, yelling at us, telling us we couldn't t see our Mom.
I wonder how these people get these jobs. These nurses definitely have no sympathy or compassion for their patients or their families.
Take Care my friend and Hang in there. Sending Prayers to you and your Mom.