Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Twist on The Pennants

These have been in the back of my mind for awhile.
Pennants with a twist.
So, after cleaning the sewing room,
I messed it up again.

I am always buying boxes of linens
hoarder than I am,
I cannot stand to throw any of them away.
Even the stained, ripped ones.
This is what I decided to do with them.

Bits of fancy needlework...salvaged!

Lots more to go! 
The original pennant tutorial is here
The only twist?
The serger on the edges.
I bought this serger from a friend this summer.
It has sat
and sat.
So after dusting and cleaning
Olympic gymnastic acts
to get it threaded,
it is working!  
How fun are those machines?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Camp Weekend

This has always been my favorite weekend
(long weekend)
of the year.
For all my adult life, this was an "alone" weekend.
A Buck Widow Weekend.
I loved it! 
And then it happened...
JWS announces he no longer wishes to hunt.
Now I am sure that there are women everywhere that would love to
it was not a happy day for me!!!
I liked my time alone.
I liked my house to myself.
I liked the tv remotes,
sleeping when I wanted to
getting up when I wanted to
eating leftovers
whatever I wanted.
Not that JWS is demanding
or messy
hard to be around.
(He is a remote hog though)
Last year,
we compromised,
New Orleans.
We spent the weekend there.
It was fun.
This year

It hasn't been bad so far.
I got some canvases done

I turned this picture

into this chalkboard.
And really, I didn't know this person
his loved ones sold him at a sale
I had no problem painting over him.
He's still under there anyway
if someone wants him back!

I made that infinity scarf,
that was quick!
Another frame that I found when the boys and I cleaned
the storage space under the steps.
Tyler and Logan
had a sleepover Thursday night.

this is what my sewing room had become.

And this is what it is back to.

These stars were hiding in that mess.
Starched and glittered and ready for Christmas.

And all those t-shirt misprints laying on the bed are now
neatly cut up and made into t-shirt yarn.
He is off to Pittsburgh for the day with a buddy
Gracelyn is coming to spend the night tonight. 
I have a new project in the works...
more on that in another post!  
It's BIG!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Morning Weekly Progress Report

Doesn't that just sound all office and professional? 
Friday Morning Weekly Progress Report.
I really do go over the past week at work
on Fridays
make the list for the next week.
This is a
Home Progress Report though.
Six of them.
One down, five to go
progress on each.

Because if you live in an ADD world as I do...
you know one project is never enough.
Forty-five or so is really the magic number
I guarantee
I have at least that many projects started around here!

Some are stashed,
some are blatantly staring me in the face.

These are all the ones
stashed in the living room,
you don't count the doodle art projects started in the one corner
behind the couch.

let's keep that quiet!
Hopefully next Friday
I will have another one finished.
One a week would take me to....
December 19th...
I might have to step up that goal a little!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Paper, Paper, Paper

The possibilities
were/are endless.
And, of course, I have lots of product
to facilitate them.

What did we do before Pinterest!
Oh wait...we read books.

The paper was flying at my house this week.
What a mess that makes!

But I made a dent in the stash anyway.

My display at the Kittanning Library meeting

What a nice group of ladies that I met!

I hope I inspired some of them to try something new!

And these are mine.
Storage for more
in my sewing room.
The paper is from old
Workbasket magazines.
Anyone remember those?
Shades of Gray,
not 50 of them,
just a few and much tamer in my basket sitting near my recliner.
Another one for the Linus Project.
One down, five to go!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Do they realize... soon this is all going to end?
Shirt sleeves and bicycle helmets
will soon be replaced with
scarves and mittens,
hats and boots

Let's not tell them!
Let's enjoy these last few nice days
remember them
when we are
freezing and complaining! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Glitter,Glue,Paper...Oh My!


Not a fan of any of them.  
Glue is not my thing. 

A necessary evil in the crafting world,
but I still cringe when I have to use too much of it.

I am persevering.

I am to do a talk on something at a luncheon this week. 

Working away at samples to show. 

And these were BIG gluing!

I have quite the mess that I am trying to paint my
way out of before the end of the week!  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

How It All Started

The Linus Project
That has me rapidly crocheting
since Shelby informed me she is doing that
project with her students

Me, thinking of calm January nights
in front of the fireplace...

Guess not!

So, here I go. 
And how it started?

With this little boy who is turning four today!
There are chapters groups of  the
Linus Project
Blankets can also be mailed!
A very worthy cause!