Paper, Paper, Paper

The possibilities
were/are endless.
And, of course, I have lots of product
to facilitate them.

What did we do before Pinterest!
Oh wait...we read books.

The paper was flying at my house this week.
What a mess that makes!

But I made a dent in the stash anyway.

My display at the Kittanning Library meeting

What a nice group of ladies that I met!

I hope I inspired some of them to try something new!

And these are mine.
Storage for more
in my sewing room.
The paper is from old
Workbasket magazines.
Anyone remember those?
Shades of Gray,
not 50 of them,
just a few and much tamer in my basket sitting near my recliner.
Another one for the Linus Project.
One down, five to go!


I love working with old book pages. Your projects are inspiring. Love the ornaments. Thanks for sharing.
Karen Martinsen said…
Holy Moly what a lot of wonderful designs!!
I love every one you made.